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  1. Another request for this. rnd() is glaring in its omission from the function list at Expressions for field input > Advanced mathematical expressions. it says there that they should all be "For general use throughout the user interface." I also tried noise in the transform > rotate field but it, as well as many other functions, does not work in at least the rotate field. Or am I missing something?
  2. No worries. If it makes your developers feel any better, I just noticed Preview also has difficulty displaying the stroke (though exhibits a completely different display quirk)
  3. By "causing the renderer difficulty" do you mean that it has a bug in its display logic? I think so.
  4. Look at the corner bottom left corner of the R. R.afdesign Current zoom Zoom out 1 level
  5. Draw a dotted line, properties: 0 2 0 0 Zoom in and out (I use alt+mouse scroll) Watch how the dot appear/disappear at the end of the line (confirmed using arrow heads) depending on zoom level screenshot of line setup and screen recording attached recording.mp4
  6. I do have an array of horizontal lines. What exactly is causing the yellow area?
  7. What is this strange yellow highlight? It's not part of my drawing and appears from time to time. No idea what, how or why! macOS 11.3.1 (20E241) Affinity Designer 1.9.3
  8. Thanks! I wasn't sure whether it was supposed to save or not, so I erred on the side of "bug"
  9. Reproduce Activate View > View Mode > Pixels Save your document Restart AD Expected state of that option should be saved either with the document or with the app Actual state of that option is not saved at all I'm currently doing vector work for pixel layouts and it gets boring fast having to frequently reset that option.
  10. Space bar is a great tip for hiding the handles on small pixel shapes. Is that still the best option?
  11. That's fine Matt, I work at the computer Mon/Wed/Fri so I'm in thinking mode today. No rush, I've waited long enough! We (my wife really) got an iPad Pro with Pencil recently so I'm interested to try Designer on that - my wife has been using it for wrapping paper patterns.
  12. Thanks for this! Very much appreciated. I'll have to download the latest Beta. As for output, for this workflow I actually don't generate any! I just rapidly iterate screen layouts and then when I'm happy I recreate them in code with my existing assets.
  13. This is the reason I logged in today. Sigh. Yet another thing VectorStyler already has: https://www.vectorstyler.com/documentation/overview/viewing/ I'm currently working in 1-bit (aka monochrome; two colours) and in VectorStyler I can do this: View > Display > Pixel Preview View > Subpixel > None
  14. I curse and swear often - each time I look for this and then remember it's not possible. Then I load up VectorStyler and wonder why I don't just start in that app.
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