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  1. Hello guys. Silly question. When the full support to this feature will be implemented? M
  2. marcoborghesi

    Bleed and Artboard. Is that a bug?

    I see thank you for the update Sean
  3. Hi Guys just notice this. If a create a new file and I select art-board I notice i can add bleed but you can’t visualise them. You can’t even select in the export section to include them. But if I create a new document, adding the bleed and then converting the page to an art-board, even if I can’t see on screen the actual elements beyond the edge in the bleed area I can’t select them the to be included in the PDF and so in this way I can have bleed. Is this a bug or is this wanted? Eventually happy to have found a bug to be fix. M
  4. marcoborghesi

    Publisher on Ipad Beta

    Thank you Callum for your reply. M
  5. Hi Everyone maybe is it too early but I was wondering considering the fact the has been announced that we will have the iPad version too next year, do we have an ETA for the beta? M
  6. Hi everyone i was doing some extra testing on workflow between Photo and Designer and checking if in Photo we have the chance to get images from unspalsh website like on the desktop version. Notice with pleasure that we can I start to imagine 2 features. I don’t know if anyone suggested something like that already so: 1) Importing from Affinity Photo. Imagine to have the ability to get an image neither from iCloud and photos but from straight inside Affinity photo. This would be cool. 2) Having unsplash and the other images service also on Designer both mac and ipad and of course on Publisher too both mac and the future iPad version. Don’t know you but I think they will be pretty cool.
  7. Hi all. Am I the only one that feel we really need the option of saving our RAW development into preset to improve the overall workflow experience on iPad? M
  8. Happy to see more people feeling the same. M
  9. Yes. Even if I'm really pleased to have such a powerful app on an iPad that is going to change a lot for a graphic designer ... still disappointed that these few really important elements aren't implemented yet in the iOS app. So hopefully in the near (really near) future, we will get them.
  10. Hello guys. thumbs up for me. works really well and all pantone colour were there in separations. Good Job guys.
  11. Hi Dan C thank you so much for your reply. Really appreciate you are really open of suggestions. Thank you for the explantion on the spot. Now it does make sense. Well I hope this will be a urgent addition to the ipad version too otherwise as graphic designers we will be a bit tied on our work as you know for sure that it’s a really important feature. Also hoping to see really soon too the overprint function. Still as graphic designers you can’t have an ipad with this feature. Can’t wait the to see the next update and have the PDF bleed fixed. Thank you so much anyway for the great work. Marco
  12. Professional Printing Full CMYK handling and ICC profiles Spot colours (for desktop only) What do we mean? I did a PDF with Pantone on my iPad and it does show the right pantone separations. Can we explain this? Overprint controls (for desktop only) This is so important for designers. When this will be implemented on the iPad. Trim, bleed and crop marks New Bleed preview Bug on the PDF export hopefully soon fixed Guys, I can't say how pleased we are all with this but I also want to point out (again) that on iPad graphic designer are left out with important features that are on the desktop. Please don't forget that you have a lot of people that are finding great and useful to for on iPad. There is an evolution of how to be a graphic designer that doesn't always require a Mac/Windows desktop/laptop. So hope we can see soon: Pantone swatch search feature, overprint, PDF export bleed fixed, linked images (both iPad and desktop) instead of embedded images. These just a few. Said that you are great and hope critics will be well accepted as compliments and also that some response will be given to Graphic designers. Best Marco
  13. marcoborghesi

    Bleed not showing in PDF

    we hope so. these are great piece of app on ipad but still lacking in a few things. hopefully the team will fix and improve them
  14. Good morning guys. Any consideration from the team on these? At least a comment from the team?
  15. marcoborghesi Bleed limits

    Hello great affinity team. Any news about this important one?

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