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  1. JoanKauai

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (1.6.7 - Beta 2)

    The Media Browser, shift-command-m, is indeed improved in 1.6.7 beta 2 over 1.6.6. Now subfolders within the Pictures folder can be opened and photos within them selected. Also, additional folders can be added to the browser window by dragging into the window. Nice. The problem that remains, IMHO, is that the browser cannot be docked into either the left or right studio panels. The browser only floats. I would like to dock the browser on the left studio panel consistent with the UI of other still and video editing programs. Thanks for listening -- Joan
  2. Hi Any, have just stumbled across your forum entries for Official Affinity Designer and Official Photo (Desktop) tutorials. Your listing of all the videos under appropriate headings is great. I've been accessing them one by one in no particular order simply from YouTube (or Vimeo) and having an overview of all the tutorials and seeing them listed by category is really helpful. Two questions: 1. Are the listings in the forum pages current? They have dates of 2015 and I can't tell if newer videos are included in the lists. 2. Can you make the links to these listings more visible on your website? Even in all my searches, I never came across these listing in the forum, and feel lucky to have just stumbled on them when following the link in someone's comment. Thanks, Joan

    1. MEB


      Hi Joan,

      Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

      Yes, they are current. Those threads may be from 2015 (when they were created) but the contents are updated regularly.

      There's links to the tutorials on our website (menu from the top right) but they point to YouTube/Vimeo. We do note in the description field that you can See a full list of official tutorials at affin.co/PhotoTuts but i agree it's may not be visible/noticeable enough.


      Please use the main forum section(s) for questions like these rather the staff's or user's profile's feeds as they may be missed.


    2. JoanKauai


      Great, I did find the link you mention and indeed it is obscure. Still, list does have as its heading that it is posted July 8, 2015, so there is no indication that the list is up to date. I'm glad to learn that it is updated and being maintained, but the posting should somehow contain the date of the last revision. And I will try to use the main forum section in the future. Best wishes, Joan

  3. Dear Serif, I have subfolders within my Pictures folder. When I activate Media Browser and go to the Pictures folder, I do see the various subfolders. When I click or double click on the icons for these subfolder, they do not open. When I right click on the subfolder icon, a drop down menu offers to Open the subfolder or to Show in Finder. When I select the Open option, the subfolder does indeed open, but none of the files within it are shown. The bug is that the Media Browser does not allow traversing below the top level folder. Please fix.