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  1. I'm sorry, but I exchanged the pictures before the publisher's debacle. I remember that only now. Unfortunately I don't have the time to use the old pictures again. In the next case I upload the afup file. I helped myself by selecting photos with less sharpening because I suspected that the publisher could sharpen PDF during export. Anyway, the noisy photos looked like oversharpened JPG files. That solved my problem, but not the technical one, which is probably behind it: the change (sharpening?) of photos when exporting to high-resolution PDF (300 dpi). And now I'm waiting for the update to finish my work.
  2. Thank you. I wish I could. But I can't, because the publisher refuses to open the file. I am waiting for an update to remove this bug. See: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/90779-publisher-crashes-when-opening-file/&tab=comments#comment-484617
  3. In addition: I have just cut the links of the photos in the Publisher. Now, of course, it starts again. If I want to insert photos, their proportions are completely distorted. I can correct that, but I can't exactly restore the state from before. I had made a lot of effort to adjust the photos to the correct proportions. This work, which took days, is now also lost. If there is no update to correct this error, I can throw my work away and start all over again. If you offer the link between Publisher, Designer, and Photo this should work correctly. Unfortunately the public beta tester weren't able to check this since this important feature came only with the version after the beta testing. Never trust a new software ...
  4. Well, what do I do now with 40 pages and about 100 photos, which I have almost all adapted in Affinity by link from Affinity Photo? Everything from the beginning? I thought the point of integrating Designer and Photo into Publisher was that you can still edit photos in the layout. For example, adjust the size. If I shall do the external editing in Photoshop CC again, why do I need an Affinity Photo link in the Publisher? For my project (and all that will follow) I need un update very soon.
  5. I have that problem, too. AP opens a file and crashes immediately. Once I managed to fix the problem temporarily by moving all photos to a different folder and then copying them back bit by bit. So I found the photo that crashed the AP. Only this photo was not damaged and was correctly in the resource manager. Last night the AP crashed again just after I finished designing a photo book. It's really treacherous and annoying that the AP saves the document and then refuses to open it. Maybe there's a problem with Affinity Photo editing photos directly from the Publisher and then saving them reduced? I use this ingenious feature regularly. I would very much appreciate it if an update could be released soon to fix this bug. Thanks a lot!
  6. In a PDF export, I have only two images among numerous that are technically perfect. These two are noisy after export. If I look at the photos in Photoshop or IrfanView, they are impeccable. If I look at them in Affinity Publisher, they are also impeccable. If I export them from AP, they are completely noisy in PDF. One example: "verrauschtes-Foto.jpg" comes from the pdf exported from AP "nicht-verrauschtes-bild.jpg" comes from the preview in Affinity Publisher. I have deleted them in AP and re-imported as 4000-KB-JPG: no change. Thank you.
  7. Thank you. If I select a narrow contour (e. g. 2 points), it is only displayed at the top and bottom (see the two screenshots of the girl above). If I increase the width of the contour, it is wider at the top and bottom than at the sides. Apparently the outline of the frame is oriented to the edges of the photo and not to the frame. This means that I give the photo a contour that I actually want to give to the frame, even though the frame is selected. If I draw a new picture frame that I have given a contour to from the start, everything is correct. The outline "sticks" to the frame and can be enlarged and reduced with it. So it's perfect. However, it is not possible for me to give the frame a contour afterwards (when the picture is therein). The contour is always aligned to the edges of the picture. This means that it disappears or is not displayed proportionally if the dimensions of the picture are larger than the dimensions of the picture frame. Afterwards I can change it only on the masterpage. But that means that there are contours on all frames on all pages I created with this masterpage. I want to give the outline but only one or two images on one or two sides - as an exception (where because of the high proportion of lights in the photos they do not stand out from the background.) So I can correctly assign contours to picture frames, even afterwards, if I change the respective master page (give the picture frame on this master page a contour, which then affects all pages that I derive from this master page). But I would like to give a picture frame a contour, although the picture frames of the underlying master page have no contour.
  8. In this case I created a new document and gave the picture frame a contour. This works. I can scale the frame the way I want and the contour changes with the frame. Perfect. But how do I do that if I have already created picture frames without a contour and now want to add a contour? The result is what I described above. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Thank you. If I create new picture frames it works. But I want add frames to existing images. When I try this I get frames of the pictures but not a contour for the frame. Obviously I make mistakes ... but which ones? See screenshots.
  10. I would like to give some photos in photo books a narrow frame in the layout. I know how to frame photos in Affinity Photo or Photoshop. However, when these are inserted into the layout, they are often cropped or fitted into a given frame. This works very well. But then the photo frame doesn't fit anymore. If I now want to give the picture frame in the Publisher and not the photo a contour: how does that work? Thank you.
  11. In the PDF document properties you'll find the correct measures 215 x 296. But when you open the PDF in Photoshop: see above ... this little fault prevents the PDF to be uploaded at White Wall. The attached photo book is far from finished. Photos are missing, others are being edited or exchanged. But it should be enough for a test. I am very impressed by the response speed and seriousness of the Affinity Service. Report a bug to Adobe ... Thank you.
  12. Already in the beta versions, the export dimensions for PDF were not exact. There were deviations of fractions of a millimeter that are immediately visible when loading a PDF exported by Publisher into Photoshop (see attached screenshot, correct is 215 x 296 mm). These are minor deviations. But they are enough for photo book publishers - like White Wall in my case - to reject PDF. I repair this by correcting the dimensions in Photoshop and exporting the PDF there again. Then everything is right. But I don't think it makes sense for customers to correct Publisher's PDFs in Photoshop. Apart from that, it works great. The integration of Affinity Photo and Designer also works well. Thank you!
  13. Well, I swapped the tip of the pencil. It works fine with the new one. You don't stop learning.
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