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  1. Just to bump, this bug appears to still be present in today's 2.2 release of Designer.
  2. Sample file, where you can see the result of the stroke before being expanded, and the glitch that occurs once it is. Stroke Glitch.afdesign
  3. At first I thought this was related to the new phased stroke feature, but I've had this happen with that on and off. Either way, where I've used a stroke that consists of dots, the first dot in the stroke is malformed when outlined or in an exported PDF. I did not have this issue in the prior version of Designer 2.
  4. @,,,You're right, that does seem to get the result I was hoping for! Thanks for that! @Callum I'll send a PM with my test file so that you can test it for yourself.
  5. I created a selection and then used the Refine tool to turn the selection into a mask and fine-tune the selection. The preview looks great.But once I hit apply to create the mask, I get this:Frustrating when the preview showed exactly what I wanted! Has anyone else run into this or found a workaround?
  6. @CallumFor sure! I've sent a DM with a download link to grab it. Thank you!
  7. I'm curious if anyone else has experienced this and how they've resolved it, but I've been working on a project with PSDs provided by a photographer that include a number of layer effects. I worked on an initial phase of this project in Affinity Photo 1, and now am working in Affinity Photo 2—and I've noted that HSL adjustments with masks, recolour adjustments, etc all seem to experience issues. This is how the image should appear: This is how the PSD opens in AP2: Meanwhile, this is how AP1 opens it: There are some minor issues in the AP1 result, but by and large it's very close to how it's intended to appear in Photoshop. But it seems like AP2 reverses masks and just generally confuses things. I've tried saving the PSD as an afphoto file from AP1, but it looks like same in AP2 as the PSD file.
  8. I've noted a strange behaviour when trying to update a table with new content copy/pasted from Excel. For example, if I select the content I wish to copy in Excel... ...and then paste that into the cells I wish to update/replace in Publisher... There often seems to be one cell of blank content that carries over and replaces the first column of the next row. So in this case, that removes the content that was in row 13 (which is a single cell with all columns merged).
  9. One thing I miss was that in Designer v1, when you had a raster element selected, would show you the image's resolution at its current size. I'm not sure if it was purposely removed, if this is a bug, or if there's a preference somewhere to bring it back. Anyone else notice this?
  10. I think you may have identified the issue. Yes, there are adjustments in there—which wasn't an issue with Designer v1. The way I often do these is group background elements and then duplicate and rasterize the duplicate... that way there's no risk of transparency issues or the like in the output. If I delete the (hidden) unrasterized group that I keep if I need to come back and adjust the file, keeping only a rasterized background element, it looks like the bleed works. Again, not an issue in Designer v1, or if you open as spreads in Publisher v2. Example file attached. 4N - Christmas 2022 - Commercial Development Cookie Tag.afdesign
  11. Hi there, Over the years of using Designer v1, I got accustomed to setting up multiple related items as artboards in a single Designer file—all of the print ads or posters for a particular campaign, for example. Although I found the bleed display bug frustrating as others did, at least any exported PDFs always displayed the bleed as they should. It looks like in v2 this no longer works—I've tried several times to export PDFs from artboards which have bleed active, and would have worked in v1, that do not work in v2. Thankfully there is a workaround... if I open the Designer file in Publisher and convert to spreads, I can export a PDF that includes bleed. But it would be extremely helpful to have the bug in Designer fixed so I can just use my usual Export persona workflow again! Thank you!
  12. Not entirely correct. We no longer observe daylight savings changes here, so during the winter months we're equivalent to Mountain Time and in the summer months we're equivalent to Pacific Time.
  13. No, that's an hour behind too. And interestingly it shows PST – which is not a time zone I'm in or that my system is set to.
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