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  1. JoanKauai

    Compatible Versions Designer and Photo?

    Thanks, I'll wait patiently
  2. Hi, when I switch to the Vector or Photo Personas the Publisher replies that I need compatible versions of Designer and Photo. But I do have the latest versions of these. How should I proceed? Thanks,
  3. JoanKauai

    Color wheel

    Right! Sorry I missed that. Thanks -- Joan
  4. Hi, I assume that the color wheel will be added to the tabs that already include swatches. Or have I missed it somehow? thanks -- Joan
  5. Hi, I gather the Export Persona is coming in a future beta release. If so, please consider adding presets for export of a book to Amazon's Create Space. Also, it would be great if one could export to iBook and Kindle ebook formats. Thanks for listening. -- Joan
  6. Dear Serif, I have subfolders within my Pictures folder. When I activate Media Browser and go to the Pictures folder, I do see the various subfolders. When I click or double click on the icons for these subfolder, they do not open. When I right click on the subfolder icon, a drop down menu offers to Open the subfolder or to Show in Finder. When I select the Open option, the subfolder does indeed open, but none of the files within it are shown. The bug is that the Media Browser does not allow traversing below the top level folder. Please fix.