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  1. URGENT ! I need footnotes and endnotes facilities. PLEASE !
  2. I have still a problem with superscript. The Numbers 1, 2, and 3 worked fine, but all the following numbers keep the same size as body copy. My font: Bodoni 72, book
  3. I got text documents from my client in .doc and .docx and those documents open on my mac in pages. Why can I not open those in publisher?
  4. ... but I still get no opinion to choose Edit Detached ;-(. I tried for hours all possibilities I could find. No access to that ..
  5. Thanks. But she problem is, my window shows different options than yours ... What#s wrong with?
  6. In a book with hundreds of pages following master pages I would like to change the textframe on some pages . What can I do make it working??
  7. i am waiting too desperately for a footnote tool. Pleaseplease :-)
  8. I'm working on a book with baseline grid. Is it possible, to add additional textframes who are not fixed on that grid in the same page?
  9. How long do I have to wait for it? Hope not too long anymore ...
  10. ...as picture shows, I managed already separations of two parts of my letter. But don't ask me how ;-) I just tried and suddenly it worked .. but then ... the hassle began :-( I removed successfully one part (the lower end go the curved horizontal line) and after that I had two levels in the Panel ... and the question is: how to bring thees two levels together into one again.
  11. ... yes, verstanden. But ... I tried to "... simply delete all the nodes you are not interested in ..." but the question is: how can I, after this, put together the curves of the two levels into one? How can I get get this result? "After repeated attempts, the level panel shows just one curve. " This would be easier than to rebuild everything ;-)
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