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  1. The head looks a bit unfinished but the wings look really good.
  2. Some of the wooden rulers look really real. Good job!
  3. I think your reply here to me and Murfee is misplaced somehow Anyway, now I am here I find the blending quite interesting. The upper left corner of the face seems to have a rather sharp edge, at least I noticed it. Maybe that could be soften a little bit so it's not so obvious.
  4. Very neat deigns, I like the style, especially the perspective stuff (e.g. the UFO above the city further up on this page). I think it suits good for a comic. Maybe you could try to make a storyboard for a small scene.
  5. The background feels out of place somehow. Otherwise, quite solid isometric style.
  6. It looks really nice for being just a vector. It must have taken a lot of time.
  7. It would be really cool if we could change the history in any way, maybe with a "record" feature that generates a gif or video file as sort of timelapse of the whole process. But that would require that the history is saved in the project file.
  8. But if you place a smaller version and scale it up afterwards, you end up with the same.
  9. That is a one-time processing and nothing that should degrade performance all the time.
  10. That doesn't really make sense. Vectors are the same, no matter its size. Sure, there might be higher numbers in the data (as in "100px" takes more bits than "10px") but that shouldn't matter that much.
  11. I find the color palette generation in Designer quite weird. If I create a vector image with a few colors and then let AD create the palette from it, I end up with colors I never used. Does it use the pixel version of the image (with anti-aliasing edges) to generate the palette?
  12. I've watched it yesterday (found using YT search) because I am thinking about sharing an asset library. Great tutorial.
  13. Hey @William Overington, thanks for the great feedback. Let me reply to a few things. First you said you prefer a live recording that is much longer. I understand your point, but I also know that many people prefer speedart videos because they are just interested in the rough path to completion rather than looking at every individual step. To have a good middle ground, this video (and all that follow) is in 60fps. This means you can change the playback speed in the Youtube player to 0.25 and still have a smooth video. Most of the video is sped up by x5 and just 2 sections are x10 (the other two tree trunk benches and the placement of the trees). This means you can watch it almost in real speed. I hope this could be useful for you even if there is no voiceover explanation of what I am doing (there is nothing very special tho). Another wish of you was a commentary, which I received quite often already. For me, as a non-native english speaker, it's not that easy. My written English is rather good but I lack some speaking skills. I would have to write me a script, otherwise I would just talk some BS. And even with a script, my pronunciation is also lacking. I am sure that videos with me speaking will come some time in the future, I just need to get better at speaking first. Then you suggested creating more tutorial like videos that would even span multiple parts for a single illustration. I thought about that too already and I guess it is related to the commentary problem. I could do versions with captions instead of commentary but I am not sure if that is much better than just showing the design process. Your lasts points were about the small UI size and the dark/light theme. As you already said about the theme, it's up to each one to decide which theme they prefer. I can work best with a dark theme. Even though I just have a 13 inch retina screen (MBP, 2015), I prefer to have a smaller UI that fits more elements. Due to the resolution of the screen, the video is available as 4k (or as close as 3360 × 2100 comes to 4k), so you can always increase the playback resolution to your needs (given your monitor is large enough). Your suggested overlay with a larger version won't really work in a speedart video but is definitely something that can be done in a more tutorial like video. All in all, thanks for your very detailed feedback. I hope the adjustable playback speed in the Youtube player gives you a more fitting watching experience and the other points you mentioned are definitely things I will consider in the future (based on my abilities).
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