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  1. As part of my learning I read a lot of the threads in this particular questions section of the forum. I can see why people may think threads not relating to a particular branch of affinity may not be useful to them, but also believe they are useful to many others. There is a lot of crossover between the branches. I mostly work/play in publisher but at times need the others, and this means I read the other threads too, there might be something useful being discussed, that I can make use of in the future. Perhaps a simple "select a software tag before you can post" is an option.
  2. For what it is worth, I have had a thing where if I add an image to a textbox, on a normal page, in the layers palette it is in the master page layer. I have no idea whether this is normal or not, but thought I would mention it here.
  3. I have not found a way to place a photo from assets directly into a frame (from stock is not a problem), but if you drag the photo onto the page, you can right click the photo and convert to picture frame, this gives you all the frame tools and you can then place it where you want it. I have had no problem placing multiple images on a single page, but am dragging them across individually, not sure if there is a way of selecting multiple images in assets. Hope this helps.
  4. Have a read of this thread, its about the same or very similar issue. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/90397-i-cant-get-master-pages-to-apply/
  5. Once you have brought the image from assets to your page, you can right click the image and convert to picture frame. That will then give you the frame options.
  6. Ok so this is gonna sound really weird and stupid, but I duplicated an existing master and put different content on it, and applied it to various pages, and found that in the page tab (normal page), I had to double click the page to make the changes show up. Beyond this I am completely out of advice But have learned heaps in this process, so thank you.
  7. I create new master pages via the "add master" button on the master pages tab.
  8. After opening your file and looking at the master I noticed there was a double up of the page no, so deleted it from the master, but did not find a second copy which would explain the double up, unsure why? I then added new page no. field, which seems to be working. I then created a new master, master B, using the add master button on master pages tab. I added some stuff to it, to make it clearly identifiable. I then selected normal pages 2 and 3 and applied master B by right clicking on selected page and apply master. I did the same with pages 8-12. I did notice that on the apply master screen there is a little tick box for “replace existing”, that might be worth checking out. This is like a step by step of what I did. Hope it helps. TEst Template.afpub
  9. My way of dealing with master pages may not be the most efficient but it works for me. I opened your file and looked at your master pages, and then dragged master page B over onto normal page 2 and it applied it. This works for me. In a large document, I have created sections (icon on pages tab toolbar) and in the box to create a section have selected the master page of choice for that section. RR Template.afpub
  10. I fully accept that a large number of professional designers are working on Apple machines using Adobe products. It has been that way for a long time. I believe that Serif from a marketing perspective alone has not put all that effort into developing windows apps, to quit anytime soon. Adobe is pricing slowly pricing itself out of the market and programs such as the Affinity suite or "unholy trinity" as I like to call them, have made a high end product available to everyone regardless of using windows or mac. I feel the presentation was about the product, not the machine it gets used on. Now let's talk Linux, cause lets face it, if these programs were available on Linux, that is where you would find me.
  11. working on the premise that you have a picture frame on your master page "without" a contour/border. On your normal page, in the layers panel you can select the master page layer and right click, edit detached. This will add a orange bar to the top of window advising you that you are in edit detached mode. You should now be able to edit the picture frame for that page only, then click finished on the orange bar at the top of the window. The edit detached function allows you to edit master page elements for that single normal page. Hope this helps.
  12. So I created a new sub category in my assets and made sure it was open. Then under file went to "open folder in explorer" Selected a folder with images and dragged it into the empty sub-category space and boom the pictures showed up. I learn so much trying to figure out other people's stuff. Update: Kept playing and you don't have to create a new subcategory, as long as you drag the folder below the last sub-category section, it will create the sub-category for you, naming it the name of the folder you are dragging in there.
  13. Being in Australia, colour = colour and localization = localisation, as for the spelled and spelt, we allow you to make up your own mind. but nuff about that, we are now a few days in and I have all three affinity programs and am loving it, I love the studiolink and can't wait for the Publisher Workbook ( I will sacrifice my budget for the postage). Absolutely fabulous job guys.
  14. These are beautiful, I love constructivist art and these totally appeal to me.
  15. Woke up at 345 am, thought oh should go watch, jumped up, ah too late she cried. Yep, Australia has killer time zones. But installing my updates, ready to have fun. Everyone enjoy playing with your new toys. Affinity thank you for your hard work.
  16. I think once publisher is officially launched people may well be more interested in doing that. I was thinking of some kind of resource website for stylesheets, tutorials and templates kind of thing.
  17. Ok first up I am new at this also, but Image 2, I presume this is the image sitting across the centre of the master A spread, deleted from master and everything updated, seemed all good. Image 3, the one on the canvas, selected master A, then went to view, view mode, and unticked clip to canvas, which made it visible and I deleted it, everything appeared to update. Image 1, the tricky one, I deleted pages 4 to the end to make the file quicker to manage, and deleted the text frames from the master. Now if you select normal page 2 which has the image and go to layer tab, then use drop down on master page (the one with the orange edge), you will see that image file on its layer, and if you click on the layer, it will select it on the page, but it has the crosses that indicate you cannot edit it on this page, if you right click on the layer you do not get a edit detached option to edit it outside of the master page. If you go back to the master page, you simply cannot find the image to do anything with it. Whether this is a one off glitch or something in the settings I do not know and yes, it will crash the program as you continue to try different things. I have however enjoyed the puzzle, and learned some stuff from it. Hope this helps a little bit
  18. If you are on the swatch tab, then on the far right side is an option menu, go to appearance and to list.
  19. I wasnt sure whether to post here or not, but like the original poster ToOldforThis, I would like to know what is happening with this. Is this the way it is to be, or is it being worked on. I am currently helping a friend with a document, which will probably end up 100 or more pages, and the thought of having to insert a page somewhere early on is getting a little scary. Its the same situation, you have a masterspread controlling set page content and when you insert a page, the pages following no longer reflect the master page, right becomes left and left becomes right. I have attached a small afpub file demonstrating my problem. Would love an update on where this issue stands. page insertion.afpub
  20. I just experimented with this, using the latest beta publisher version. 3 page document, with page numbers added on master page. Selected page 2 in pages tab, then in layers tab right clicked the master layer ( the one with the orange indicator), selected "edit detached". This added an orange bar across top of canvas window, stating I was in a mode of editing detached from master A. Removed the page no from page 2. Clicked finish on the orange editing mode bar and now that page has no page number but all others do. Hope this helps some.
  21. Thanks for your response. I tried all of the above and was still unable to resolve the issue. My confusion was mostly generated by the fact that on every other page, the text frame and content displayed normally (as dictated by the master page). Anyway in the end I just deleted that spread and recreated it, which was not an elegant solution but a solution nevertheless.
  22. Ok I have a text frame that is generated by the associated master page, and for an unknown reason (me) it now has 2 red dots on the frame and the text content is missing. In the layers palette the tooltip shows "unlinked attribute - text". Other topics lead me to believe this means that text frame is not being updated/synced from the master. However I cannot figure out how to fix this, as in relink text. Any and all advice greatly appreciated.
  23. When you create a document, and save it (file / save), it will save in the native affinity publisher format of .afpub. When you export a document (file / export) you will have options as to what format you want to export it in including pdf. So create a document, add your content, export a document in a format that meets your needs. If you go to open new document and you select the different presets, such as print, devices, web etc, you will see that the settings such as dpi and document size change, this is providing you with a basic setup to work with, which is very handy for those of us who aren't experienced with this stuff. It provides a starting point but you can set it up however you personally want it.
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