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Multi-layer high-pass sharpening (with macro)

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A way of sharpening is to add multiple high-pass layers, progressively reducing the radius and increasing the opacity.

Attached is a macro to do this, including the ability to tweak adjustments. Please try it out and let us know here if you find any better adjustments.

Apply it to a duplicate layer so you can switch the adjusted layer on and off to see the difference.

This seems to be quite labour-intensive, including as it readjusts when you zoom in. It can hence be a good idea to merge the effect into one layer (turn off the original layer and layer/merge visible to do this).

You can also try adjusting the opacity of the adjusted layer and even play with blend mode (eg. try Luminosity).

Dave's 6-Layer High Pass Sharpening.afmacro

Dave Straker

Cameras: Sony A7R2, RX100V

Computers: Win10: Chillblast Photo with i7-3770 + 16Gb RAM + Philips 40in 4K; Surface Pro 4 i5

Favourite word: Aha. For me and for others.

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Hello dm straker,
great macro,  thanks for sharing.

best regards

Affinity Photo :   Affinity Photo-Beta   :    Affinity Designer  Affinity Designer-Beta

Affinity Publisher-Beta   Affinity Publisher    Windows 10 Pro  (Version  1909 Build 18363.476)


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Hi SA_Photo55,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Open the Macro panel (View ▸ Studio ▸ Macro) and click the last icon on the right (Import). After you import it there you may want to add it to the Library clicking the Add To Library button (second icon on the right) for later reuse.


.afmacro files (without "s") are single macros which can only be imported from the Macro panel (View ▸ Studio ▸ Macro). They contain/describe the steps of a single macro.

.afmacros files (with "s") are a set of macros (each one with their own steps) and can only be imported from the Library panel (View ▸ Studio ▸ Library).

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