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  1. Hi, Could you please make the crop region snap to the margins of images please. Would be a great improvement. thank you!
  2. Hi, Has anyone else encountered this? It happens to me almost all the time.
  3. ... hope to be implemented in the future, it might have some benefits. Kind regards
  4. hi @walt.farrell, What I want is to have Past Special as Unicode. Is it possible to set Unicode as default for Past Special and then I'll assign the shortcut for it?
  5. Hi, Could you please make Resource Manager as a panel like the Layers, History etc... It's very useful to have a constant view over the links that get updated, so Resource Manager should always be visible on screen. Thank you!
  6. Hi, Paste special should have a CTRL+Shift+V shortcut for Unicode text, since the Rich one is already shortcut-ted as CTRL+V. Thanks!
  7. hi @walt.farrell, Yes, changing the settings for the assistant is helpful. to have it in a better logic i would say: if Edit all layers is off : the adjustment layer should be nested to the selected layer (as it happens with the assistant - i think this should be the default option) if Edit all layers is on: a flatten layer should be created and the adjustment layer should be nested to that. to me it makes more sense like this in relation to the edit all layers button kind regards
  8. Hi, Even though I have Edit All Layers switched to off, the preview for Adjustments still shows on all layers as it would be a flattened option. Isn't it more logic to see a preview only for the current layer when the Edit All Layers is off and the Adjustment filter to be automatically placed as a sub-layer? Regards
  9. Yes, I do agree that Merge Selected should be part of the layers right click menu. Merge down is not so useful.
  10. Hi, I hope text transform is already on the wish list. Because I cannot find this feature... Or am I doings something wrong?
  11. @GabeHi, Yes, just installed 1.8.3 and I can still replicate. Thanks for looking into this.
  12. Hello, I attached a video describing this bug. Here are the steps: I have 2 images same size and proportions. 1. I insert a picture frame. 2. I add first image using replace image button (or drag and drop) inside the picture frame. 3. I crop the image by changing the border of the picture frame. 4. I replace the image with the second one. The second one will not follow the size and location of the first image. This is very inconvenient when replacing images in general. If i don't crop, replacing works as expected. Please check, Thank you! Affinity Publisher 2020-04-01 18-55-46 -12fps.mp4
  13. Hi @thomaso, yes, I'll try to narrow it down with some screen recording also in a new thread, in bugs. Thanks for the Lock Children tip, very useful!
  14. Also I dislike that when I crop an image by moving an edge of the PF the image stays centered. Sometimes makes alot more sense to keep the image in place and crop some extra margin...
  15. @haakoo, well I do believe that PF supports other stuff. But i think it should be tested more, sometimes it doesn't function as expected. Also with cropping. If I crop an image with the PF and then I want to replace it (even though i use the Replace Image button) The picture will not keep the crop format.
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