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  1. Hello, guys, I was just wondering if the app on the iOS will be updated alongside the desktop version to 1.7
  2. Wow, I like what he said about iPad version. I hope is sooner than later possibly alongside the desktop version considering that some of us and think a good number is seriously working on table and mobile. Time is changing faster!!!!
  3. Well if it's true it will make my life
  4. Hello everyone. Testing Affinity Publisher on mac alongside Indesign make me wondering to do the switch as soon as the Beta is closed and the software released. I can't say how great this is looking and how great is the idea to have finally an alternative to Adobe. I'm using on my iPad also and in general when not in the office. For sure one desire is to see the iPad version to be identical to the desktop. Bleed, overprint etc on Design just to mention something. Also would be nice an iPad version of Publisher. I'm also suggesting that if we are talking of design suite I really miss an alternative to Adobe Acrobat. You can find many but they all missing a PRINT PRODUCTION functionality. Wonderful team at Affinity (Serif) can you think about it and have a consideration about it?
  5. I agree it would be fantastic. Overprint works with the colours. You set a colour as overprint and then you'll get that. I think there are still some bugs but it works pretty much
  6. My bad. My bad. For any wired reason I translate in my head 'Tabulazioni' in italian to tabulation instead of Tab
  7. guy sorry table are tables. Tabulation is totally a different thing. Tabulation is one of the most important thing in text editing
  8. This could be just me but is it possible to reconsider the way layer works? I know designer works in the exact same way but to me, it's more an object instead of layer. Ideally, layer it should be a section where you put more than one element. Is it just me that is something the Adobe does really great? I going to use just Affinity for my Freelance work but using both I can say is one of the few things I think Adobe does better.
  9. Hello everyone. Any news on the subject? When do we expect them to be implemented? or if they are there where are they?
  10. Hi Menance yes I just find out that too. A bit wired. That's a shame but I'm sure the team will implement that soon. Also Chris_K i think you didn't understand Menace request.
  11. Hi All hope you are all ok. Do we have new when functions and options like bleed on exported PDF and also bleed visable on document, glyph, overprint colours etc from the desktop will be finally included on the iPad. Work on iPad is possible with affinity designer and photo but it’s a shame we don’t have all these important graphic designer options and functions.
  12. Hi guys I was wondering if presets on RAW Persona are coming to iPad version as it would be a great help on the mobile workflow.
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    Glyph section

    Totally agree
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    Overprint issue

    Hi Mac. so what doesn't work is the overprint/not overprint feature. So this is how should it be when you have an overprint element. In this case made in InDesign I have a 100% CYAN overprint text on a 100% Black (no magenta or yellow in both elements). What do you get in return in a PDF are two plates without any sort of cut out of the CYAN text because is overprinted on the black. At the moment when you do exatcly the same thing in Publisher you have in retourn this: As you can see from the percentage it doesn't give you what you expect. As you can see the word has been cut out. That's it. This is the problem but it's ok we are in beta and is the moment to see, say it, sort them M