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    gw_westdale got a reaction from Steps in Export as PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4)   
    Although the OP was about  PDF1.3,  problems exist for PDF 1.7 as well.  Transparent items come out much paler in the PDF file - the rasterisation used in export to PDF appears to be broken - pre-rasterising transparent areas before exporting fixes it - but at a cost in terms of usability.
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    gw_westdale got a reaction from walt.farrell in Advice on defining effects as a style or similar.   
    thanks .. it's a useful idea ---   it would be great if when creating a style, one could choose which bits to use
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    gw_westdale got a reaction from dcarvalho84 in Hearts Brushes - Valentines Day   
    Many thanks!
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    gw_westdale reacted to Pauls in Swatch CMYK %0% colour darker than 100%   
    are you tinting or applying opacity when creating the swatch?
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    gw_westdale reacted to fde101 in swatch panel suggestions   
    This is already available - check the hamburger menu on the swatches palette for a "Show as List" option.

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