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  1. I don't actually have Affinity Photo yet. I'm trying to see if it will do what I need. I did forget to say I'm on a Windows 10 PC. It sounds like the Acquire Image, if it is in Windows too, may do the flatbed scan. The biggest thing is that if I scan multiple images using a flatbed scanner and open that in Affinity Photo, is there an easy way to separate the photos, easier than selecting each photo, copying it, and pasting it into a new document. Someone told me there is software that will recognize the photo edges and separate them for me. I was hoping Affinity Photo was one of those software programs that would do that. Thanks.
  2. Can Affinity Photo separate and straighten photos scanned on a flatbed scanner? Being able to import the scan directly into Affinity Photo would be nice too, although I don't think it can do that right now if I've read other posts correctly. Thanks, Marcy
  3. walt.farrell, thanks for the info. This was the forum I found yesterday so I used it. I'll use the other forum going forward.
  4. Thank you both for your answers. carl123 - I'll look for the publisher suggestion forum. I did not see it yesterday. I'll post there from now on things that are just suggestions.
  5. I'm not quite sure how to explain this. I went under Text/Spelling to Check Spelling. The first questionable word was highlighted, but there was nowhere to do anything about it. I went under Text/Spelling again and selected Show Check Options. Shouldn't these be together, for example when I select check spelling, the show options box just opens? Also, there was no indication that spell check was completed. It just kept choosing the last word it questioned, which happened to be a last name, every time I clicked ignore. I've been doing this type of document layout for more than 30 years, since PageMaker 2.0, and this just seems a little unintuitive to me. Thanks.
  6. I just downloaded the beta version of Publisher since Designer is just not doing what I want or thought it would do. I went into the help window, typed several things in the search window, hit return, and nothing happened. Is this a bug, or did I do something wrong? Thanks.
  7. I will tell you that based on the responses to my questions, I'm 1) not sure I want to post in this forum anymore, and 2) wish I knew a way to close this discussion. I'm really not happy with the way these answers have gone. As stated, I did not want text on a path. I've tried to be nice and thank everyone anyway. I don't care if you know each other, this was NOT the place to argue. I am unfollowing this ticket and don't want any more answers!! Marcy
  8. I have not been able to come back to the forum since I posted my questions. Oh my gosh! When I posted this 3 days ago, I certainly did not want to create a conflict! R C-R - thank you for your suggestion. Based on the example you posted, this is not what I was looking for. Carl123 - I see that Publisher is in Beta and available to try. I may try that. It looks like Publisher may ultimately be a better replacement for InDesign (I've been trying to use Designer and knew it was not an exact fit). Bri-toon - I appreciate the video. Videos help me see it better - I'm better with those than written instructions sometimes. Although not ideal, it looks like this may be the best way to do what I want to do in Designer. I could try Word's Publisher I guess, I've just never liked it. That is another option too. Thanks everyone for your comments. Please don't fight!!! MarcySB (BTW - I'm a she)
  9. This has got to be simple and I just can't find it. I've placed a photo onto my Affinity Design artboard and want to wrap text around it. How do I do that? I can't find text wrap in Affinity Designer help, only text on a path, which is not what I want to do. I am on a Windows 10 desktop PC. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. MEB - I"m using Designer. Thanks so so much - this is PERFECT!! Are these animated gif files available in help? Or in the forum somewhere?
  11. Yes, it was. I started a new document, created a square, and clicked the gradient tool. Nothing happened. Then I dragged the cursor across the square and there was the gradient! I never saw in the help file that this was the way to actually create a gradient. I'm still not getting the gradient context dialog box, but if I click the gradient points, I can change their colors. Most programs I've used have a gradient tool available before I click and drag. Is there another way to do it in Affinity Design that I'm missing? Thanks.
  12. I have a very basic question that I've been struggling with for an hour. I am working on a Windows 10 desktop PC. I want to put a gradient fill into text. When I click the fill icon, the context toolbar does not open. I can't figure out where to find it. This has to be simple! Please help. Thanks.

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