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Andy Somerfield

Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

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Status: Beta Release

Purpose: Improvements, Fixes

Requirements: Purchased Affinity Photo

Mac App Store: Not Submitted

Download: Here


To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.


This beta is an iteration of the current App Store release and should be used in preference to the App Store release, if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.




Affinity Photo Team :ph34r:


Changes in this release


  • Pending


Changes since last Mac App Store release


  • All new shadows / highlights algorithm for Develop.
  • Significant Photoshop plugin support improvements (courtesy of Affinity Windows team).
  • Fixed Depth of Field blur progress / slowness issues.
  • Fixed sporadic hanging when opening many image files at once.
  • Restored ability of marquee tools to snap.
  • Fixed crashing bug when exporting certain large PSDs.
  • Fixed a number of UI memory leaks.
  • Added special case PSD import code for “SketchClub” PSD files (they should fix this!).
  • Fixed PSD export of Fill layers.
  • Fixed UI labels on macOS versions prior to Mavericks.
  • SVG import can now handle gradients with missing x1 or y1 values.
  • Assorted PDF export improvements.
  • Localisation improvements.
  • Assorted other small fixes.

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11 hours ago, Jonas14 said:

Tomorrow more, if necessary!



I think, the Changes would be interesting!


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The Media Browser, shift-command-m, is indeed improved in 1.6.7 beta 2  over 1.6.6. Now subfolders within the Pictures folder can be opened and photos within them selected. Also, additional folders can be added to the browser window by dragging into the window. Nice. The problem that remains, IMHO, is that the browser cannot be docked into either the left or right studio panels. The browser only floats. I would like to dock the browser on the left studio panel consistent with the UI of other still and video editing programs. Thanks for listening -- Joan

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1 hour ago, MEB said:

....unless you meant Beta 3?

I imagine he means the actual release of this build (or one like it) to the public as 1.6.7. I think that there will be another beta before the release, because of the PNG transparency issue if nothing else.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

Latest releases on each platform 


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After 3 hours testing:



Fonts/Forms get rasterized by a filter, even if the assistant is set to "no action on vector"


some small view-glitches if set in preference "big font", like here below.




The objective-blur is extremly slow. Escpecilly with extrem radius/bloom.



Will the next version of this beta use the same path and preferences? its a lot of work to import/reset all my shortys, preferences, brushes, palttes... It would be nice if all upcoming versions use this base-settings.

OSX 10.13.5  / iMac Retina 27" / AMD Radeon R9 M380 / Metall: on! --- WWG1WGA WW!

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