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    CanRau got a reaction from Snapseed in Affinity Video editor on the horizon?   
    Also DaVinci now available for iPad 🥰
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    CanRau got a reaction from Peter Flint in “Marching ants” deselection on iPad   
    Would be cool to have the same select X icon in the lower left as in Designer 😇
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    CanRau reacted to carl123 in Master's items on top of the layers palette   
    To move a Master Page to top of layers panel on all pages
    1. Goto first page with the master attached
    2. In layers panel select the Master Page
    3. Right Click & select Edit Linked
    4. Layer > Arrange > Move to Front
    5. Click Finish button at top of screen
    Note: In step 4 above I would have expected dragging the master to the top of the layers panel to do the same thing but I got unpredictable results, so dont do it that way
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    CanRau reacted to bebez71 in Master's items on top of the layers palette   
    Yes I can, it's another way to do it.
    I'm probably doing too many comparisons between the software I'm using (ID), where I work almost automatically and Affinity Publisher.
    As with all the new softwares, you need to find the right approach for your method and type of work.
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    CanRau reacted to fde101 in Master's items on top of the layers palette   
    If you expect to have photos like that on lots of pages, consider also placing a photo frame on a master page such that the page number field is above the frame.  Then you can populate the frame for each document page and the master page itself will take care of the layering.
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    CanRau reacted to IPv6 in Mesh Warp Live Filter Please   
    Yes, live warp is amust... Especially because live warp has a potential to be much faster than live liquify (which is slow as for now // unfortunately)
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    CanRau reacted to Wosven in Mesh Warp Live Filter Please   
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    CanRau reacted to Andy05 in Unsplash is missing in the Stock Panel   
    Well, the development of an app costs money as does maintaining a service like Unsplash. So I can understand that they try to earn money. As for Unsplash, I'm a bit torn with this, tho. Their service relies on (free) submissions from photographers. Unless they'll start paying back some money to the contributing photographers, I guess the overall quality of the offered images will decrease. 
    Because I think that most people like to share their images for free, only if others can get them gratis, too. But if a business starts making money of their free works...?
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    CanRau reacted to Patrick Connor in [FAQ] Stock Panel no longer contains Unsplash   
    In the stock panel we list a selection of stock image providers for the convenience of our customers on the basis of it being a free service. Unfortunately in the case of Unsplash they have begun demanding license fees for their API which is the reason they have been removed.
    The good news is this  only affects Unsplash, the other options of Pixbay and Pexels continue to be available.
    Of course should you wish to use Unsplash images you can download directly from their website using a browser and then import into your Affinity apps by drag & drop or File -> Place, as you would with any other stock library not listed in the panel.
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    CanRau reacted to Gregan in Data Merge in Publisher   
    Replying to Old Bruce, I agree - I don't want to have to remove the password as it contains details which should be protected. Affinity needs to provide the means to handle password protected Excel files - I would have thought that this was a basic design requirement. I was hoping to discover that there is a way to handle this with the password in place!
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    CanRau reacted to Big Swifty in Trouble with 360 Live Projection > Equirectangular Projection   
    I'm new to both AP and working with 360x180 photos and am still playing around, trying to figure some things out.
    I took an interior photo with a window that is still bright (for my liking) after merging 5 bracketed images in Photomatix. After stitching in PTGui I bring the TIFF into AP for editing and use adjustment layers to add an S curve, boost brightness, vibrance, and use color correction to deal with a color cast. I also go into the Develop Persona to add a bit of Clarity and Detail Refine. All easy.
    One of the other adjustments I make (back in Photo Persona) is to use the selection brush to select the still bright window and then create a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer to darken it up a bit. All good up to this point.
    The problem is that when I go to Live Projection > Equirectangular Projection to be able to move around the photo, the darkened window selection (at the same size the selection was made at before switching to Live Projection) remains static in the frame, not moving with (or attached to) the window. 
    What am I doing wrong, or not doing that I should be in order to fix this selection (and any other edits I may have issues with in the future) to the selected area? The Affinity Photo Tutorial on editing 360 photos only shows how to use the Inpaint Brush and the use of adjustment layers - all done within the Live Projection. Would flattening/merging the layers before going into Live Projection be a solution, even if it means I could no longer edit individual layers?
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    CanRau reacted to Pavinder in Trouble with 360 Live Projection > Equirectangular Projection   
    I too wanted something similar - masking out windows and wanting to adjust the exterior view in equirectangular mode.
    The following is a bit cumbersome, but something of a pseudo-workaround. It still doesn’t allow for live adjustments within the equirectangular projection, but it does at least make things non-destructive.
    Duplicate the layers/masks before doing the Merge Down, then merge the duplicates and view the equirectangular. Then, if you realize the mask needs adjusting, you can simply delete the current layer and make the necessary adjustments back on the original mask layer.
    Yes, it’s really time consuming, and not optimal. But by automating the duplication/creation process with a macro, this might at least speed it up a little.
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    CanRau reacted to Schwabihabi in 360 Non destructive editing   
    Today I tried every way to edit a 360 picture in the equirecangular live projection it works fine BUT it is all destructive!
    SO for this work I have to go back to Photoshop I already abandoned for good (at least I thought), this is very sad because I love the Serif programs - especially Affinity Photo.
    Please do something in that regard otherwise keep up the good work
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    CanRau reacted to jhoy in Non-destructive Layering in Equirectangular Projection   
    Hi adubio   I would recommend selecting merge visible from the layers menu adubio, this creates a new pixel layer with all the objects flattened, if you need to make changes delete this pixel layer make your changes on the other layers and merge visible again thus preserving your original layers.
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    CanRau reacted to jhoy in Non-destructive Layering in Equirectangular Projection   
    hi adubio
    After merge visible if you need to make changes you will have to first delete the merged layer then re merge visible to show the changes on the merged layer, there is no way of having this dynamically update itself.
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    CanRau reacted to Callum in How to deselect blue circle?   
    Or intentionally left it out!
    sighaug can I ask if you were using any of the brush stabilisers?

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    CanRau reacted to dominik in [AP] Hiding the brush outline, as an option at preferences.   
    Maybe because things take their time?
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    CanRau reacted to hide brush outline please in [AP] Hiding the brush outline, as an option at preferences.   
    Bump this is a huge problem how is it that still isnt fixed?
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    CanRau reacted to Dream in [AP] Hiding the brush outline, as an option at preferences.   
    Adding my vote.
    I tried to sketch with default brushes but the outline didn't let me focus well.
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    CanRau got a reaction from Wosven in Working on and viewing pages using a multipage grid layout   
    True, yet I'd prefer to be able to work in a horizontal way where needed, for example could be interesting for Instagram carousels 😁
    Or as others have stated flyers etc
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    CanRau reacted to Wosven in Working on and viewing pages using a multipage grid layout   
    Sadly, I'm not sure 2 years later if I was thinking about that, but it's not difficult:

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    CanRau reacted to marcoborghesi in Support for Publisher multi-page documents   
    Are we saying that this is the step to see Affinity Publisher sooner than expected on iPad? Maybe an extra announcement tomorrow at the LIVE event?
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    CanRau reacted to R C-R in Unlimited or limited updates - where's the information?   
    For the wording, I think it would be sufficient to say that all version 1 updates are included in the one-time purchase price, & that the prices for version 2 & beyond will not be set until they are ready to be released.
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    CanRau reacted to IngeFromHolland in Format Variable in Export Persona   
    Yes! +1 absolutely!
    I think the variables could definately use an update! Also it would be awesome to have the custom ones be available everywere else, and have a variable for filename as well.
    Awesome Flags!! Happy pride month!
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    CanRau got a reaction from Wosven in Format Variable in Export Persona   
    Hi, I just realized that the Export Persona on Desktop is way more advanced and convenient than the one on iPad where I sadly can only esport one format per slice and also the "path" per slice & format is amazing.
    One convenience would be to have a predefined Variable for the export format, this way I could have one set to apply to all selected slices which then automatically exports to folders per format 🤩
    Also probably other variables could be interesting and/or actually regex support then I might be able to pull the file format from the filename 🤯🤔
    Cheers, also just released a free pride-flag collection, which was much easier on desktop then on iPad where I initially created and tried to export all the different flags and formats etc using multiple artboards for each format etc 😳 if you're curious https://gum.co/pride-flags Happy Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈
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