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  1. Widestone

    Asset Library

    You can do that very easy. Move the "assets.propcol" to the place of your choice. Then place a symbolic link to this file in the original directory. SpeedCommander, Linkshellextension and many other programs can do that. It must be a symbolic link ... a normal file link will not work and AP or AD then creates a new assets.propcol in the standard directory.
  2. Widestone


    Backgrounds is only one example. I also want to include many other Layers for use in different situations. But if AF or AD cant't handle such a big library (slow on opening, crash...) then would be a the PLACE-Function the better way or a Library-Program beside (XN-View, Adobe Bridge,...)
  3. Hi! Is it a problem for AP or AD (or the Computer) to handle large Asset-Librarys (e.g. 1GB) or is it a good way to organize backgrounds,...?
  4. Hi! The Photoshop-Plugin Page Curl Pro (http://www.avbros.com/english/pagecurlpro/index.html) crashes AP everytime without warning, when select from Filters menu. Has anyone the same problem?

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