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  1. When i create a new document and want to add a image from Stock Unsplash. Affinity Photo Closes. Works perfect from Pixabay and Pexels.. the only problem is from Unsplash.
  2. It would be nice if Affinity could work together or build in a tool in Publisher to convert InDesign files Like http://idmarkz.com/
  3. A big wish on my part was if you have an image browser like Adobe bridge, this is something many photographers want, as you often have to batch edit many raw files, From a wedding, business shoots, advertising work, etc.
  4. I understand that it is in 15 degrees, but if i need 9 or 25 degrees to have the best position for my work. Then a dynamic method would be best.
  5. Well, not quit the same thing. Now i just have to click Alt+R 54 times to go right and then go to the view menu and select Rotate Left 80 times to go left. We need a dynamic way where i can click crtl+r or alt+r and then drag with the mouse or wacom pen to the correct position.
  6. It would be nice if Affinity Photo also have an Rotate view tool like in Photoshop. Click R or rotate button to rotate.
  7. Affinity Publisher need to be able to open native InDesign file format Indd. We have over 2-300.000 InDesign files that, need to be open and saved in Idml "not going to happen" And Publisher also needs to be able to export to Idml again.
  8. In Photoshop you can hit the letter R to rotate the canvas. That would be nice if this also was possible in Affinity.
  9. When setting exposure, blackpoint, brightness and more.. If i then click the Rotate Counter-clockwise button the brightness changes, if i then go 1 step back and 1 step forward again in history the brightness is then correct. Rotate.pdf
  10. Can anyone recommend classes in Affinity photo, designer and publisher. Can be online or onsite.
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