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  1. I just downloaded and used RC3. There's still a pen tool problem.
  2. Hi Callum, The problem remains with the beta build. Commented on a beta build link.
  3. I wrote a few days ago about the problem of healing brush and pen tool. I just downloaded - RC2 and tested it. Short test contents can be confirmed by video. Unfortunately, these problems do not seem to be fixed. As a loved one for affinity photo, I look forward to seeing a full version of the problem. ---------- I am using affinity photo on the following device. 1. MacBook Pro (retina, 15inch, early 2013) i7 / 16GB / Mojave 2.iMac (retina 5K, 27inch, 2019) i9 / 64GB / Mojave test2.mov
  4. Some problems in the 1.7x version are still intact. First, the healing brush results appear late. 1.6x did not appear so late. Second, when using the Pen tool, press the Option key and select a node point, the curve will change to a straight line. What I want is to get rid of the steering wheel. This also did not have any problem until 1.6x. Are the two problems mentioned above solely for me? I have a MacBook Pro 2013 early & iMac 2019 27 inches Both devices have the same problem. How can I solve this problem? error-HD_1080p.mov
  5. I have now used the macro to store it in the Library.
  6. How can I use a preset created in black & white? I just made a nice tone in black & white. I want to use this again, I clicked the Add Preset button and created a preset. But I do not know how to use the presets I created.
  7. I have been experiencing a lot of inconveniences since updating the affinity photo and designer to 1.7 on the Mac App Store three days ago. The refine selection tool does not give as smooth a result as the previous version. You also have to click directly on the other selections in the tool icon. It is also a problem that the program is heavy. In previous versions, I worked on raw RAW files I had taken first, and finally I could adjust the size my customers wanted, but in 1.7 it is inconvenient to work on my MacBook without first shrinking. The biggest problem is that the refine selection tool can ruin my customers' photos. I want to go back to the previous version, but I can not because I bought it from the Mac App Store. Even if you erase the program and install the program again from the MAS. I would like to download and install the file from the affinity website, but I did not have a product key because it was a Mac App Store. What should I do?
  8. @GabrielM Hello. I feel like a bug, even if it's not a bug, but a limitation. Do you know when the limit will be lifted? I often use that action, so it's inconvenient to have to go through the PS when I print out the job as an AP.
  9. I have a lot of hesitation in using macro. 1. I can not select multiple layers, 2. I can not make the layer invisible. 3. Selecting layers is also complicated. 4. I can not change the setting in the rectangle tool. 5. Also, I can not use marco to copy layer copying. This is because the size and location of the added layers are not what you want. When will these marco problems be complemented?
  10. Is it wrong to add or subtract an area after the refine selection window appears? 0:58 Please see. In the video, you can add regions even after the refine selection window appears. Why can not I?
  11. Ah ... Look at 1:07. When I add or subtract a selection, the overlay disappears. I do not want to remove the overlay because I want to.
  12. This screen is not a clear selection. please You look at 1:40. I would like to work with just checking the selection.
  13. I can not use the Preview option when using refine selection. Please let me know why. refine1.mp4

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