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  1. I bought Publisher and it works fine on my laptop but I just got a new mac and it is not showing in my purchased apps. Photo and Designer showed right away. How do I get Publisher to do the same? I already went through my history of purchases and I am not seeing it. Is there a way through the app on my laptop to verify purchase? Serial number or code, etc?
  2. I know I'm late to this thread but I came here searching for the same solution. In Document Setup you need to have the "Transparent background" box checked. Then your exports (in formats that handle transparency) will be fine. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Sketched the original plan in the pixel persona then went layer by layer with lines, fills and gradients. Inspired by an exceptionally warm sunset on a very cold day. Ran into a few issues trying to scale a smaller landscape prior to this one but I started larger here and the prints looks great!
  4. Working on a Non-Traditional Holiday Card.
  5. I ordered the book more than 2 weeks ago and have yet to receive anything. I contacted the company and was given a tracking number. UPS says a tracking number was generated but there is no product in their hands (to date). How do I ensure this product is actually shipping?
  6. This is great. How do I now extract just that image? When I export or save the color data is back. Also if you know the method in Designer I would appreciate some tips. THANKS!!
  7. I frequently use software to clean up hand drawn art. I use red(or blue) sketch lines and then ink over them, similar to standard practices in comic illustration. In photoshop there is a relatively simple process to remove the red lines and in recent years a script to handle the whole process. How can I do this in Affinity Photo(or designer)? Sample sketch attached.
  8. I use this a lot in Adobe products and Manga Studio and in animation software. It is very handy to set a smoothing intensity range and just draw. I know vectors do this already but it is often too much and I can not find a way to do this in pixel mode.
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