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  1. I've just received the email suggesting 'Show as list'. Just what I needed, thanks. That'll do.
  2. Oh sorry, mistake by me. The Assets panel was indeed receiving objects. But I was adding text frames and shapes with no fill. As a result the asset wasn't showing in the Assets panel at all. Is there some way to make such things visible in the Assets panel? I've got
  3. Sorry to say I'm back to not being able to add things to Assets, despite the instructions above. Since I last asked, I've installed the latest download. That's the only reason I can think of.
  4. Thank you both. Add from selection now works. I don't know why I couldn't get it to work before. It would be helpful to edit the Help file to make it clear that drag and drop doesn't work in Windows.
  5. Something seems to have changed since last time I wrote. I don't know why. The asset file IOS 12 which I imported from Designer now appears in all its glory, and I can copy assets from it to my documents. Also, I'm managing to create subcategories like Assets 2, etc, that you refer to. But I can't add anything to these subcategories. When I drag something across, it disappears altogether. Even the already populated I0S 12 subcategories won't accept anything.
  6. I like the quote! Following your instructions I can create a new category and rename it. But clicking 'create subcategory' does nothing.
  7. Here is the screenshot of the assets panel. The IOS 12 is the assets file I imported from Designer. I only did this as a way of seeing whether I could get the assets panel to work. Before I imported it, there was nothing there.
  8. Help says I can either drag and drop, or ‘click a subcategory's options menu and select Add from Selection.’ I can’t do either of these. If there is a menu item for it I haven’t spotted it in the menu, or in Help. What am I missing?
  9. Okay, done. But this is the Designer assets file that does work. In Photo and Publisher, there is no file, and the Assets Panel refuses to accept an asset.
  10. My Assets panel is empty, and refuses to accept assets, in both Photo and Publisher It works okay in Designer I exported Designer's, and imported them into Publisher. Publisher now lists the category, but doesn't give access to the assets.
  11. Thank you, I'll try that.
  12. I'm using Publisher to print 30 booklets, A5 on A4, and it's taking ages. I'm using an HP Photosmart B110a from Windows 10. Why is this, and is there any way to speed it up?
  13. My printer saves scans in tifs. When I’m scanning more than one it puts all the scans into one tif. Page Plus 8 knows what to do: when inserting the tif, it lets me put each page where I want it. But Affinity only knows about the first page. Can you make it remember them all, as Page Plus does?
  14. Thanks, this looks brilliant
  15. Is there a tutorial on tracing copies of photos of faces? I do a blog where I sometimes like to use images of public figures, and adapt them for my purposes. However, I have recently received notice from an agent that I owe a fee for using a professional photo. What would suit me much better would be to start with an image taken from the internet, and use it as a basis for drawing (using Photo or Designer) an adequate lookalike - so that the image I publish no longer contains the photo taken from the internet. Is there a tutorial like this - and if not, might someone oblige?

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