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Export to Powerpoint file

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I wish I didn't have to write this but I'm a designer in a consultancy firm, and I'm often asked to produce work in the abomination that is Powerpoint (due to client insistence on retaining editabilty with their software). Sometimes I'm even asked to make 'print-ready' PPT files - don't ask! Nothing would make me happier than to be able to produce the design with all the great tools in Publisher, and then export to an editable .PPT file at the end.

I imagine a few things would be needed to make this work - blend modes seem like a big one, so background images would probably have to get layer-merged, and it would presumably be RGB-only, but just having proper align/distribute tools would make my life a much happier place :)

One additional benefit is that the consultants here are forever complaining about the enormous file-sizes that Powerpoint decks and their outputted PDFs come to - it seems it doesn't have a good image compression system. I bet Affinity's compression could do a far smarter job.

I'm sure I could sell a whole bunch of licenses here if this functionality could be built, and in other companies I know, so hopefully it will be of interest. I wonder if anyone else on the forum has this need?

P.S. Great work on all your software team!

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I agree. It would be a fantastic feature in Designer and Publisher to be able to export to Powerpoint and Keynote. I'm probably going to have to buy Adobe just because of the easy work from this plugin: https://www.recosoft.com/products/ir2office/    It lets you just export artboards to slides in a few clicks, with the export images being editable in the presentation software. Please please include this feature!!

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I would seriously encourage this also... You could design some great looking slides in Designer and Publisher, export as a PPT file, import to Powerpoint and then use them in Learning Management System software such as ISpringsuite or Articulate Storyline (which can import PPT files for education and tutorials). 

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Apologies for veering into foreign territories!

On 9/24/2018 at 9:43 AM, nickelby said:

One additional benefit is that the consultants here are forever complaining about the enormous file-sizes that Powerpoint decks and their outputted PDFs come to - it seems it doesn't have a good image compression system.

@nickelby it sounds as if your colleagues are not familiar with PowerPoint's Compress Pictures option.  Before proceeding, save a copy of your file, since this is a destructive technique.

On the Mac version, the command can be found under File > Compress Pictures….  I presume Windows has a similar command tucked away somewhere.  Alternatively: click an image to select it; the Picture Format contextual ribbon will appear; click the Compress Pictures button, shown below.  (The Windows version might vary slightly, but I seem to recall this is much closer to the Mac version.)


In the dialog box that appears, select your compression setttings: resolution, whether to delete cropped areas and the scope.


I was involved with supporting a student assignment a couple of years back, where the groups had to submit a pitch deck of around 15 slides.  One group's file ran to something like 300MB – and they wondered why they had problems uploading it!  One page had 20 or so thumbnails images in a collage style effect.  But they were each full-sized images that had simply been scaled down.  My vague recollection is that when I ran their file through Compress Pictures, it came down from about 300MB to something like 30MB.

MS Word has the same trick available.

Edit: More apologies - I didn't see, until it was too late, that the post in this thread to which I was reponding is around 9 months old.  #sigh

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What is really being asked for is a completely new presenter application not an export option. Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft PowerPoint are two very different applications. You don’t create PPT decks from MS Publisher do you?

However you can create some great assets from the Affinity suite to import into PPT.

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6 hours ago, Ingo M. said:

Yeah not being able to save in ppt makes working with affinity pretty much obsolete for me as there is a need to maintain editability. PLEASE add this feature. THANK YOU!

Export your Affinity file as a PDF, use a free online converter to convert said PDF to PPTX, e.g., Zamzar...


Open the fully editable PowerPoint file...

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+1 for an export option.

why? PDF for our presentations is prefered, but if you want to integrate video content, you are lost. Would be the perfect way for us to export the presentation without loss in content and design to powerpoint and add the slides for the video content.


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Why don't you ask Microsoft to integrate support for Affinity programs into PowerPoint/Word? Have any of you ever created a .ppt(x) file from Illustrator? No? Why not? Why should a company as small as Serif program a feature that only a handful of users would use?

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On 11/14/2018 at 2:18 PM, ryank said:

I'm probably going to have to buy Adobe just because of the easy work from this plugin: https://www.recosoft.com/products/ir2office/

This is the crux of the matter. It's not Adobe that provides this plugin but another company.

Same with Affinity. Once Affinity releases its plugin development environment, a lot of companies as well as Indi developers will step in to fill that gap/need. Unfortunately, nobody except Affinity know when this is going to happen.

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