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  1. Chris, THANK YOU! That was exactly the problem. (as a former coder, I agree with 9/10 times it's user error ;) ) I deleted the text from the master page (not sure how it got there LOL) and now everything looks good. I'm fully enjoying Publisher as a book formatting platform. Two Thumbs Up!
  2. First off I have to say YAY! I've been waiting for APub for a LONG time. And while buggy, I'm loving it so far. However, I did find a bug - which you might already know about. I set up a beta file to test out chapters for a book file I will create once the final form of APub is out. This has to do with flowing text from one textbox to another, which works but... I click the eye which works perfectly in not showing the text outside of the text box. However, when I click the triangle, that's when weird things start to happen. When I click on the text box on the next page it continued to flow. HOWEVER, on the next page, IF I set up a text box, it waits for me to click the triangle and click it before it flows. BUT if I don't create the next text box - the program seems to create them anyway, placing the beginning of the text again. So suddenly I have 10 pages of the exact same text. Even when I went through, created text boxes on each page and used the triangle to flow the text, as soon as the text I had pasted into the original box reached its end, on the next line the entire pasted text started again. As if the pasted text is on one eternal loop. Attached screen shot - and yes, the text was blurred as it is a copyrighted document that isn't released yet.
  3. I'm going through the Elegance tutorial in the Affinity Photo Workbook. I've gotten to the part where we create a pixel layer for color, mark it as a color layer, and then choose the right color & paint it on. I did that. The only problem I have is that while the color I chose was a peach and it shows as peach in the color picker, the color comes out as blue. I figure I'm missing something, but can't figure out what. I've gone over the tutorial several times and can't see what I've missed. I'm hoping one of you can help point me in the right direction.
  4. I just saw they will be coming out with Affinity Publisher soon. I'm excited for this product.
  5. I received the Affinity Photo Workbook 2 days ago, excited to get started. However, there's a huge problem. It smells really bad - in a 'what ink or paper did they use to make this nauseating stench' kind of way. I doubt it's a used book - it doesn't smell like smoke or food and it cracks all the time as if it hasn't been moved since it was printed. I love the look of it and want to work through the tutorials, but every few pages and I just have to put it away again. The smell's that bad. (it might be the glue that holds the book together now that I'm thinking about it. Whatever it is, it's noxious.) So, I'm hoping someone else has figured out something here. Does the smell go away? in what timeframe?
  6. Thia

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    Oops! Just saw the last comment from xox interactive. It was the windows zipper that was the problem. Thanks!
  7. Thia

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    I realize this post was made 3 years ago but I've been using AD for a few months now and want to try using it for my manga & anthro drawings before I invest in CSP. I downloaded the file and it's empty. It has one interior folder, but no files. Is there somewhere else that the comic brushes are available?