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  1. That's interesting. I will have to check that out. I am suspecting either there are still some bugs or the instructions lack some details. Thanks for your attention to the issue.
  2. So, I did that and what I got was two linked files that reflected one another, not independant and unique files. Don't know why.
  3. Thanks Kimbo.I also noted a doubling up of numbers. Not sure why except that the numbering disappeared so I redid it and ended up with double numbers. There seems to be no way to reveal lingering artifacts, or to see stuff that disappeared but is still in the formatting somewhere. On other software I could Select All and see everything that was there. I see you were able to create individual Master pages. I still have not been able to do that. My numbers are working, however. I started over again and am only using Master A and was able to get the document to work. I did notice the tic box and unchecked it this time when I applied the Master page and that seemed to make it work. I am not sure what that is there for except possibly to replace a master on a page with a newer one. Thanks for the support.
  4. This did not solve the problem. Whatever I put on one master shows up on the other. And what I delete from one deletes from the other. I have deleted and built new ones a couple times now and they remain identical. So I have deleted the entire document and started over three times. I had it all set up with only one master page, with page numbering and column guides and it looked like it was working as the guides and numbers were showing on all pages, and suddenly everything disappeared from the master page and all document pages. I deleted the master and started again and it applied the column guides, but the numbering remained a # instead of numbers. RR Template.afpub
  5. Thanks, that worked but what about Master A and Master B being different? Anything I put on Master A ends up on Master B. If I remove it from Master B, it disappears on Master A.
  6. I can create Master page A and apply it to the first page of my document. I cannot apply it to any other page of the document. Since I would like the first page to be different from the rest, I decided to duplicate it and try applying Master B to the rest of the document, but it did not fully duplicate. I had to reset column guides and add a numbering field. I still cannot get it to apply to the remainder of the document. I also added an extra photo placeholder and text box to the first master but it also applied it to the second master also. Having watched a couple of tutorials on creating master pages I am confused. I have InDesign experience but although this seems similar I am not having similar results. RR Template.afpub
  7. I had a similar bug happen. I have 2 columns on a page with photos added. The text in the right hand column jumped to the next page about an inch above the bottom of the text frame. After inserting a new page and moving text and images to it, the same thing happened. I eventually realized it was caused by an image at the bottom of the left hand column. When I removed the image the text on the right filled to the bottom. I recreated the image frame on the left and placed the image. The same thing happened again so I deleted and made another image frame that was a bit above the desired position. When I moved it to the desired position at the bottom of the left hand column it again cause text wrap around an invisible frame in the right hand column. My fix was to just leave the image in the higher position which was not a problem for this document, but could be a real problem for one in which the image needs to be precise.
  8. I am also enjoying Publisher except for the bugs. I opted not to invest in any more Adobe when I got my latest computer and was struggling with other publishing options which seemed unable to accommodate the demands I put on them. I am happily using this and awaiting the completion of the beta testing period.
  9. I work on a laptop and files can be rotated using gestures on the track pad. I could disable all gestures but then the others I like to use would not be available. I think you can also rotate using the Transform pane.
  10. Thanks! That fixes it, but is there a way to lock the document so it doesn't rotate without making it uneditable?
  11. I am using a Macbook Pro and accidentally rotated the document. It is difficult to get it back to square. Undo doesn't work. Is there a way to reset it back to vertical? Is there a way to lock trackpad in Publisher to avoid rotation?
  12. The trackpad on my MacBook Pro is set to high sensitivity due to some RSI issues I have. I accidentally rotated the document and am unable to get it to square back up. It overcorrects when I try rotating it back by hand. Is there a key command for this?
  13. This also does not work for me. I get no contextual menu drop down using trackpad but have to drag the Master Page icon to the pages to be formatted, which works OK.
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