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AMD Radeon RX Hardware Acceleration

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On 8/4/2022 at 9:15 AM, nitro912gr said:

I though about having 2 different GPUs to avoid this stupid problem in my other system where I have the 5500XT, I was told that it is possible to have an nvidia alongside the amd GPU and check in affinity to use the nvidia one.

Stupid? yeah, but it can be a temporary solution till serif decide to tell us more on the topic or fix it with amd, if you still have the 1060 around.

I had the same idea already but I don't think I'm going to fiddle with that, the drivers will definitely have some conflicts with one and another and getting them to work somehow together is not a task I'm willing to dedicate time towards. In the case it will somehow work with the Affinity Suite, there still can be problems because I do also game on this PC and in this case driver conflicts are more prominent and annoying to deal with. But also: 2 GPUs wont't fit in my PC case anyways.

I'm also heavily disappointed in the way serif is handling this issue, instead of giving your mature audience the freedom to enable this feature even if it crashes your software, they are holding hands and prohibit any interaction. A better way would've been a warning message you can dismiss and still enable it to see for yourself if the new driver update has fixed the OpenCL bug or not.
I hope this issue is getting fixed soon, because it seems - if it is still a problem at all - it is something serif can fix, other software I use which utilise OpenCL, do not have any issues with my AMD GPU (DaVinci Resolve for example).

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I‘ve recently upgraded to a Radeon 6800XT from an older Nvidia card and I got strange flickering all over the screen.

After some google searches I found the culprit. In my AP settings Open CL was activated, but it‘s not available with the 6800XT, so AP automatically switched to the onboard graphics card with a lot horrible performance. I‘ve read through the whole thread here and now I know that there is actually no solution and that I‘m not alone with this issue.

I can‘t believe this problem remains unfixed since 18 months. I love Serif for their software and I need AP almost every da . What do I i do now with my expensive new GPU without hardware acceleration? I‘m shocked, just shocked… How is a big mess like this even possible for 18 months without a fix? I desperately hope they will fix it soon…

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This needs to be fixed ASAP, a lot of my multi-layer projects just look like this in task manager and when I try to do something it freezes my entire PC for a few seconds:


my poor Ryzen 7 3700X can't handle this.

I literally cannot work under these conditions and until the problem is fixed I will probably have to switch to an Adobe subscription, I would like to avoid this...


My System for reference:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X / 8C/16T
RAM: 32GB / 3200 MHz
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT / 16GB VRAM

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5 minutes ago, deejumpz9m said:

Yep, they need to fix this. I’ve switched over to a 3080TI and still can’t have OpenCL activated. It just keeps crashing. Coming from a 5700XT, I thought it would fix my issues. 

Wait, what? You are unable to turn on GPU acceleration on Nvidia too? What the h is going on in Serif?

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16 minutes ago, slizgi said:

Wait, what? You are unable to turn on GPU acceleration on Nvidia too? What the h is going on in Serif?

I can have it enabled, but the app literally crashes with anything that I do. It’s fine with it disabled, but why bother upgrading a GPU, if I’ll get similar performance as my previous one...

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