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  1. To reproduce. Have a document with a couple of assigned styles (including font) Install new font Restart Publisher Assign new font to one style Close Publisher Uninstall font Reopen document in Publisher Publisher has now assigned local formatting for the style in question. Thanks! The second one looks promising. The first I knew, but is one-by-one
  2. I mean local formatting is created when there was none. It's not really about missing fonts. When I change font in the text-styles there is no change as Publisher has made local formatting for missing fonts (that I has deleted for changing to another font). I have the habit of restarting Publisher after install/uninstall of fonts.
  3. Hi! I was trying out different fonts for my project, and I was installing and deleting fonts as I went along. This caused problems. Deleted styles got set as inline-syles missing for each paragraph, so I would manually need to go over my 16pages document to sort out all errors. Are there any global actions to fix this? What is recommended workflow?
  4. I was looking for this as well. I need two version of 2spreads/4pages. Second the FR for collapse/expand sections.
  5. +1 for me on this feature. "Add pages from file" seem like an ok workaround though. But with 50 files and total of 400-500pages, it'd hope for a better solution (music scores here as well) So, if I have the option to have my source-files as images, you recommend that?
  6. This should be close to core-functionality for a Publisher software. Thanks for the info!
  7. So, the solution is to use another font? Is this a shortcoming of Publisher?
  8. Ok, I was hoping for something better. But, that will do. Thanks!
  9. I'm using the font: Bahnschrift font family https://freefontsfamily.com/bahnschrift-font-free-download/ But I don't get any italic or bold See: I believe there's 15 variations and in my Open Office Writer, I have no issue getting italic or bold. How do I get this right in Publisher?
  10. Any way to easy convert between Frame text and Artistic text?
  11. Data merge seems powerful. I'll look into it. Thanks!
  12. Hi! Is there any way to use wildcards in Publisher? I have some A4 binder back-prints that is repeating most of the design/text but have some variations. So, any chance of $Wildcard1 on master-page, and a list of entries for that wildcard, changing printed text on each page? Actually I'd like a hue-adjustment changing in the same way for a graphic element. Anything like this?
  13. So, If I have a project in Publisher, then edit in Photo, save in Photo, then the changes are not automatically transferred to Publisher? Always save before switch? But, Photo and Designer has no issues saving .afbub ?
  14. Thanks! That seems quite handy. No issues with going back and forth?
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