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  1. Thanks! I've done it. This is a usable workaround for me. It's crazy that Designer supports all these things—if you are canny enough to be able to get them into your file—but does not expose their creation in the user interface. So now I have two template files to copy extra features: one for tables and one for perspective! I think the vision of a happy ecosystem of Designer+Photo+Publisher has in fact fragmented what each app offers the user and has caused holes like this to appear. Such a shame. Anyway, thanks again!
  2. This would work for me, if I can do the effect in Photo and keep it back in Designer (I already do this hack for tables from Publisher). How did you set up this perspective on rectangle? (Sorry, I rarely use Photo)
  3. Surprised! When I need this today I find Designer does not have it.
  4. Needing the again. Gah, this gets me down more than it should!
  5. Need this again today, designing for Playdate (monochrome/black-and-white display with no antialiasing) handheld console. It's so disappointing that we currently have to use another tool to do this.
  6. This is what I did: Affinity Designer is closed in Finder Right click a PDF and choose Open With > Affinity Designer Designer opens on PDF import settings dialog (not sure if I waited fully for this to happen) in Finder Right click a second PDF and choose Open With > Affinity Designer Wait for crash crash dump: https://gist.github.com/gingerbeardman/7dfe685e60594dde590a4ee1ea100dd8 crash file attached. Affinity Designer_2019-11-03-152554_matt.crash.zip
  7. I'd also love the ability to "switch off anti-aliasing" I design in vectors but want to view/render/export as solid colour pixels. What are the chances? Do I really have to use Illustrator? http://www.icoeye.com/blog/?p=220
  8. My task is to draw 1-bit artwork for the forthcoming Play Date handheld gaming console. I want to draw in easily modifiable vectors, but render/view as solid pixels. I draw shapes in Designer/Vector mode When in Pixel Persona I use Pixel view mode But my lines are all anti-aliased with many shades of grey, whereas I want them to be jagged. I want my lines to be comprised of only white pixels on a black background. In Photoshop I can draw in vectors and get solid pixel results by turning off anti-aliasing. Can I do this in Affinity Designer?
  9. From the crash log you can see the crash is in the Serif/Persona layer visibility code. But let's see if it ever happens again! Hopefully not.
  10. Do a backup, or zip up your Affinity preferences. Then you can try uninstalling using AppCleaner https://freemacsoft.net/appcleaner/ making sure to tick all related files. Then reinstall.
  11. When dotted lines are pasted inside another object and are exported to SVG the resulting file does not appear as intended in certain viewers. My workaround to get a good SVG file, is to load the exported PDF into Boxy and use that to save an SVG. Original file: curve.afdesign SVG export (BAD): curve.svg PDF export (GOOD): curve.pdf PDF to SVG using Boxy (GOOD): curve-boxy.svg viewed in quicklook on macOS viewed in Boxy SVG on macOS:
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