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  1. Is anyone thinking of doing the opposite? From Affinity Publisher to indesign maybe again through and IDML file? M
  2. I would agree/disagree. There are software that does exactly that. I'm not a programmer but considering what there in the market ... it is possible.
  3. Hi Walt. Yes that's the problem. When you look at a video you listen and also you looking. What is not been said you fill the gaps with the video. But anyway it is just annoying because I lost one file thinking: 'fab, I can open PSD file and keep the format, whiteout opening photoshop.' It is a shame because It is half true.There are a lot of people the work with text in photoshop and a full compatibility would be just great. I hope Photo will improve on this metter as well. M
  4. Of Course. Here we go. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/393181188 Going through the video you clearly see that he is working on a PSD with text layers.
  5. Thank you MEB for your reply. But on one of the video about saving back to PSD ... it does actually keep it. Am I wrong?
  6. Hi Guys, not sure if anyone mention that already or if is just me. Just went through a drama in the office. I open a PSD file, previously made with last version of Photoshop, in PHOTO. Once I saved back to PSD automatically rasterised the all Text Layers. Pretty annoying. I tried all the options but I can't figure it out how to keep the layers. Is this a BUG? Thank you for your help. BestM
  7. I'm still not convinced LOL. I think it is a bug. But I'm not a developer LOL
  8. I think it is. The stroke is applied by default when I create the text box and it shouldn't. This is happening, as I mention in my first post, on my previously saved template. In a new document when you create a text box, it hasn't any stroke as it should be.
  9. thank you @garrettm30. sorted. Although ... this is still a bug I presume? because it shouldn't apply automatically the stroke? Hope the team can look into that.
  10. Hi Guys don't know if someone encounter in this situation. I'm working on Template file I previously create. So now when I create either a text box or art text box they have a wired stroke. The thing is you can't remove. So I thought maybe it is Publisher. If I create a new doc ... it work just fine without that wired outline around the box. As you can see in the second screen, although the box is selected there isn't any assigned colour on the stroke. Was it this already catch by anyone? If not happy to spot this and hopefully will be addressed. Best M
  11. Hi Guys i was wondering if there is a section in the forum where all the performance setting are well explain. Why should i choose Metal over Open GL. Why should I use or not Integrated GPU If we need to Enable Metal compute acceleration? I have notice for example that if Use only integrated GPU is selected in Designer and in Publisher my mac is going to use a lot of memory. So deselected and the memory usage is lower but is that correct? I search though the forum and i notice similar request but not a real section where all the option are explain. Can the great team of Affinity (because they are the one who coded the softwares) create something about it? Not everyone knows the difference. Marco
  12. I'm using Affinity in our Company as we are looking to move from Adobe to Affinity but i have to be honest saving on network drive is really slow. Is it something the great team is looking into ?
  13. Hi All. Now that we are testing IDML file opening in publisher ... is it possible to think that we can actually do the other way round as well? Exporting a IDML file from our Publisher files? I think that would be great and brake so much the market. Just a suggestions. M
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