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  1. I'm still not convinced LOL. I think it is a bug. But I'm not a developer LOL
  2. I think it is. The stroke is applied by default when I create the text box and it shouldn't. This is happening, as I mention in my first post, on my previously saved template. In a new document when you create a text box, it hasn't any stroke as it should be.
  3. thank you @garrettm30. sorted. Although ... this is still a bug I presume? because it shouldn't apply automatically the stroke? Hope the team can look into that.
  4. Hi Guys don't know if someone encounter in this situation. I'm working on Template file I previously create. So now when I create either a text box or art text box they have a wired stroke. The thing is you can't remove. So I thought maybe it is Publisher. If I create a new doc ... it work just fine without that wired outline around the box. As you can see in the second screen, although the box is selected there isn't any assigned colour on the stroke. Was it this already catch by anyone? If not happy to spot this and hopefully will be addressed. Best M
  5. Hi Guys i was wondering if there is a section in the forum where all the performance setting are well explain. Why should i choose Metal over Open GL. Why should I use or not Integrated GPU If we need to Enable Metal compute acceleration? I have notice for example that if Use only integrated GPU is selected in Designer and in Publisher my mac is going to use a lot of memory. So deselected and the memory usage is lower but is that correct? I search though the forum and i notice similar request but not a real section where all the option are explain. Can the great team of Affinity (because they are the one who coded the softwares) create something about it? Not everyone knows the difference. Marco
  6. I'm using Affinity in our Company as we are looking to move from Adobe to Affinity but i have to be honest saving on network drive is really slow. Is it something the great team is looking into ?
  7. Hi All. Now that we are testing IDML file opening in publisher ... is it possible to think that we can actually do the other way round as well? Exporting a IDML file from our Publisher files? I think that would be great and brake so much the market. Just a suggestions. M
  8. Hello. It’s me again about what is missing in designer. I came across few posts on the forum and myself as well while working on a personal project. Text and Paragraph styles. This is making me realise even more that iPad and Desktop are still a bit to different. So I hope to see them in a near future update (even if I can see we are in too quite time recently). It’s really a pity because I keep stressing about the chance that we have here for the younger (but also older like me that feel the need to update themselves on the modern times) that are mobile people, ready to work just on iPad. Or at least give me chance to choose between Mac and iPad. Than will be down to me to choose a better multitasking situation (Mac) or a easier, lighter experience (iPad) but at the end with the same 100% identical app (apart from the UI). I really hope we can see this gap getting close and close in the short (really short) time.
  9. This is really an important feature that I hope will be implemented really soon.
  10. Totally agree. For me that i used mainly on iPad is really important that the swatch panel change. Just a few changes will make more effective. A search field for example when navigating in the swatches panel like pantone for example. Otherwise you have to scroll through all the colours. I love Affinity app and I'm happy were things are going. I think the only suggestion I can give is to keep up with the speed of update. The app world is change and people will change so quickly if they don't get what they looking for and it would be a disaster in my opinion if we will love Affinity apps during the journey. They add competition in the market but the market is also so unstable in the recent here. Anyway. I'm always on Affinity side just because the gave me a chance to choose and to choose something that makes me productive. But of course i fell there are still a lot of things to improve to the iPad. At least to give us the same features of the desktop. M
  11. Not a doubt that JGD has all the right to say what ever he wants we are in a free world. Maybe we need to consider that Serif is new as an Adobe competitor that shakes a bit the industries. At least for freelance. Im not one of those but i tested myself with packaging design at professional level. Yes been use to illustrator since version 2 using designer sometimes might be clumsy but when you learn how it works you can achieve a lot both on mac an iPad (although we don’t have an exact copy of the desktops version). Just a little consideration on this whole conversation that is going on. When we facing new things it is always complicated. You have just to get used. I said to the my team's designers that sometimes things aren’t the way we want and if we are not happy if we don't like them than the door is open to leave. the same here. There is always illustrator. I personally find affinity products really really good and well constructed and most important really reliable and performing really really well. total respect though to JGD opinion. And total respect for Serif team. Please just add our own spot colour and overprint option on ipad as well . Ihhihiihihhi M
  12. Hello guys. Silly question. When the full support to this feature will be implemented? M
  13. Hi Guys just notice this. If a create a new file and I select art-board I notice i can add bleed but you can’t visualise them. You can’t even select in the export section to include them. But if I create a new document, adding the bleed and then converting the page to an art-board, even if I can’t see on screen the actual elements beyond the edge in the bleed area I can’t select them the to be included in the PDF and so in this way I can have bleed. Is this a bug or is this wanted? Eventually happy to have found a bug to be fix. M
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