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Topography of Pelagicogakkia


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Hi! I've been having a lot of fun with purely 2D illustration, and a bit of worldbuilding. These are from a series 'Pelagicogakkia' - focusing on a mysterious region of the ocean.

Everything is made in Affinity Designer. Those pseudo-3D landforms are my favourite part, they're made with many duplications of one layer, and varying contours.

The fog effect gives things a lot of depth, and is both cumbersome and elegant. Its just many many thin levels of 'screen layer' inbetween each 'real layer'. This means you can simply put objects at whatever 'depth' looks right (by using the layer stack) and the fog automatically overlays the colour and tone realistically.




Boiling Binaries.png


Jellyfish feed block.jpg


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7 hours ago, Smee Again said:

Why not try "blend if" (the little gear at the upper right of the layers panel) to get the same effect with the fog?

I think the difficulty, and at the same time beauty, of this technique is that I'm adjusting very few things. All the landmass layers are exactly one layer color, and the mist layers also just one layer - repeated often.

So the resulting mix is determined by just mixing two tones, hues, or intensities of fog.

It makes the layer stack a bit of a nightmare since its land, fog, land, fog, land, fog, but I'm enjoying pushing what these features are intended for :P

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Earlier on in this project, I was trying out some animation by bringing *many many exported layers* into AfterEffects:

To create that spiral column - its essentially one shape (star, I believe) layer that gets duplicated upwards and rotated a bit each time. A cylindrical gradient gives a sense of light and shadow, and some fun contours at the very top creates a cross section effect. Super fun!

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9 hours ago, telemax said:

The fine noise effect looks good, was it also created in Affinity?

I believe that's one of the only raster elements I'm bringing in for these - I took a 50%-gray blank document, and applied noise using Adobe Lightroom, which has quite good film grain emulation. Putting that on top of your canvas, set to around 20% Overlay adds a nice subtle texture ☁🌫

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