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  1. Hi Jon — I don't recall copying anything out of a table and trying to insert that into frame text. What I did do was format content from the Word file and create a new table (which is off to the side in the version of the document I sent you) that I was going to move into place after getting rid of that character. The table itself was built by duplicating a different one from elsewhere in the document and then I typed in the content rather than copying/pasting from elsewhere. Anyway, I've uploaded the Word file (named Review Copy - Air North Domestic Tariff 2019 v4.0 Jul 15 2019 (no pictures) For Marketing.docx) so you can see if that helps shed any light on things. My thanks to you and the other developers for looking into this!
  2. Hi Jon — I really appreciate you digging into it! In the end, the only way around the issue that I could find was to create a new document, copy everything prior to the character, paste that into the new document, and then do the same with everything following the character. A bit of a kludge of a way to solve it, but at least I don't have to try and do battle with that character anymore. The interesting thing is that I had to re-download the Word file from my client after they made a few edits, and there is content in that space pasted into their Word file from a webpage now that may have been present and then removed prior to sending it to me. Perhaps that was somehow the issue? Some sort of HTML-related content? Anyway, I can upload the Word file to that Dropbox location if that in any way might help track down the issue (or perhaps not at all... maybe this is just a one-off bit of weirdness that no-one else will have to try to deal with!).
  3. Great! I've uploaded it. The page you're looking for is on page 16—though that may change depending on how the fonts render.
  4. The only way around this that I've found is to create and apply a character style to the bullet through the Text Style panel. Then you can change the formatting of the text or apply a character style to the following text without affecting the bullet. I agree, though, that it can be a frustration!
  5. The content was copied and pasted in from a Word doc. It doesn't seem related, though, as I just ran a quick test to copy and paste the content into a new document and the character doesn't appear to originate from there. My biggest fear is that I'm going to have to start all over again—and it's an almost 100 page, 23,000 word document that I'm dealing with. Unfortunately the document is confidential so I'm not really comfortable uploading into a public forum, but I'm attaching a video where you can see the ways I've attempted to delete the character that is causing the frame/column/page break. Also attaching a screenshot of the pasted result in a new Publisher file and a screenshot from the original Word file of the section where the character appears in the draft formatted version. Can't_Delete.mov
  6. Hello! Wondering if anyone has run into an issue like this one—there's an invisible break character in my document that I can't delete. I've even tried deleting chunks of the text that both precede and follow it to see if it can be removed as part of a large block rather than just on its own, but it just stubbornly stays. I also tried increasing and decreasing the number of columns in case it was somehow a bug related to that, but that didn't allow for the character to be selected or deleted either.
  7. Ah-ha! You're right that it's related to baseline grid, but the grid is being ignored by the table content styles... mostly. It's not aligning to the grid (as intended), but the alignment of the table cell content doesn't work unless the overall baseline grid in the document is turned off. So it looks like the issue is related to some change to how the baseline grid functions in this latest beta?
  8. Since the latest update, vertical alignment in table cells doesn't seem to work anymore, with everything now top aligned. Selecting any other vertical alignment doesn't seem to produce any change.
  9. While a lot of the text in this report is using the baseline, that text has a style applied with Align to Baseline Grid turned off. I confirmed this both in the style itself and in the Paragraph Studio Palette. That's why it's particularly strange that if you do justify vertically the first line jumps to the baseline grid. I should add that this behaviour only just cropped up—it wasn't present before I downloaded the latest Publisher beta.
  10. Hi there, Latest version introduces a baseline grid issue when combined with Justify Vertically. I have a two column text frame that has text which is not supposed to align to baseline grid, but when I do justify vertically the first line tries to align to baseline grid (even though it's not supposed to) and ends up with a strange overlap. Here's a screenshot...
  11. Doesn't affect the outcome — doesn't work either way in Publisher (and as a side note, works with or without a space in Designer).
  12. One last update! I've figured it out. Typing in the unit causes the calculation not to work. In other words, if you have an object at 5 in and you type in +.115 in that will not work. But if you just put in +.115 it will. This isn't the expected behaviour for me, especially as you can type in the unit in Affinity Designer and it'll properly perform the calculation (and it's nice sometimes to have a document in one format—inches, for example—but then do a calculation when you add or remove millimetres or other to an object's size or position).
  13. Hey everyone... Further to this, it looks like it's an intermittent issue (if that). It was driving me crazy on the day that I posted, and had been happening a few days prior too. But since a reboot and relaunching the app, it's been working fine... knock on wood. I'll update again if it crops up again, but hopefully it doesn't.
  14. Since the most recent version (, I've noticed that I'm no longer able to do additions/other calculations in the Transform studio panel using the number row on my keyboard (typing in [whatever the point position is] + 0.25in and then hitting return just clears the entered calculation), but it still works from the number keypad. Has anyone else run into this issue? Update: actually, I take that back! I'm not able to get it to work from the keypad either right now.
  15. Confirming that this is fixed in Nice work, and thank you!
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