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[ADe] Keyboard shortcuts wishlist

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Read that you were working on more/ changeable shortcuts. Nice!  :)


I think shortcuts and the ability to change them have a big influence on your overall software experience.
The less you have to navigate to menus and panels, the faster you can draw.


What I think would benefit the Affinity Designer experience:


  • Adjustable shortcuts
    Save your under your own name and be able to change them all.
  • Shortcuts for everything
    I understand that the developers might not want to add a shortcut to every program "action", but as a user if there is something that I do a lot in my illustrating process, I want to reach it superfast through a shortcut. If it's under a dropdown, menu or even submenu that takes too much time. I want to shorten that time. The "everything" part is about the clickable icons and sliders that don't have a (default) shortcut. (New layer, lock layer, increase line width) Giving the user the freedom to edit those.
  • Changing the location of your shortcut file. So you can put it in your Dropbox, or on a part of your Mac you wont format when doing a clean install. It could be a window during install like the one asking where it can install. "Where would you like us to save your keyboard shortcuts (for easy backup if you do a clean install later)"
  • Default shortcut sets
    Based on different other (vector) software. This would make it easier for a person coming from Adobe illustrator, Coreldraw, Sketch or Manga Studio to jump in and use the shortcuts he's been using for years. I imagine a window after first start asking the user: If you tell us which software you used most before finding Affinity Designer, we will make sure (most of) the shortcuts are in the same place.

    Kind of like the browsers do after install, trying to get your bookmarks and stuff from other browsers to increase the chance you never go back to your old browser.  ;) 
  • Live editing
    Being able to edit the shortcut of an icon by (cmd?) clicking on it and having it open a small window with the current (if there is one) short cut and the option to add your new one. Now there are just too many steps to edit a shortcut. 1. Remember what the function is called (i.e lock layer / increase line width) 2. Find the shortcuts menu. 3 Search for the function. 4. Edit it. 5. Save it. 6. Close the shortcuts menu. Being able to do that on the fly could reduce the actions by half.

I think shortcuts with the options stated above would translate to (super) speed & focus.

Compare it to wanting the interface to be as calm and subtle as possible so you "see" it less and focus on your drawing.

Being able to add a shortcut to everything allows you use the interface less and focus even more.

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I couldn't agree more. Shortcuts are paramount to maintaining a good workflow and even more important to retaining artists looking to give up PS.


I'm finding it difficult to use Affinity purely on the fact that many of the advanced shortcuts in PS aren't present in Affinity. For example, I use the number keys running along the top of the keyboard a lot to change opacity while using the move tool in PS. I tap the 1 key to make the current layer 10% opacity, tap 5 to make it 50%, tap 6 and 7 in quick succession to make it 67% opacity and so on. That said, my example wouldn't be solved by customisable shortcuts, in this case that would need to be a developer-sanctioned feature.

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Being able to set shortcuts for all (or most) menu commands would be great. This would allow me to use my shuttlePro more effectively.

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I encourage kids to go ahead and play on my lawn. I mean, how else can I make sure the death-traps work?

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shortcuts is a must for professional work. I'm just playing around with affinity not doing any professional work. Because I can't get up to speed.

Can't live without below


-clear fill or stroke.

-selection toggle fill and stroke.

-flip color between fill and strokes

-eye dropper 

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Please more shortcuts. I especially need it to switch between the 3 Personas.


Also, a lot of the time I wish I would be able to just add a "slice" (from the export persona) but while being in the other personas. Especially when having to do a lot of exports / slices - and no keyboard shortcuts, it's so slow ;-(


I was googling for Add New Layer shortcut key, but cmd+shift+n apparently only works for "Pixer Layer". I was hoping at least that by switching to the Vector Persona it would create a normal layer but it didn't ...

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I think a shortcut to toggle the "Sync" button in Symbols panel would be useful, instead of always moving the cursor to click on it when you need to quickly add changes to symbol instances.

And it's also helpful to use when the Symbols panel is not visible.

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