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  1. @DancePanda42, Graphics cards from AMD (rx 5000- rx 6000) that support DirextX12 or better are not supported under Windows and therefore you have to live without the acceleration. Is a little confusing what is said a Current GPU, so it is meant if you have a Nvidia GPU or an Intel iGPU, you get OPEN-CL.
  2. Hi @walt.farrell, thanks, If that's the case, I'll keep it, but if there are errors again, I'd rather go back. I'm starting to feel like I'm in Asterix Conquers Rome with pass 37b. No offence.
  3. Hi @Robert V, ich schreib Dir mal auf deutsch, Affinity hat es abgeschaltet da es nur zu Problemen kam auf AMD Karten der 5000er Generation oder höher. Mein Tipp lade Dir die alte Version für alle 3 Programme runter also 1.8.5, solltest Du auf die neuen Funktionen erst einmal verzichten können? Mach ich jetzt wohl auch, da auch ohne Open-CL Haken, mein System ab und an einfach sagt keine Rückmeldung. 3700 x, 32 GB Ram, NVW SSD, 6800 XT, 750 Watt Netzteil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'll write to
  4. Hi @Mark Ingram, You can do something with that statement. It's a pity that everything cost money. AMD has now in the beta driver Open CL already in it but has brought no improvement. But tomorrow I will reset the system and then see if it gets better somehow. Then I only have one question if I go back to 1.8 and leave Publisher and Designer as they are, can I use all three directly in Publisher or do they all have to be on the same level? Thanks for the answer. Have a nice weekend and stay healthy
  5. Hi @Patrick Connor. So I downloaded the beta, but what comes next is really a joke. What Windows must be from 2020 or newer and what a modern GPU is required to activate Open-CL. System runs on Windwos 21H1 and graphics card was bought new at the weekend is an AMD XFX 6800xt. So Beta not to use if you have an AMD graphics card. Too bad what after 4 weeks the problem still exists, and even with Open-CL turned off the program runs anything but stable. How do I get the old version 1.8, which I can work at all? Thank you
  6. Hi @Mark Ingram, when can we expect a patch? An update on the situation would be appropriate as the problem has been going on for about 4 weeks now. Thank you
  7. Hi @Mark Ingram, Crashes due to opening a file or the use of filters. But I will send the group link to the group. I think everyone should tell their own problem. This way you can also help the users who use a different graphics card. We all want to have a good experience with the programmes. best regards
  8. Hi @Mark Ingram, In the German Facebook group Affinity Photo Germany, the error also occurs with many people with a Geforce GTX/RTX. The only thing that helps is to remove the hook. So please take a look at this too. I will then pass it on in the community of the group. Thank you
  9. Hi @Gabe, Really only the 5000 series? At Facebook Germany, many are affected not only AMD but also Intel and Nvidea users. As soon as they remove the Open CL hook, they can work. What is strange is that all those who own an AMD 6000 or Nvidea 3000 series or the Apple M1 chip have no problems in the group. It's very annoying what all three programs are now doing in the middle of the work process. Because Open-CL has been switched off, because Designer and Publisher freeze and crash uncontrollably. But this also happens when Open-CL is switched off, just with large files with many l
  10. The problem is when the CL acceleration is activated, Photo crashes as far as changing a TAB in the studio. Benchmark could be run.Now turn Open CL off again. The sceenshot shows the benchmark with Open CL and without and then how it crashes. What is the solution from a professional? What disadvantages do I have now if I do not set the check mark?
  11. OpenCL accelerator had to be switched off, as it only caused crashes. No report is generated. Since I have to close it via the Task Manager. All drivers are up to date. Publisher and Designer work but Photo is not usable and no alternative to other programmes. System Windows 10 Pro Current 32 GB Ram DDR4 3200 Mhz AMD Ryzen 3700x AMD RX 5700 XT Sapphire Nitro+ (C:) SSD Samsung
  12. For me it helped to delete the folder and start Foto again. Folder structure: %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo Completely delete Photo, hope can help others with the help position. I was able to work in the programme again, but the performance is really worse than before and rather 3 steps back than before, Serif must improve on Windows. In the studio views, change individual tabs - system crashes for a few minutes and so I can't work and I can't get any further. Because I have to restart. Unfortunately, no reports are produced. Folder is empty. All the improvements are of n
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