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    I really appreciate the answers here that have pointed out that APub is still in development and Adobe has had all those years to get to where they are now. I will be patient, continue the upgrades and use PagePlus X9 for now. By not trying to use Affinity Publisher for my books full of footnotes, endnotes and references I'll use it for small projects just to learn the software. I am very impressed with and support the whole Serif/Affinity software group.
  2. Sandy Rivkin


    Without footnotes & endnote I'm going back to PagePlus X9, but will continue to upgrade until AP meets my needs.
  3. Yes, I was aware that 7 has to be ended, but I don't like 10 and I thought I had some time before the transition. And I may be in some trouble if some of my "old" unbloated software doesn't work anymore. I work on a PC and have excellent security. Right now I'll just struggle away with Affinity products. -Sandy
  4. OK, looks like I will need to upgrade to 10, sigh, not happy.
  5. Not liking this requirement, Aero, so will wait for the fix. -Sandy
  6. Sandy Rivkin


    Me too, more than urgent! The book I'm working on is in the older PagePlus where there is no problem with footnotes or endnotes. In purchasing Affinity Publisher I had hoped for an even more robust publishing program and features I need just not there. Is there a fix coming soon? Sandy Rivkin (Chichester)
  7. Sandy Rivkin


    I must have footnotes and endnotes as in PagePlusX9. Is this going to happen? I have a purchased version 1.71.404 after all the beta versions. I can't proceed w/o this function. -Sandy