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  1. I appreciate the implementation of Rotate but is holding down Alt+mouse wheel scroll the only way to rotate? Is there a way to make it so that we can bind it to a key (like 'R') to use Rotate instead? I paint digitally and unless I have 3 hands, it makes it a little difficult to Rotate Also, any idea when antialiassing will be addressed with rotation? I'm more than willing to be patient with all of this and look forward to one day no longer using Photoshop. 🙆‍♀️ Thanks so much for listening to us and what has been done so far!
  2. I have to admit that is stopping me from using Affinity right now too. It's definitely superior in pressure sensitivity than Photoshop but I really need to use a more streamlined rotate tool as a part of my painting process. I really hope an update on the rotate tool happens soon.
  3. For those interested in the rotate tool, add your comment to support this feedback/suggestion thread below:
  4. Another +1 here, as well. A fluid rotation like Photoshop's is the only thing standing in the way of me moving over to Affinity and dropping Photoshop completely. Any ETA on this? Thanks!
  5. +1 to this, as well. A free rotation tool that could be hotkeyed would be amazing.
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