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  1. There seems to be two threads going on this topic. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/messenger/5256/&tab=comments#comment-17122 On this one, the file I uploaded has been fixed by a developer, and the fixed file opens OK with me. It is still not clear why the original problem occurred. Hoping to see a bug fix for the program soon.
  2. We need to see if a Mac user can open it. the last edit was made by my colleague using a Mac
  3. Well, I thought I had solved the problem by embedding all the images, but I spoke too soon. I edit a quarterly magazine in collaboration with a colleague in Australia. He uses a Mac and I use a PC. I send a draft to him via a dropbox link, he makes a few changes then sends the .afpub file back to me. When I got the file back, it once again crashed publisher when opening. I checked with my colleague, and all graphics files are embedded and not linked. The file opens OK on his Mac, but not on my PC. So it looks like there is till some work to do. Here is the offending file, see if you can figure out what is going on. Tin-opener_112_July_1919FinalProof.afpub
  4. The issue was causing a complete crash of Publisher within seconds of loading the file. There was no missing resources error message. Prompted by you I transferred all other files to another folder and the file then loaded with low res images. As soon as I moved the first image back (the group picture above) the program crashed again. I then moved this file back. When I looked at the resources list it said that this file was missing. I then copied this file back from the original source and as a precaution made all linked files embedded then everything worked perfectly. I am away from home at present with just a phone and no pc. I will have another play when I get home.
  5. Sure, here it is, but now that it is embedded, everything is working fine. I think the problem was that this file was shown as missing in the resources list. When i reloaded it and made it embedded, all was OK. Still, a missing linked file in resources should not cause the program to crash, so there may still be a problem to sort. Thanks again for your help.
  6. That worked! And I have now identified the bad file. I have now made all linked files embedded. Many thanks for your help
  7. the D:\dropbox folder is on a local drive. If the problem is being caused by a linked file, how can I sort that if I can't load the file in Publisher?
  8. The latest version of my current file causes publisher to crash instantly. Previous versions created in the Beta version open OK. Using WIn10 up to date, Ryzen 7, 16 MB RAM, 1060 graphics. I am up gainst deadlines, so any help woould be appreciated. Offending file uploaded below. Tin-opener 112 July 1919.afpub
  9. My latest Publisher file crashes the program as soon as I select it (Win10, Ryzen 7, 16mb RAM, GTX 1060 graphics). Previous files which were created with the beta version load OK. I shall load the offending file below. This is now an urgent project with a tight deadline. I do hope you can help. mail@gbr.myzen.co.uk Tin-opener 112 July 1919.afpub
  10. On my PC, the para leading is [12.2] with brackets, so I think we have narrowed this down to the different font versions between PC and MAC. It could still be an important issue for those who want to edit .afpub files across platforms. Maybe you should point this inconsistency to Apple (not that I think they will pay much attention)!
  11. The original file created on a Win10 PC has now been uploaded via dropbox to the moderator. This has 12.2 leading, but when opened on my colleagues MAC, it changes to 10.0 leading. Is this a bug?
  12. Thank you for your reply. On my PC I am using Calibri 6.22. The Para Leading is set to 12.2 pt and the space after to 7 pt. The align to baseline is ticked.
  13. Hello Patrick, thank you for your reply. I have been using Affinity Publisher Beta (although I see a new beta is now available). I am using it on a Windows 10 PC with a AMD Ryzen 7 2700 processor and a Nvidea 1060 graphics card. I publish a regular 12 page newsletter which I forward to a colleague who uses a MAC. My original was perfectly formatted when I sent it, but when he opened the file on his MAC there were many text boxes with overflows. He corrected these and sent the file back, but when I opened it on my PC, I had the same problem with text overflows. The file sizes are about 13 MB so too big to upload here. I could send them via a dropbox link if that would help. Here is a screen grab showing one page from my colleagues MAC version and showing text overflow
  14. An afpub file created on a PC will not display correctly when the same file is loaded on a MAC, and vice versa