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  1. marcoborghesi

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    Sorry guys. I’m might sound stupid but what it is the Solo Layer option?
  2. marcoborghesi

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    Is it possible to add the ability to see folders and navigate them when importing from photos? I think it might be,interesting and it could help to improve the workflow. m
  3. marcoborghesi

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    Loving updated integration with file.app from the previous beta. I’m not yet in deep review of the rest but I think what I still really miss is the ability to develop Raw to a non destructive level to be able then to go back to to further adjustments at every time. Serif you are doing. Wonderful job providing these software on iPad (I hope designer is round the corner) and you deserve all the awards. well done. wish to see in the next beta: RAW non destructive develop persona. m
  4. I was also thinking the ability to export a XMP file of the RAW development would be great too or as we can save the history in the native file we could also save the XMP or the RAW process development.
  5. marcoborghesi

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 1)

    If open Affinity then you drag from file it will pen that file and not a copy. You can notice as you will see appear 2 new option. Close and save. If work on your file then go back to start and click on the 3lines menu of the photo you can notice you can save then close the image. In that case you did work on the same file. But is not obvious yet. What we need to have just an option from files.app to open in an the rest with the new save and close option in affinity are good to go. This in my opinion is increasing a lot the workflow. Well done. We just need a little bit more for this option to be perfect but is already a good good start.
  6. marcoborghesi

    Affinity Photo Beta for iPad (1.6.7 - Beta 1)

    Love the new files.app option to open and save in place. I think it might need to be just a lite bit more intuitive. Can we have open in instead of copy in ... On the other and it works amazingly when dragging a photo for files to Affinity.
  7. I hope so has I wouldn’t move from affinity then. Now way. Already best app on iOS with that additional feature will be awsome
  8. Hello again everyone. I was thinking that would be lovely to add a features similar to ACR and Photoshop. Instead of developing pictures and lose all the adjustment would be nice to develop as a smart object or whatever we can call it. In that case I can always go back to my develop persona and bringing back my initial adjustments. I think this will be a huge improvement in terms of workflow. Does anyone agree? M
  9. Hi everyone. This is not. Bug but can I suggest, and hope everyone will like this, to change the option of copy a photo from files.app to open in to avoid the creation of a new file every time. M
  10. marcoborghesi

    Font display

    Hi there. I don't know if I'm the only one but I just notice that when I use the type tool and selecting one type font from the menu they aren't display correctly. anyone notice that already? Is it a bug? M
  11. marcoborghesi

    Integration with iCloud

    My actual experimental workflow work in this way. Bear in mind I'm trying to live with just my new IPAs 12.9 2nd gen. Also having a Fujifilm 1 X-Pro this 2017 I'm trying to shoot just in jpg and enjoy the film simulation but this is another story. So. I'm importing in apple photos my shoots and I evaluate which one keep and which ones needs to go. Then I'm working on them (just small adjustments and watermark)n affinity. Then I save a final photo in apple photo. When I'm done I move the orinals to iCloud with the app. Documents5. I'm looking forward to see the new File app with iOS 11 hoping you can move multiple photos in iCloud. After that once a month I backup them on my external drive through a Kensington wi-fi external accessories that allow through the USB to connect the HD and backup them. My look into my perfect workflow is still on work. Hopefully with the new ios11 we will have more options for this purpose. M
  12. marcoborghesi

    Integration with iCloud

    Well on iCloud works to but need to be integrated within the app. On Pixelmator it works pretty well. So if from the iCloud drive app you selec a native Pixelmator file and you tap share icon it doesn't ask you import but to open the file. When you doing that you file will be open in the app. You do all your changes and when you are done you just save. In case of Pixelmator you going back to the images tab. You will notice won't be save in the app but save on the same iCloud location. You double check and open again with the same process and you get your layered file etc with your last change and so on. it works properly but it needs just to be update. Having pro style app is important but also the integration is important as now you can start to do more in deep work. hope you will consider the option to open a file from iCloud instead of keep import. m
  13. +1 to all 3 plus they need to open native affinity file from iCloud in affinity instead of import every time. The different is simple. When you open in affinity you work in the same file and then you are not creative another copy unless you don't have internet access. I have the same function in Pixelmator and work wonderfully. Instead if you import you are creating every time a new file. Nit really useful.
  14. marcoborghesi

    Import from photo

    You welcome