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A Request: How About Creating an (Artificial Intelligence) Affinity A-I (similar like Adobe Firefly)                                                                                                                     a prompt to - image / graphic design / publishing, and much more... app? 

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That's a way off at the moment but I certainly wouldn't discount it in the future.

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I don't think it's a good idea.

There are serious ethical and legal issues.

Adobe and other companies are losing artists as customers because of their use of AI image generation-- and Serif is gaining them. They are boycotting adobe, artstation, DeviantArt, and other predatory companies over this specific issue.

If Serif tries to jump into the AI fad like this before the legal and ethical problems are resolved, I'm sure they'll lose more than they'll gain. 

Besides, there are plenty of other options out there if that's your thing. The hit to their credibility and reputation just isn't worth shoehorning this stuff in, imo.

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2 hours ago, voom said:

Firefly has no legal issues, because they trained their model on their own stock content. 

What I would like to see in Affinity Photo is "basic" AI stuff like upscaling, compression artefact removal etc. - not txt2img generation. 

That's not clear. The photographers and artists who have uploaded their work to Adobe stock did not explicitly agree to have their work used for AI image generation training. Adobe does not allow opting out, which is concerning.

There's also been no clear answer that they haven't relied on other unethically obtained datasets. Their relationship with Kris Kashtanova also makes me skeptical that things were done ethically.

I and others have pointed concerned artists towards the Affinity Suite as an option to send a message to Adobe and other companies that they won't financially support them over their use of AI generated images. I do believe that Serif would lose customers if they pursue this. 

But I agree that other uses, like upscaling as you mentioned, are fine. Those are a separate issue from image generation.

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I have no problem with AI being used to improve an artists own images, however, I do have very serious concerns over the use of AI to take other peoples images, run the AI, and then claim the "new" image as their own. For example, one company (there may be others) is now advertising a browser plugin that allows the user to click on any image they find online and use it for AI purposes! There seems to be no concerns over copyright issues of the original images. It must also be said that, going on the examples they give, the AI generated images are hardly "new and unique" as they claim. I also find it difficult to see much "creativity" on the part of the person who has helped themselves to someone else's artwork. To me, this use of AI just seems "justification" for untalented people to steal someone else's hard work!




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AI upscaling, de-noise or adjustments fine (although that seems to be hit and miss) generating images no. There’s far too much functionality that could/should be added without jumping on to that bandwagon. A lot of the AI output isn’t nearly as impressive as some of the users think it is anyway unless you’re only looking at a tiny thumbnail. Not saying it’s all bad but a lot if it is. If you want AI generated stuff you already have multiple options out there, use those.




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The state that AI is in is the worst it will ever be. We will never be able to escape it as there's too much money to be made off of it. Artists can boycott all they want, but they'll be back. They need to eat and compete somehow. There are artists who use the tools to their advantage and are winning. 

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When a new technology comes out, we almost always see two types of people. Those who see the technology as taboo, and those who embrace it. If it's a technology that's going to be used for marketing and then go away, it's okay to stay away from it. But what about AI, which you're looking at right now? Do you think it's going to go away, do you think it's going to fail? It's already succeeding, and it's only going to get bigger and bigger. If you're thinking about excuses, I think that's a recipe for failure. Unless you have an absolute problem, you should be thinking about how you can use it. Adobe's Firefly and Photoshop's text2img are still not as good as they could be, but they will get better and better. The same goes for OPENAI and the rest of the market. I'm really curious to see how my favorite AFFINITY suite will develop in this situation.

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Artists are specifically leaving Adobe because of their stances on AI.

I, and other artists who use Affinity Suite, have been recommending it *hard* in the fallout from the stances that Adobe, Clip Studio Paint, and other companies have taken a positive view of AI image generation. If Serif chases the latest crypto/nft/grifter fad that is Ai image generators, especially before the legal and ethical concerns are worked out, they will absolutely lose support worldwide.

Adobe has still not clarified that their Firefly product hasn't used unethically trained data, and their silence is damning.

The personalities behind these mass theft systems are doing all they can to pump up the reputation of it in the window before legislation limits it, imo. 

I hope that Serif doesn't get drawn into the hype at the expense of artists and other creatives. It will backfire as artists choose to support other artists over corporations. The Adobe piracy memes are everywhere. I don't want Serif to be put in the same box as them. 


Take a look at the reactions from artists that Procreate has received for going on record against AI generation:


And look at the reactions to Adobe Firefly, which Adobe is pushing desperately hard:


Once you get past the blue checks, you start seeing legal and ethical issues brought up. Can the final result even be copyrighted by the user? If not, it's useless for professionals on top of being unethical.

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As much as I do not like AI image spitters there are some areas in Affinity I would like to see see improved. For example content aware tools in Affinity.

To be honest it doesnt have to be "AI, machine learning, super duper newestest tech #futureisours, "this changes everything forever and ever!!!" kinda tool. It could be achieved old fashion way.
I would like to be able to define area of which content aware fill takes data from and protect other. So when I delete little mole on the face its not filled up with part of eye for example :D. Also ability to protect parts of the image from being stretched and distorted (say people on the photo) when I am stretching canvas. And the rest, unprotected part gets content aware treatment. That sort of things would be VERY helpful. It was in the very first tool with content aware ability, would love to see that in Affinity.

Do I need AI to be used? No. Just better tools would be great.

I admit some of the AI tools in PS look cool on presentation but then when I think about it - do I need it REALLY? Adobe bloats photoshop with everything they can. Doesnt matter if it makes sense or not. Let me just mention their previous great ideas - video editing, 3D and my personal favorite: 3D PRINTING from Photoshop. Because of course when you think 3D printing you think photo editor :D

What they have now is definitely useful - lets not fool ourselves. But its not something that would make me switch from Affinity. I know how to cut out deer and place it on the photo of the street if you know what I mean. They did it with prompt I can do it with photo. Difference between me and them is maybe a minute. And fact that I would place deer TO SCALE because apparently neither AI or people making presentation for Adobe know how big of an animal it is :D

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