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  1. Hi @Hangman, Following a discussion internally the aforementioned behaviour i've described in scenario 1 is the expected behaviour as it currently stands. However, I agree that based on the fact you've demonstrated it is possible to keep the individual facing page frame still linked that the current logic should be changed to avoid unnecessary steps/workarounds so I've gone ahead and logged this as an improvement with the developers.
  2. Hi @velarde, We don't have the exact same Mac model to hand but we do have a late 2015 iMac with very similar specs running 12.6.3, I've just tested the colour picker from the colour panel in Photo 2.2 and sampled outside of the application, with the app closed down I gave it recording permission, re-loaded and and the picker is working as expected when sampling externally. Any chance you could try just setting up a new MacOS user and testing this for comparison? There could be a problem specific to your user/user environment.
  3. Hi @GatoL0c0, Thanks for sending over the documents. As soon as I opened the .afpub I could immediately see that the date field in the document showed as 10/12/23, as soon as I delete the XLSX data source that's currently linked to the document and then re-add the Sample XLSX that you have attached, turn on 'preview with record' this then the date shows the correct 10/13/23 date. If I save the document, restart and re-open this correct date is also retained. If you were to refresh the attached data source just as i've done above, does this not fix the date problem for you?
  4. I don't think InDesign is the best point of comparison in this regard (though I could be wrong) as there appears to be some fundamental differences between how inDesign handles parent pages applied to live pages compared to Publisher. In regards to it's current behaviour in Publisher I'll get a second opinion on the current logic and get back to you.
  5. Thanks @Hangman, Just checked and found this particular artboard issue has been logged with the developers since! I can also replicate it on a new file, looks like it needs the 'Auto update linked resources' enabled for it to trigger, I'll bump the existing issue.
  6. Thanks for sending over the files, It's interesting that the resource render is correct in the .afpackage version of the exact same file on your side, which leads me to believe something could be going wrong with this .afdesign file. After opening both the .afpackage (and .afpub equivalent) I'm not seeing this on my Mac, the only situation I see the exact same low quality preview is if I unlink the .afdesign file by moving/deleting it. The preview of the file then exactly matches what's shown in your initial post screenshot. Evidently on your device the resource is not unlinked since you're able to freely change it's placement policy. One thing that stood out to me as unexpected is that in Resource manager the 'Gebietskarte' .afdesign file showed the File Type as just 'Affinity', as opposed to 'Affinity Designer 2'. Could you try any of the following to see if any cause it to render correctly on your device? Close the .afpub and open the .afdesign resource in Designer, make any small change and then save the file, re-open the .Afpub document again. Place the .afdesign resource in a brand new document, if it works, try placing it in your same document again. Move the location of the resource on your Mac to a completely different location on your local disk, and then re-link it.
  7. Willkommen in den Foren @MGOTT Das hört sich wirklich nach einem ungewöhnlichen Problem an. Ist dieses Problem erst nach dem Update auf 2.2.0 aufgetreten (wenn Ihre Anwendungen auf dem neuesten Stand sind) oder trat es schon bei früheren Versionen auf? Könnten Sie vielleicht ein kleines Beispiel aus Ihrer Datei, wie z. B. die .afphoto-Dateien und die Seite aus der .afpub in Ihrem Screenshot zeigen, damit das Problem weiter untersucht werden kann? Ich habe unten einen privaten Upload-Link angegeben, falls Sie die Dateien nicht öffentlich zugänglich machen möchten. https://www.dropbox.com/request/UQ4GpYOU8fKbkug2srMv Vielen Dank! --- This does certainly sound like an unusual issue, did this problem only occur after updating to 2.2.0 (if your apps are up to date) or was it happening on earlier versions? Could you possibly a small sample from your file, such as the .afphoto files and page from the .afpub shown in your screenshot so the problem can be investigated further? I’ve provided a private upload link below if you do not wish to share them publicly. https://www.dropbox.com/request/UQ4GpYOU8fKbkug2srMv Many thanks
  8. Welcome to the forums @Dee A, This issue has also been reported by a different user using the Windows iCloud drive, I've replicated the issue and it has been logged with the developers.
  9. Hi @Partnerscomo, Thanks for reporting this, this appears to be a regression when saving to iCloud drive on Windows and is likely the result of the new file handling process introduced in 2.2. I've replicated the issue and logged it with the developers.
  10. Welcome to the forums @Kensuke, Thanks for providing a screen recording, this issue appears to be a regression over 2.1.1, I've now replicated and logged it with the developers.
  11. Hi @bluetux, There is a known issue with Chinese characters failing to appear correctly on the PDF printer marks and instead being replaced with the invalid character box, evidently this also affects Korean characters. I'll update the existing report to reflect this and bump it with your report.
  12. Hi Mike, Thanks for sending over your files, I believe i've found the problem but not identified the cause just yet. All of your provided .TIFF files are RGB/16 ProPhoto RGB, but Affinity Photo think's they're unprofiled documents and as a result opening them with the default sRGB 2.1 profile so the image's are losing all of their vibrance and colour in exchange for a much duller looking image due to the smaller gamut size. Evidently when you place the .TIFF's in Publisher it's also defaulting to sRGB as well. I'm still looking into this but thought i'd give you a quick update.
  13. Hey @Hangman, Any chance send me over the docs used in your recording? I'll follow the workflow you've demonstrated and will confirm if I get the same result. I've added an upload link below if you don't wish to share them publicly. https://www.dropbox.com/request/1TIxZJUFS3z8Oyda6ju2 Thanks
  14. Thanks @Bryan Rieger and @anto for following up with additional info and steps, this is definitely looking like a regression and i've now replicated the issue and logged it with the developers.
  15. There is a list of known third party apps which cause issues in the thread below, though most if not all only apply to Windows.
  16. It's good to hear that there's a configuration that prevents the issue. It's difficult to get into specifics on a cause but on certain Hardware and software configurations Hardware Acceleration can cause rendering problems, this may be something user environment related, a 3rd party app interfering, or even the Hardware itself. You could always try creating a separate temporary MacOS user to try with H/A enabled but it isn't guaranteed to work unfortunately. https://affinity.help/publisher2/English.lproj/pages/Extras/hardwareAcceleration.html
  17. This doesn't sound like a system crash if you're able to just eventually close the application via task manager, as Windows is still operational. When this next happens could you possibly capture it on a screen recording?
  18. Hi @Hangman, Sorry for the late reply on this, Could scenario 1's result perhaps be explained by the fact that the action of linking the two text frames on Master A causes any single facing pages to become detached from the master? For example, If I start with a default facing page Master applied to my four page document, If I add two text frames to the left and right hand sides and don't link them together, Page 1 (set to start on the right) indicates in the layers panel that the text frame is still attached, so any changes I make to the font, formatting etc. on Master A are automatically inherited from the master on that singular page. On Page 1, the text frame is still attached is indicated by the solid green line in the layers panel. Back on Master A, If I then Link the left and right text frames together and then switch back to Page 1, this action has automatically detached Page 1's text frame from Master A, since it's a singular page which can't be linked to a text frame that doesn't exist on the page. The detachment is indicated by the green dotted line, and as such, any further formatting changes on the text frame on Master A are ignored. If I were to assign my text formatting first before linking the two master page text frames together, this works as Page 1 already inherited the formatting before the link and detachment had happened. ----------- However, when running through Scenario 2 I noted that after linking and formatting the text frames and applying it to Page 1 (or all pages) I did note that the text frame on Page 1 was still attached to Master A despite the two frames being linked on the Master... this may be the result of the detachment action in Scenario 1 never taking place since the Master A frame is being applied as a completely new object to the page, and therefore there was no opportunity for it to automatically unlink and detach itself.
  19. The age of the PC probably isn't a factor in this, as mentioned previously there can be a multitude of reasons for a system crash, such as defective drivers, hardware or system files. I would still recommend following the previously mentioned advice in the event that it happens again to see if you can monitor and track exactly what's causing the problem. Designer quite hardware intensive but it's user mode application, if the whole system crashes (E.G a blue screen) this suggests something's wrong on a Driver/OS/Hardware level.
  20. Not as far as i'm aware unfortunately, myself and others was under the impression that the 'Set as default for' should work for auto selection of a palette by default (such as Greys), but evidently it doesn't so I've just raised this internally against the existing logged issue.
  21. I've just now tried this with a CMYK/8 document palette and to my surprise it worked! This can easily be mis-interpreted by myself and others to be an auto-selection of a specific palette when creating a document in a specific colour format, I'll update the exiting issue since this function definitely needs some clarification. Cheers Walt.
  22. Hi @Intuos5, Thanks for the detailed steps and recording, I've replicated and logged this with the developers.
  23. There's an issue logged regarding bounding boxes failing to redraw when manually scrolling via the scrollbar on MacOS, but this bug appears to be limited to just multi-page publisher documents rather than Designer documents and zooming in or out forces a redraw (Even those with artboards). Does zooming in/out of the canvas with the scroll wheel force a redraw of the boxes, or are they just permanently gone for the rest of the app session (even on new documents?) or is the only way to revert this to do an app restart? If you do encounter it again, if can you check in the history see if there's any specific set of steps which has then caused this in your document that would be great.
  24. Hi @MWOO, It's worth noting that the latest available version of Designer 2 is the 2.2.0 Release build rather than the beta apps which are behind, so you may want to consider switching back over to the release apps. If you're referring to the stroke PT value failing to update when moving the slider this is currently logged with the developers, I've bumped it with your report. The affinity apps will the memory/resources as is required to complete the export process, dependant on the overall size of your exported file this can put additional strain on your hardware. If your entire system crashes outright then this suggests there may be something going wrong on a Driver/Kernel/System level with your device. If you're getting a BSOD you may be able to look into potential causes online via the Stop code it provides, or looking in the event viewer system logs. Another option to monitor this is the Windows Reliability monitor to see if that gives any further info. Equally, there could be a problem with out of date GPU/iGPU drivers causing issues, the motherboard BIOS version may need updating or if there's any CPU/RAM XMP overclocks applied they could be unstable so would need reverting.
  25. Hi @BartonFink, Could you possibly send us the document where you're seeing this low quality rendering in your linked resources? I would like to confirm if this issue can be replicated in a different user environment. If you could File > Save as package > Save to an empty folder in Finder > Compress the folder and upload it to the private dropbox link below that would be great. https://www.dropbox.com/request/rweqVtpjbnR5iP73CniN Thanks
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