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  1. DesignStationYT

    Placed greyscale image issue

    Will do. Than you!
  2. Document is in rough shape right now and I'm on deadline to wrap it up... but here's a video where you can see the issue in action. Text_Frame.mov
  3. DesignStationYT

    Placed greyscale image issue

    Yep! PDF result and settings attached here.
  4. Not overlapping in my case. Clicking on the frame in the Layers palette is fine, but the moment you go to double-click on a word or select a paragraph a different frame will often suddenly become the selected frame.
  5. Same here! Pretty frustrating when you're trying to select a paragraph in one text box and it seems to really want me to edit a neighbouring text box instead. I've had this happen between pages as well, and only since
  6. DesignStationYT

    Placed greyscale image issue

    I've stripped the file down to just the affected page. Weirdly, I was able to output the PDF without any image issues with previous beta (K only, no appearance glitches), but the most recent now outputs the image as it appears in the screenshot above. K_Issue.zip
  7. DesignStationYT

    Placed greyscale image issue

    Ah-ha! Took me a minute to track it down but yes, I found it. And deselecting it renders the image properly—but means it no longer exports as K only. Looks like it's just a rendering glitch in the app—with K selected (as it was by default when I imported the image) it renders incorrectly in the app but exports as it should.
  8. I just tried placing a greyscale image inside a CMYK document but it ends up with a weird overlay/fill effect. If I paste the image in from Affinity Photo it appears normally (though it's probably being converted to full CMYK rather than just K). Anyone run into this, or just a bug in the current ( version?
  9. I noticed today when creating a border above text using Decorations under styles and noticed that it doesn't seem to be previewing colours correctly. See the attached screenshots for the difference in how the colour is rendered between the Decorations section and the Colour & Decorations section. It does work properly in the placed style—it's just the preview that is incorrect.