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  1. I do have an array of horizontal lines. What exactly is causing the yellow area?
  2. What is this strange yellow highlight? It's not part of my drawing and appears from time to time. No idea what, how or why! macOS 11.3.1 (20E241) Affinity Designer 1.9.3
  3. Thanks! I wasn't sure whether it was supposed to save or not, so I erred on the side of "bug"
  4. Reproduce Activate View > View Mode > Pixels Save your document Restart AD Expected state of that option should be saved either with the document or with the app Actual state of that option is not saved at all I'm currently doing vector work for pixel layouts and it gets boring fast having to frequently reset that option.
  5. Space bar is a great tip for hiding the handles on small pixel shapes. Is that still the best option?
  6. Only on the command line. Use macOS ditto command with the correct arguments, or afsctool from GitHub.
  7. Just a quick note about distributing betas in DMGs, it's possible to HFS+ compress the app (kind of like fast zip but the app remains executable) so it takes up less disc space even after it is copied out of the DMG. Mac App Store does this sort of optimisation automatically for apps that are obtained that way. By doing this compression as part of your build script you can use more extreme settings than Mac App Store and get bigger gains (see below for my manually processed AD Beta: 1GB vs 3GB). Apps usually launch faster (there's less disk access and decompression is lightning fast)
  8. That's fine Matt, I work at the computer Mon/Wed/Fri so I'm in thinking mode today. No rush, I've waited long enough! We (my wife really) got an iPad Pro with Pencil recently so I'm interested to try Designer on that - my wife has been using it for wrapping paper patterns.
  9. Thanks for this! Very much appreciated. I'll have to download the latest Beta. As for output, for this workflow I actually don't generate any! I just rapidly iterate screen layouts and then when I'm happy I recreate them in code with my existing assets.
  10. This is the reason I logged in today. Sigh. Yet another thing VectorStyler already has: https://www.vectorstyler.com/documentation/overview/viewing/ I'm currently working in 1-bit (aka monochrome; two colours) and in VectorStyler I can do this: View > Display > Pixel Preview View > Subpixel > None
  11. I curse and swear often - each time I look for this and then remember it's not possible. Then I load up VectorStyler and wonder why I don't just start in that app.
  12. Thanks! I've done it. This is a usable workaround for me. It's crazy that Designer supports all these things—if you are canny enough to be able to get them into your file—but does not expose their creation in the user interface. So now I have two template files to copy extra features: one for tables and one for perspective! I think the vision of a happy ecosystem of Designer+Photo+Publisher has in fact fragmented what each app offers the user and has caused holes like this to appear. Such a shame. Anyway, thanks again!
  13. This would work for me, if I can do the effect in Photo and keep it back in Designer (I already do this hack for tables from Publisher). How did you set up this perspective on rectangle? (Sorry, I rarely use Photo)
  14. Surprised! When I need this today I find Designer does not have it.
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