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  1. Similar how to you can currently disable a layer mask by "Shift + click" or "right click" -> "hide" So "Shift + click" on "fx" toggles the layer style on/off.
  2. How it's currently "working": Have multiple tabs open -> view tab A -> view tab B -> close tab B => you are now viewing tab X How it could (should) work: Have multiple tabs open -> view tab A -> view tab B -> close tab B => you are now viewing tab A again
  3. (I feel like I've posted this before but can find it) Reproduce: Open a doc -> make same change -> "forget to save" -> press e.g. cmd+w -> "Save the document?" -> "Save" -> the document isn't closed. Normal behaviour is to save the change and continue with closing the document. You also ask "Save the file before closing?" in the dialog.
  4. Reproduce: Adjust e.g. stroke width by typing the value -> press escape to try to remove focus -> press e.g. "v" because you want to use that tool and curse because focus is still in the input field.
  5. Any update on this major issue reported over ½ a year ago...?
  6. When pressing shift + arrow in a document with e.g. mm as units it doesn't jump an integer value (e.g. 1mm or 10mm) but it looks like everything is calculated in pixel or something making drawing for print a real pain.
  7. Am I missing something or is there really no way to convert linked slices to unlinked?
  8. As the title says. Shouldn't be necessary to rasterise as svg can have <feGaussianBlur>
  9. Already knew that so it doesn't help at all I'm afraid. I'm currently drawing 100+ animal heads that share the same eyes and if I wan't to make changes to those eyes having to copy/paste every time I make some changes isn't a viable solution. The embedded documents aren't rasterised in affinity - only when exporting.
  10. They're obviously saved and broken. And easy fix and nice feature would be able to scale the slices selection. So when I select all slices and then drag from one corner all slices will be resized proportionally.
  11. The graphics solution proposed seams like an unnecessary workaround to just using embeddable graphics with duplicates. Only problem is embeddable graphics only works with raster witch limits it's usability so this would have to be fixed. Another feature I'd love is the ability to export to folders. The way Xcode and other platforms handles localised images is the create e.g. en.lproj image.png da.lproj image.png So the folder names are different but the images have the same file names. Currently you have to export e.g. image-en.png image-da.png add to folders and batch rename
  12. They way FontForge does it is by converting them to "normal" points when you rotate unless rotation is +=90(n) An alternate solution could be to make horizontal/vertical fixed standard and then only allow other angles with modifier pressed. The shift solution works great for "new" points but if you already have a point with handles then getting them "perfect" requires you to delete the handles first.
  13. great it's fixed, could you release a tool to fix broken slices too? would save me and other lots of (re)work :)
  14. That zoom thing sounds very plausible - working with big masters and many small slices I used to do that a lot. Your way of logging issues seems very flawed if it takes this long for a serious issue to get logged just because your initial tester wasn't able to reproduce it at first (I reported this in the beta thread a while back) but I'm glad someone's finally having a look at it.
  15. Similar to curve point handles can only extend horizontally or vertically. When drawing logos, icons, UI, type etc the wast majority of curve points are like this and having the point type makes drawing a lot faster + more precise. Screenshot is from FontForge (notice the difference between round and diamond shaped dots)
  16. @MEB definitely still something going on because it doesn't only happen on switch. I just did this: Open beta -> export (looks fine) -> close beta -> open beta -> export 2x sized... Please make this a top priority since it breaks our documents and is really annoying. I know it's probably more fun to work at new features but please fix existing ones first.
  17. Facebook (cover), Behance (cover + images), Dribble and others Add "social media" as a category similar to "web" "devices" etc.
  18. Beta .25410 and app store v1.2 - I have never used retina option for any documents so I don't think it's related to that. I'm not sure what triggers it but try creating a document with some slices in the app store version, save, close, open beta, edit something, save, close, open app store, go to export .
  19. Not sure if it's related to different versions - but I just had to do some color overlay which is broken in the stable version so I had to switch to beta. Only thing I changed was the layer effect and then come back in the "stable" version to f#cking this again. If there just were a option to resize all the slices at once then this bug wouldn't be as horrible... This together with completely broken expand stroke function and seriously crippled export capabilities makes designer feel like a toy software...love drawing in it but can't trust it with serious work.
  20. This happens randomly without resizing anything - nothing more fun that having to resize your slices all over again... I thought it was a beta only problem (posted about it there but never got a reply) but now it just happened in the normal version too.
  21. As the title says - when I try to export to e.g. eps all embedded documents (100% vector files) get's rasterised making the embedded documents feature useless for any vector work.
  22. Better - although that glue icon is a bit unconventional it makes sense. The icons should also grey out when you can't use them - e.g. when I've selected just one curve (path) I can still click join curves which obviously does nothing. Names are wrong though. Should be Break node (or break path) Close path Smooth path Join paths Reverse path and they would probably make more sense if reordered like this Break path Close path Smooth path Reverse path Join paths
  23. The icons for break, close and join curves look very similar and you can't really tell from the icons what they do.
  24. +1 times a million, all numeric input fields should "capture" the keyboard up/down and shift+up/down
  25. Just bumping this because I'd also really like keyboard shortcut for switching personas EDIT: I created them myself in apple system prefs but would be nice if they were in affinity designer by default :)
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