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  1. Nevermind I guess this is not a default button that gets installed. I figured out how to add as a custom button.
  2. I am missing something basic here. The color picker 'dropper' icon normally in the top area of the left-hand set of functions. The shortcut key "i" works to select is but I cannot figure out where the button went to? My released version has the icon but the Beta does not.
  3. Dave's 6-Layer macro ends with file extension .afmacro NOT .afmacros How are y'all importing this macro? Thanks
  4. Persona: for instance a 'lighten' curve and a preset to sharpen/noise reduction. If I click on 'default' after creating the preset the settings to not go back to default. Then if I open another photo and try to use the preset it does not load the settings. The settings I am trying to save are 'curves' under the tones tab, and under the details tab {10%, 80%, 18%, 12%, 75%, 100%, 2%} from top to bottom. I can set the values in the tabs, create a preset, but I cannot open another photo and initiate the preset. This works perfectly fine in the release. Thanks
  5. In the Develop persona I can 'save' presets. But I cannot 're-use' them. Is this a function locked out because I am running a Beta? I like to create presets for the sharpen and noise reduction (and add a 2% gauss. noise). Thanks
  6. When I try to import this macro Affinity is giving me a: "Unexpected Macro Format" error. I am running the latest release NOT the latest Beta. Thanks
  7. Bug: Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Curves Adjustment When using a curves adjustment layer - the normal behavior was if you wanted to delete a node (point) on the adjustment curve the node could be removed with the 'delete' keyboard key. Now 'delete' exits or deletes the entire adjustment layer. The only way now to remove a node(s) is to remove all nodes with the reset button within the dialog box. Thanks
  8. Mark, I am missing something. Normally the new release link has been just below the date up above, but in this (RC2) version I see no link. Please help. I got here from the prompt when launching Affinity Photo "new version available". ???? Thanks
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