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  1. Most of the time, when I copy content from one document to another (all 8" x 11" landscape), or from one page to another, the pasted content falls exactly in the same place as the copy. This is good. However, sometimes intermittently, the copied content pastes in a random offset position. I can't seem to find a command in Designer for "Paste in Place", which would be useful for times likes this. There probably is a "Paste in Place" command, but I am new, and can't find it. Thanks for any help on this. Bob
  2. As a Coreldraw User for over 20 years, I just wanted to compliment the Affinity folks on Designer. I am finding that Designer is a very capable vector program, which I am using more and more for general design work, and I especially like the object effects features. As I learn the navigation and keystrokes to do the same tasks that I do in Corel 2020, I find that Designer can do almost everything I do in Corel, and in some cases, better. While Corel has a very powerful import feature and export file feature (DWG, DFX, etc.), which I use often, I can export to AI or PDF, which, so far,
  3. "right-click on the layer in the Layers panel and choose Rasterize & Trim" Thanks Walt! I would have never figured that out. Some of the nomenclature in Affinity I find unique, and I need to learn the naming practices as it relates to other editing software like Photoshop 2020. Still learning to get around, but I'm happy with what I've been able to do as I learn each tool and function. Bob M
  4. Newbie. I am struggling with the Crop Tool. I crop an image, click Apply, it looks cropped, but it is only "hiding" the cropped portion. When I copy the cropped image to another layer in another file, the uncropped section is still visible. I must be doing something wrong. I figured Crop means Crop. Does it? I've attached the sample images. Thanks, Bob
  5. AHA! Paragraph\Leading\Multiple\1.5......I would have never found the path to that in a millions years. Nothing in the help about that. Thank you so much for the directions. Bob
  6. I am a Publisher Newbie, and I am hunting for the exact location of the paragraph Line Spacing parameter. I've read a few posts on the matter, but they aren't clear to me. Basically I am trying to implement a 1.5 line spacing. Thanks, Bob
  7. Thanks for the response Paul. Being new to the Affinity family, I am just learning the boundaries of what I can, and can't do with the software. -Bob
  8. I've tried searching for info on Asset Management, but I didn't find any clear answers to what I am looking for. My question is, is it possible to maintain the native *.propcol Asset library on a different drive, rather than stored on the C drive (Users\Appdata\Roaming\Affinity, etc). The asset libraries from Publisher/Photo/Designer will, in time, eat up a lot of storage space. I have a 512GB M.2 SSD for C, and I have (2) 3TB SSD internal drives I use for all graphics asset storage. Right now I am exporting the Asset library to the storage drive and deleting the one in the C
  9. If you are referring to InDesign files (*.indd), what I have been successfully doing is; 1. From InDesign 2020, export to PDF. 2. Open in Publisher. You'll lose much of the complex functionality such as cross-references, interactive controls, etc. that the native INDD file had, but all of the editable artwork, editable text, and correct page layout will be there. -Bob
  10. Thanks Walt! Your suggestion worked just fine. Much appreciated. Bob
  11. I knew I wasn't being clear enough. On the actual pages where the Page field is placed, the page after the Cover page reads (Page 2). I am trying to get that page to be the start of the page sequence (1,2,3,4, etc.) Not starting displaying Page 2. Does that make sense? Thanks! Bob See attachment from InDesign 2020
  12. Being new to Publisher, coming from the InDesign 2020 World, I am trying to set up my page numbering scheme. In Publisher, I am using Page Number Fields. I Don't want to count the Cover Page as Page 1, so I would like Page 1 numbering to start on the second page, which is where content starts. In the Section Manager, the Start On Page option is set to 1, and grayed out, can not be changed. I am assuming I need that number to be "2", to get what I want. Is there some workaround to achieve what I need. In InDesign you are allowed to start the Section and Page numbering sequence wherev
  13. Thanks so much for the info. I'm OK with just using option 2, I just couldn't figure out why option didn't work. Now that I know it only works on MAC, I understand. I'm new to Designer, so I am trying every function and tool one by one for learning.
  14. Thanks for the helpful info. I believe I will use the export / import asset option. Bob
  15. To create an Asset, the instruction is: Drag the selection into the Assets panel (the cursor will change to show a plus icon). On the Assets panel, click a subcategory's options menu and select Add from Selection Option #1 does not work. Option #2 does work. Thanks, Bob
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