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Found 15 results

  1. I have an image surrounded by a text in a text frame. When I set some padding in the "Distance from text" part of the Text Wrap window, the text is not immediately shifted away from the image, but as soon as the value of the padding is increased enough, it jumps line by line. This is not necessarily what I would like to achieve. Is it possible to set the padding more precisely, for example by 1mm?
  2. Hi, How to Automatic wrap pasted text to text box without the box change size! Because instead of return to a new line, the text expands the text area, while I wanted to lock that text box and make the text fill (with wrap and return) Thanks for your help
  3. I just downloaded the Beta, this is the first time I ever use an Affinity product, but I'm planning on buying them soon. I really liked publisher and all, but as of my first time using it, I found a few things missing that could benefit the user (I probably just missed some options for this, but still wanted to share). - Text Wrap Preview: The only way to preview it is watching the text around an image for example move along when you increase the size of it, but it would be nice to have a little guide preview at all times around the image or graphic. -Guides Manager | Margins: The guides manager is great but a little thing I noticed is the margins section, doesn't have a link option, so you have to enter each number individually, again, a little thing that could help. -Hidden Characters: I just couldn't find a feature like this, if it is not there, I think it should because it's a great tool when working with a lot of text.
  4. Title of this topic sounds funny, but it isn't at all. Maybe not a bug, but a flaw in design. Stumbled upon this yesterday. Most of my documents contain technical drawings with lines or arrows to show measures in the outer area of the drawing. First objects in the drawing could be a simple line in the upper right corner with no elements left of it or a small empty distance below. Making text wrap around these drawings give you more work than needed. Step 1: I group legends and drawing. Step 2: I give the group the text wrap options and place the group inside text. Expectation: Since the group is a "box" with coordinates, width and height one would expect, that the text wrap would be around the "box". Result: Only polygonal objects / text boxes but NOT lines are respected in the text wrap. Extra work: Create an object with the same size and coordinates as the "box" and give it text wrap options or edit the text wrap outline of any object inside the "box". In the attached image you can see that only the tiny rectangle is the obstacle for text wrap.
  5. This has got to be simple and I just can't find it. I've placed a photo onto my Affinity Design artboard and want to wrap text around it. How do I do that? I can't find text wrap in Affinity Designer help, only text on a path, which is not what I want to do. I am on a Windows 10 desktop PC. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi, Working on a document converted from PDF, I had some images cause a freeze any time I applied a text wrap to them. Also, I made bulleted lists using a character style on the bullet, with different font, size, color and baseline. The character style doesn't update automatically and the bullet baseline jumps erratically high, like 20 pt when it should be -3-ish. BTW, I managed to get Finnish hyphenation working on a semi-decent level using the attached Public Domain library. The library makes Publisher crash as is, but when you remove the first charset line, it works just fine. The library is not perfect, but it's a good start. Should you be able to tap into the OS X library, that would be just smooth too, but I understand it's not as simple as one would like to think . Sorry to include multiple topics in one post, bit of in a hurry here and wanted to contribute… Asukkaan_opas_01_2019.afpub fi_FI.zip
  7. Hello, seems like Text Wrap is not working (, at least not for me.
  8. Possible bug using Text Wrap text function. Build 227 doesn't want to display text enwrapped in a Group. See attached pdf for more detail. Also as a side complaint, the program response to the keyboard is very erratic- missed and added characters - only on publisher Amd Bulldozer 6 core with 16 GB Ram. Graphics Chipset: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series Bug Report.pdf
  9. I watched this tutorial (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/286541273) on using the text wrap feature in Publisher. I just made sure I was updated to the latest version, but the button he says to click is not there. Where can I find it?
  10. Myke 1964


    Something you have solved probably and a request Affinity publisher report1.afpub
  11. If you crop an image that has text runaround of a PSD image the text wrap around is lost even though Publisher thinks it's still there. Attached is a video that demonstrates this as well as the source image and page. Text wrap bug.mov Wasp leaving.psd Text wrap test.afpub
  12. I'm a complete noob at Publisher (but fairly good at Photo and Designer). I'm a really good beta tester though, often finding the most hidden bugs. Anyway, while inserting Text Frames, the wrap style is always "none". Is there a way (yet) in Publisher Beta to change that default, say to "tight" for example?
  13. I've waited so long for Affinity Publisher to arrive and was delighted to receive an email saying that the beta was now available to download. I played with it most of yesterday afternoon with some text from my books and was just a bit disappointed that the program - at present - is not more geared towards the self-publishing industry for authors; for example, no ability to save epub or mobi files. The self-publishing industry is HUGE and it wouldn't take much to tweak your program to suit it. One big issue for me is that the text and character styles aren't as intuitive as they could be. Character and paragraph tabs similar to those in Indesign would be much simpler for text-based authors, such as myself. Having said that, I also illustrate my books and design those illustrations in AD - Drawplus before that. I added a png image to my text, but was disappointed that the text didn't fit very nicely around the image - despite the left, top, right and bottom adjustment feature. I managed to get this to look a little neater when I created a shape as a background for the image (last one on the page). However, when the text is justified, as it usually is in books, it looks awful. I've attached an AP file showing 4 different ways I tried to adapt the text - none of which are 'pretty'. Yesterday, I clicked on the node tool and a thick blue outline with nodes appeared around the image - I was hoping that I could use these nodes to tweak where the text wrapped around the image, but the nodes weren't responsive. This is not a huge issue for me as more often than not I don't wrap text around my images, but it would be a nice feature. Unfortunately, today, I'm unable to get these nodes to show up again so I can't attach an image of what happened. Please make this simpler Loving the interface and program other than the above. Renée Test Book.afpub
  14. Suggest better/more intuitive layout of Margin controls and Text Wrap controls if the Top, Bottom, Left, Right fields are placed visually in their logical positions, eg Top at top, Bottom underneath (rather than as now in two columns.......eek! which/where do I look for rapid adjustment). Even the old Quark XP single-column layout of these fields (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) is better than two columns. Small, but important, for those habitually using these controls.
  15. I am starting to see a few posts asking Serif why Publisher hasn't been released yet. After just completing my first BASIC layout project with Designer and Photo it makes sense to me for at least some of the reasons why Publisher hasn't been released. The two currently available apps are still missing some very basic layout tools so Serif needs to get the basics put in those two apps before moving on to the more complex layout software. I wrote a lengthy piece about this in another thread but it was buried one hundred posts down. I just wanted people to be aware of these points so I am starting a new thread so that they can get more exposure. Original post: After doing my first layout project on Affinity I can understand why Serif isn't rushing Publisher out (even though I enjoyed using it for layouts.) There are still a number of basic layout features that need to be added to Designer and Photo to even work well as a basic one page layout software. Why rush out complex layout software before you even have the basics working right? This is the list I have come up with that Affinity should complete before moving to a layout program. - Visible bleeds in the program, not just after exporting the file. There was too much work trying to set up bleeds at a half an inch when I could see an object after it was dragged out into the bleed area. I basically had to draw a half inch box and then drag the object to the size of the box and then delete the box after I no longer needed it. - Adding and editing artboards needs to be done in Photo. If Photo let me edit artboards I could have done my entire book cover layout in Photo (I think) and not had to jump back to Designer each time I needed to make a slight revision. For an example the publisher I was working with said that my book spine needed to be .58" rather then what I previously had it set to which was .5". Such a small adjustment should not require me to go to another app. - I consider text wrap to be a basic tool so this needs to be done without having to rely on a workaround. There is also a feature from InDesign where the text follows along the side an object that I find to be very useful but I can't remember what it is called off the top of my head. - I should be able to select a shape that I want to import an object into. I know there is masking from the layers panel but with InDesign I have gotten used to selecting a shape, selecting place and then having an object get imported in. This object could then show up in the layers panel as a masked item. -The first version of Publisher should include some of the features that InDesign users have been clamoring for over the past several years and never get. The goal is not to just make a clone of InDesign but provide functionality it can't do or can't do well. I think Affinity got off to a good start as a basic layout tool but I really believe that all of these basics need to be done before Publisher comes out. Ideally Publisher should be a solid app right from the first version since so much polishing would have been done to layout tools in Designer and Photo already. This way the focus for Publisher can be placed entirely on things like long document features and ebooks rather then adding layout tools that have been available for decades now (those features should already be in Photo and Designer by release.) Another advantage of placing the focus on Designer and Photo is that people will get comfortable using those programs as solid basic editing apps so when Publisher comes out the transition to the more powerful long document tools will feel more natural since it will be so similar to the programs they already use. PS. I noticed as I was typing this that there is a shortcut for adjusting leading. That is a useful idea. Is anyone else getting this to work? It doesn't work for me. That seems like a much better idea then having to type numbers into a leading box.