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  1. Hi, I hope text transform is already on the wish list. Because I cannot find this feature... Or am I doings something wrong?
  2. @GabeHi, Yes, just installed 1.8.3 and I can still replicate. Thanks for looking into this.
  3. Hello, I attached a video describing this bug. Here are the steps: I have 2 images same size and proportions. 1. I insert a picture frame. 2. I add first image using replace image button (or drag and drop) inside the picture frame. 3. I crop the image by changing the border of the picture frame. 4. I replace the image with the second one. The second one will not follow the size and location of the first image. This is very inconvenient when replacing images in general. If i don't crop, replacing works as expected. Please check, Thank you! Affinity Publisher 2020-04-01 18-55-46 -12fps.mp4
  4. Hi @thomaso, yes, I'll try to narrow it down with some screen recording also in a new thread, in bugs. Thanks for the Lock Children tip, very useful!
  5. Also I dislike that when I crop an image by moving an edge of the PF the image stays centered. Sometimes makes alot more sense to keep the image in place and crop some extra margin...
  6. @haakoo, well I do believe that PF supports other stuff. But i think it should be tested more, sometimes it doesn't function as expected. Also with cropping. If I crop an image with the PF and then I want to replace it (even though i use the Replace Image button) The picture will not keep the crop format.
  7. Hi @haakoo, layerspanel>expand the pictureframe object>select This solution takes way to many clicks. What I'm suggesting takes only one click, and this is essential when you have documents that have hundreds of images in them that constantly keep changing. Also when you crop a picture or distort it, and try to replace the image those modifications are not kept.
  8. Nope, that's not working either. Imagine having a 200page document, mostly images. You have to go trough it and see the images in order to understand which ones should be replaced. Having their names listed in Resource Manager doesn't help at all. The most convenient way to do it is to have document on one side, explorer switched to large thumbnails on the other, and then drag and drop. Easy! @thomaso The behavior of Picture frame is not that clear in Windows. Sometimes it goes from frame editing to picture editing from constrained proportions to unconstrained.... Using replace image works for a picture without frame. why should i bother having the frame then...
  9. use Picture Frames. No, there's a difference. If you have 2 pictures with same resolution and you want to replace the first with the second, using pictureframe, but you also scaled the first picture, when you drag the second one to replace it it will not keep the scaled proportions, as Replace Picture does. So each time you replace you have to readjust the dimensions when using Picture frame.
  10. Could you please take this into consideration. It could maybe be done just by ALT+Click when dragging. When there are many images to replace it's annoying to click the Replace Image button all the time. Better to just drag them from an explorer window set besides. Thank you!
  11. Well, since there are scripts and other apps that can convert indd, it means that there are already some methods of decryption for this format. Sorry for being so optimistic, but there might be some hope, no?
  12. Why do you think so? The photoshop format is readable in Affinity Photo...
  13. Hi, Very good progress with IDML! Still, I hope that .indd file format will also be available at one point. At work we have thousands of indesign files and if Publisher cannot open them we will still be dependent on the adobe software to export to IDML when needed. Can't wait to switch fully to affinity, so much better than the adobe stuff.
  14. Yes, it would be amazing to be able to save as powerpoint from publisher! Please add this feature!
  15. Sure, but the trick is to take what's best from both sides. I'm not an Adobe fan but i think replacing images is more intuitive as they have it in indesign. If you drag it on top. it will get replaced, if you drag it on the side you get a new image. Two different things with just one click. While in publisher you have to make a frame first so that's double the work.
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