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  1. Apple just revised my bug report. Apparently it's a duplicate of an earlier report (not surprising) that is still under investigation (suprising). I had added the two videos I created for this thread. I also suggested they get hold of some old mouse mats.
  2. "create artboard" checkbox does not persist across invocations of the New Document dialog box. changing "page preset" automatically checks/enables it 1.6 beta 10 1.6 beta 9 1.55 appstore
  3. I was working on rMBP 13" early-2013 with only integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics
  4. Artboard name text rendering is missing certain rows of pixels in Metal mode: Compare to OpenGL mode: 1.6 beta 10 13" rMBP early-2013
  5. Great to see the report that a change of mousing surface has reduced or removed the problem for you @GFS Will try the beta soon @MattP
  6. Result! Thanks for your effort. I'll keep the new mouse mat, regardless. Much more presentable.
  7. Yes, very strange. I think that a bad surface causes the Magic Mouse to report spurious events. I will try to log them... somehow.
  8. Indeed. It's obvious by the scroll bars appearing frequently, and also the position of the canvas at the start and end of the video. I'd like to clarify that it's the same Magic Mouse in both videos, just used on different mats/surfaces. Let me know if I can assist in any way.
  9. No idea about dust. It wasn't a factor in my setup AFAIK. Well, I have kept my old, shiny mouse mat so I can reproduce on demand. I would summarise the issue as follows: during a drag operation the canvas scrolls without my intention. "Drag operation" only one single finger on the mouse doing a left click, the mouse moved by fingers grabbing each side. Swapping to the new mouse mat, I have not been able to get the issue to happen. A drag operation does just that, and the canvas stays fixed. Here are two videos in which I select a group of objects and move it around the canvas using a drag operation. Let me know if you can figure out which one was recorded whilst using my new mat/surface, and which one whilst using my old mat/surface? (file available for 14 days) (file available for 14 days) it's obvious when you compare both. Let me know if you want me to save a document with history? I tried it on/off and it made no difference to the random scrolling issue. matt
  10. Well! This is surprising. I've just replaced my old mouse mat (that I'd had so long the cloth had started to go shiny) with a new one (cheap Fellowes fabric on rubber base, £5 from Ryman) and I have much less random scroll whilst clicking. Much more accurate mouse click performance. So, buy yourself a new mouse mat/surface! I still think the app would benefit from better mouse scroll/click logic.
  11. It seems that a log of user actions would be beneficial when people report bugs in the beta. That way the team can easily see what was done just prior to things going wrong. Maybe there could be an option in the Help menu to "report bug", "send log" or upload the log in a new topic on the forum? Ideally, it would be opt in. Maybe by using the Beta, you are opting into this data collection. Any plans for such a thing?
  12. Apple responded to my bug report (was made with reference to Transmit, Panic's FTP app)
  13. Nice! I didn't think to do it that way. I love optimising workflows.