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  1. Make a copy of your Affinity USER Directory --- NOT the Program Directory. Then rename the *.propcol files (for assets, raster brushes and vector brushes) in the submenu .../Affinity/Photo/1.0/user and .../Affinity/Designer/1.0/user Now run one of them. Then you can bring back the renamed files one by one and start the program after every restore of a file. So you can check, which file is the bad one.
  2. Scan it lossless and in larger resolution. or Create the site new from scratch with texts in fonts like the original and insert the watches.
  3. An option in the settings implies for me the functionality of this option.
  4. ...but seems not working. (My Smart objects are only imported and decreased png-layers) The layers are not in the Layers Panel of AP.
  5. This option is available also in the newest PC beta 1.8.0..555
  6. beta- is not crashing with a copied assets.propcol and works While starting Publisher makes some *.propcol - Backups and decreases the 2 brushes.propcols. Are some brushes incompatible and will deleted or why does Publisher this (also in the former beta)?
  7. Yes - all latest Betas. Will test with the "fresh" Beta of today.
  8. I forgot. I used the assets.propcol from Photo or Designer. And the Publisher crashed.
  9. After copying the Assets.propcol and restart the other App the App crashes after restart (while or after loading the fonts). If I delete the assets.propcol and restart all is ok.
  10. I have tested (in the newest Beta Versions) to copy the *.propcols of BRUSHES, VECTORBRUSHES, FILLS and STYLES. No problems so far. And much less work Is this an (official or korrekt) way to do this or can it make problems? Is the format equal in all 3 applications? If YES, it would be nice to have the settings for this in only one directory (userdefined if YES or NO) to "synchronize" the Apps automatically. Only the ASSETS make problems. But maybe is one of them corrupt.
  11. Hi! Is it possible to alphabetize (or sort in my own order) the ASSETS, BRUSHES, FILLS and STYLES. Dragging seems not working.
  12. You can do that very easy. Move the "assets.propcol" to the place of your choice. Then place a symbolic link to this file in the original directory. SpeedCommander, Linkshellextension and many other programs can do that. It must be a symbolic link ... a normal file link will not work and AP or AD then creates a new assets.propcol in the standard directory.
  13. Backgrounds is only one example. I also want to include many other Layers for use in different situations. But if AF or AD cant't handle such a big library (slow on opening, crash...) then would be a the PLACE-Function the better way or a Library-Program beside (XN-View, Adobe Bridge,...)
  14. Hi! Is it a problem for AP or AD (or the Computer) to handle large Asset-Librarys (e.g. 1GB) or is it a good way to organize backgrounds,...?
  15. Hi! The Photoshop-Plugin Page Curl Pro (http://www.avbros.com/english/pagecurlpro/index.html) crashes AP everytime without warning, when select from Filters menu. Has anyone the same problem?
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