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  1. Glad to see something being done about it. This is definitely better than not having the option, but the crappy quality of the image when rotating is is still there. Also, it would be nice to freely rotate while dragging the mouse as opposed to using the scrolling wheel, which makes it slow. Anyways, great software, I am using it a lot. Hope things like this keep improving.
  2. Here one more person wishing this feature was present in Affinity, the solution presented right now is just far from ideal for fluidity and fine tunning reasons. I’m reading in this thread that this functionality exists in MacOS vía trackpad, but why not make it available also on windows?. I find it incredible that you guys are capable of developing such great software with great capabilities and leave out that feature, (the bad quality image when rotating at 15 degree is also something I just don’t get) I suppose this must be something really really hard to implement in windows? I have t
  3. Thank you for your answer. I have done that, but it's more of a workaround and does not really offer the fluidity needed, I wish it was something like photoshop, where you can quickly and finely rotate the canvas when painting just hitting R key and dragging with the mouse, you hit escape key and the rotation goes back to normal, but I know it's not photoshop, so, hope they add a similar function in the near future. About the quality, it is just a thing with the software as I see, I get this kind of bad quality visualization (image I took from someone on this thread) no matter the zoom:
  4. I have switched to affinity software and bought all apps and pc software, and I'm really happy with it, but just realized that affinity photo does not have a quick free rotation of the canvas implemented, but only at intervals of 15° which also for some reason creates just a bad quality images, as in bad anti aliasing or something. That is a function that is essential for use with the pen and tablet, I can't believe this is not existent :( please add it, as it is right now is very limiting.
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