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  1. Hi Chris, same problem here, I just bought Affinity Designer a few days ago, and started testing it with my tablet today, I did try this actually, but it didnt work. The other thing is my tablet is kinda old, so the wacom preferences software doesnt even show the Windows Ink button (Although I did check with Wacom and downloaded the only driver for my tablet that works with W10), I have a CTH-670 (Bamboo Create). Driver: 5.3.5-3 I haven't tried the beta version, so I'll do that right now. EDIT: Alright, so with the latest beta, the problem seems to be fi
  2. Thanks for answering! The spread setup does have the link symbol, but this is what I meant, from the Guides Manager:
  3. I just downloaded the Beta, this is the first time I ever use an Affinity product, but I'm planning on buying them soon. I really liked publisher and all, but as of my first time using it, I found a few things missing that could benefit the user (I probably just missed some options for this, but still wanted to share). - Text Wrap Preview: The only way to preview it is watching the text around an image for example move along when you increase the size of it, but it would be nice to have a little guide preview at all times around the image or graphic. -Guides Manager | Margins: The
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