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  1. @GabrielM Hello. I feel like a bug, even if it's not a bug, but a limitation. Do you know when the limit will be lifted? I often use that action, so it's inconvenient to have to go through the PS when I print out the job as an AP.
  2. I have a lot of hesitation in using macro. 1. I can not select multiple layers, 2. I can not make the layer invisible. 3. Selecting layers is also complicated. 4. I can not change the setting in the rectangle tool. 5. Also, I can not use marco to copy layer copying. This is because the size and location of the added layers are not what you want. When will these marco problems be complemented?
  3. Is it wrong to add or subtract an area after the refine selection window appears? 0:58 Please see. In the video, you can add regions even after the refine selection window appears. Why can not I?
  4. Ah ... Look at 1:07. When I add or subtract a selection, the overlay disappears. I do not want to remove the overlay because I want to.
  5. This screen is not a clear selection. please You look at 1:40. I would like to work with just checking the selection.
  6. I can not use the Preview option when using refine selection. Please let me know why. refine1.mp4
  7. Hello Callum. I changed the settings to your advice. I hope you do not experience this problem in the future. Thank you. Have a wonderful day.
  8. I was posting a question a few days ago about the image moving suddenly. Here we show you a picture that will be evidence. Please tell me why this happens and how to fix it. image moving.mp4
  9. Callum Hello. Thank you for welcoming me. I have not experienced this problem so much, so I have not recorded the video, but I'll try to challenge it.
  10. My affinity photo sometimes moves suddenly during work. Just moved the image to the left while I was working with Pen Tool. Has anyone ever experienced this situation without me? What should I do if I have this problem?