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  1. OK. When I tried to select "Edit Wrap Outline" Publisher crashed again, but on opening the recovered file the image now has the text wrapping around it. I have no idea what happened but maybe someone here will spot something. Cheers. 👍
  2. Hi. I am well advanced on a magazine I am producing and all of a sudden the text will not wrap around an image I am adding, whereas on the several previous images it worked fine. "Ignore text wraps" is not checked for the text frame. When trying repeatedly to do it Affinity actually crashed, though the crash report goes to Apple not to Affinity I suspect. Has anyone had a similar problem recently? I am using Affinity Publisher 1.8.6 on an iMac with 32GB RAM, running Big Sur 11.1. Thanks!
  3. I have never been confident with custom shortcuts or macros. Thus my desire for the crutch of right-clicking.
  4. I should have mentioned that I am using a Mac. But having to copy into Notepad and then copy from there to Affinity is hardly an efficient workflow, when programs like Word simply have an option in the right-click menu to save without formatting. For my current project I am having to do a significant amount of cutting and pasting, and it is becoming laborious. At least I now know there is an option in the drop-down menu, itself another disruption to the workflow. The keyboard shortcut is four keys to be depressed simultaneously - it is like playing piano! Thanks for the answers and suggestions. I am left thinking that a right-click option for pasting without formatting would be a workflow improvement. Cheers.
  5. Well, I am in idiot. In all my searching I never saw it; too busy looking under Text I guess. I even Googled it and din't find it. Serves me right for posting. Thanks for the tip.
  6. A really handy feature for me, found in many word processing programs, would be an option, perhaps in the right-click menu, to Paste as Plain Text. Copying from a word processor or PDF very often results in the formatting copied taking me onto another page! Thanks.
  7. Thank you. So far I have only created text flow frames for the one article. I shall keep what you say in mind for the next one. Cheers.
  8. Hi. I have done some searching but I have not found an answer to the following question: How does one set "top align" as the default for a text frame, instead of "justify vertically"? I am currently working on my first project in Affinity Publisher and my text frames are set by default to vertical justification, which sometimes creates a frightening scene when adding text! My search for a field or setting to make top alignment the default has so far proved useless, so I must remember to set it for each frame, even frames of flow text. Thanks.
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