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  1. hi mark, don't know if you can use them but here are 2 NEF's from my D700 grz leon
  2. hi Sean, First of all I have to apologize for this late reaction on your answer yesterday, as I was out all day and only tonight found your reply! Seeing your video made me realize that it is the colour that was creating all this pain! you showed me the effect of using the brush in combination with different colours: black, white and grey!! I was using this brush on a mask layer to hide parts of the image and reveal parts of the underlying image. You can only use black and white to hide and un-hide; the opacity will change the effect as if changing colours. One way or another the changing of colours [cmd+x] went wrong and brought forth the grey colour instead of black or white, but you rely on your shortcuts and don’t look at the outcome of it ‘-( So, again, you helped me a great deal and of course: it couldn’t be affinity! CU
  3. hi Sean, coming up (soon, it's now 88%) handle with care, it's delicate ;-) thanks a lot for this. grz leon
  4. Hi Sean, Thanks for your reply to my desperate call! as to your suggestion, it makes no difference weather the opacity is on or off: even changing the color in hiding or un-hiding (black or white) makes no difference '-( i would like to send you the file but 1) i don't know how/were and 2de) i think the file is a bit large, over 350MB. maybe you have a suggestion for me on this? thx & grz Leon
  5. Oke, this is my first problem with AP: tutorials are very helpful but on this I'm stuck ;-) Up till now I'm very pleased with this app! (needles to say) problem: hiding areas on an image with the brush tool works at first very well, but after a few modifications/switches between hiding/masking, the stops working! no matter switching back and forth, the only result is painting a white area with no hiding or masking effect! I tried installing again through appstore, but with no success. mayby someone can help me on this?? grz leon
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