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  1. I like your style, Jen! Very interesting and to the point! I think you are very skilled! Your voice is pleasant to listen to, as well!
  2. Madame

    Free Brushes

    Sorry, wrong post.
  3. It works, they are downloaded directly. If you clicked it, look in your download folder.
  4. Hey.. I did'nt see this before! You are so talented and clever! Fantastic work! Thank you!
  5. Madame

    Vector Assets: Camouflage

    Awsome! Thank you very much!
  6. Madame

    Brushes circles

    Could it be the stabilizer?
  7. Madame

    [FREE] Macro+Texture Pack for AP by FX Monkey

    The offer is ended. It's now $ 2.99. https://www.thefxmonkey.com/product-page/faux-96-macro-pack-for-affinity-photo
  8. When you are in the raw persona and have done the ajustments there, you have to click "develope". You are then transfered to Photo Persona, and there you have levels and all the other adjustments layers. Good luck!
  9. Madame

    Hairstyle Assets

    Thank you!
  10. You could use a median blur filter and then paint out the helicopter from the mask.
  11. Is there a way to alphebetize (or at least make categories) the list of brushes? (Or maybe I have too many brushes )
  12. I think the headline "Tutorials" is self-explanatory. Some of the posters are asking for a tutorial I think. Yes, maybe a sticky post, but I don't think it would help much. (And now we are using the forum for discussing it, not posting a tutorial.. ) I think the moderators are generous, not pointing it out all the time. It contributes to a kind and gentle tone in the forum. Allthough the posters would get more attention to a post, posting it in the right forum. Just some thoughts from me.

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