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Found 17 results

  1. After updating to 1.7 corner radius was now limited up to 50px only. Sure, you can still manually edit grab the corner beyond the 50px limit but the Pixel radius indicator on the bottom will be stuck in 50px, so there will be no way to tell how many pixel your radius made after hitting beyond 50px. Before i can manually type the corner radius and it does not matter if it's beyond 50px. now if you put 100px, it won't recognized it. Before you can do this image from bellow, but now you can only manually input up to 50px, beyond 50, it wont recognize the number.
  2. Ctrl-A doesn't work in the corner-tool to select all nodes. Ctrl-A does work in the node tool and on some on other places in the software. Ctrl-A here to select all nodes would speed up the proces a lot, 'cause than we don't need to zoom out when working in high detail, just to select all nodes.
  3. I don't believe I've seen this issue being discussed here before. When using the corner tool on an object made by a shape tool, if the corners are selected using a marque selection then the Corner type stays grayed out. This is probably caused by the shape not being converted to a curve. Normally if a corner is selected by clicking on it the first thing that happens is the shape is converted to a curve. With selection by marque the conversion does not take place.
  4. Hello, guys at Serif. Today I was trying to use the Corner Tool [C] tool, but I had to zoom in to compare it with the sample bitmap. To my surprise, AD Beta disappeared from the screen as if it had never been there. I repeated the test with a file with a simple curve object, and the results were the same every time. AD Beta or freezes on the screen, or simply disappears from the screen. The BUG occurs even if I use the Ctrl-, Ctrl+, or Ctrl wheel. The bug only happens when the tool Corner Tool [C] is selected in the Toolbar and I try to zoom. The program will not crash if I zoom while another tool is selected. The attached file was created with the stable version AD This BUG does not happen with the stable version AD Test File.afdesign
  5. I originally put this in feature request, but I realized that this is such a fundamental flaw to my workflow that I decided to label it as a bug. Let's say I create a rectangle. Now, I use the corner tool to independently round each corner of the rectangle to different sizes. I then scale up the rectangle. Since I am scaling, I would expect the corner radii to scale proportionally as well, but they don't. The result is that the scaled shape is no longer proportional to the original. The corners are all messed up. I know a partial solution to this would be to bake the corners first, and then scale it, but if I do that, then I will be unable to re-adjust the radii later on. Coming from illustrator, this is super frustrating since it was never a problem back there. Still, I do enjoy Designer much more than illustrator, so it would be excellent to see this fixed soon!
  6. Hi I'm totally new to Affinity Design, so this probably me doing something wrong. I have two different square shapes that is looking similar. Somehow I cannot use the corner tool on one of the squares, nothing happens when I apply it. Can this shape be locked somehow? Best regards, Matthias
  7. Hi! I've just uploaded another tutorial on Affinity Designer. This one is about converting simple rectangles and ellipses into more complex shapes. If you like it, give it a thumbs up and leave a comment. Thanks! https://youtu.be/SeNhPOyE2kI
  8. I've found an odd bug with the corner tool: Create a square Use the corner tool to apply a large curve equally to the top-left and top-right corners. Select the whole square then apply a skew to the right. Duplicate the shape by alt-dragging. You'll find that the top-left corner radius has now reduced in size and the top-right radius has increased. What's more, if you now undo all the steps, the corners remain uneven!
  9. I wonder why the corner tool is available only in AD but not in AP. Would be great to have it also in AP.
  10. Corner tool currently doesn't snap to absolute values (as in 10px instead of 10.3px etc). Holding a modifier key while using the tool to force it to do so would be wonderful. As of now, after using the corner tool I often have to manually type in a desired value for my rounded corners to get rid of decimals. Unless I missed something, in which case I apologize for a duplicate post (though I couldn't find anything similar in the forum). P.S. I have a whole list of improvement ideas for both Designer and Photo that I've collected since testing the Windows beta versions. But since you prefer to keep one idea per thread, is it still okay for me to start ~15 threads at once or would it be considered spam? ;) Thanks.
  11. Hello, I am requesting these two features 1 - The ability to scale shapes that are using corner tool without losing their actual shape. see this post for more details. 2- Having brushes fill the whole shape's stroke without a gap at the beginning. see this post for more details and thank you :)
  12. jaydonteh

    Corner Tool Crash

    When highlighting multiple corners of a large selection with the Corner Tool, AD will go non-responding and crash. For example, I had draw a square with the Rectangle Tool (M), then make all 4 corners blunt/rounded. Then I duplicated the square and made a 5x5 per square grid. By using the Corner Tool again on all the selected 5x5 squares, highlighting the corners will cause the crash. I'm assuming this is AD's side of problem and not the setting of limited memory or the memory (RAM) of my PC. I might be wrong though.
  13. Hello Working my way through the *great* book... In the coffee shop poster/card project I played around with various things, including rescaling the finished paper cup. The shadows and gradients scaled correctly but not the bottom corners of the cup. This is because the cup bottom had been designed with the corner tool and there is no option for proportionality. I checked the basic tool video and it seemed to confirms this: the radius will always be x mm... As a result I had to modify the radius by eye on the two layers that constituted the object. Is there a better way? Thanks
  14. Hello there! I know that it is a bit annoying to ask for features existing on other apps but there is one small behaviour on Adobe Illustrator that really saves a lot of time when you get used to it (and you get used it very quickly). In Adobe Illustrator once you add corner radius to a path and apply some boolean operations you could still control the corner radius (they keep editable). In Affinity, when you add a corner radius to a path (using the corner tool) and apply some boolean operations the corner radius becomes expanded and its imposible to control de radius after that. This is especially important when designing icons and alike because you're always trying to keep a coherent look but some shapes need more roundness than others so you may try different radius and decide to change it later on when you may already apply path operations. Hope this could be also done in Affinity Designer, I really think it is time saver behaviour, well, I honestly think that any smart behaviour like this are time savers in general.
  15. Small bug in Designer 1.3.5: I've found that the value shown in the corner tool radius field is incorrect if I: 1. apply a radius to a corner 2. deselect the node 3. select the corner node with the node tool 4. change to the corner tool = incorrect value in the radius field For example, if I set a corner radius at 4mm, deselect the node, then re-select with the node tool, then change to the corner tool, the field shows 47.2mm. However, if I select the same 4mm radius corner node directly with the corner tool (without first selecting with the node tool) the number is correct.
  16. I love the corner tool - awesome stuff. But as soon as I apply a boolean operation to shapes (add, subtract, intersect, divide, combine) their corners become baked and the ability to edit corners is lost. I imagine that it *might* be possible for any unaffected corners to retain their corner tool setting (i.e. existing corners with a corner tool setting applied, that are not created or changed by the boolean operation being applied). This would be a great help. Currently when ever I want to apply a boolean operation on a shape that has a corner, I first have to zero the corner, remember what it was, then reapply it after the boolean operation is applied.
  17. I love the corner tool, and the range of corner options. Is it possible to add another option for corners based on conic sections, e.g., ellipse, where the length and width of the ellipse can be adjusted? Something along the lines of the rounded corners of the iOS icon mask. It would be great if this could also be added to the rounded rectangle tool as an option for creating icons. Although Apple apply the mask to the icon, it's useful to be able to reproduce it when designing, to see how the finished icon will look. Also, an offset tool would be useful for offsetting or insetting, similar to what CAD apps can do. The expand stroke tool is one way to achieve this, although it does break the curve up into lots of smaller curves. This explains the elliptical corner curves and what I mean by insetting: http://www.designbygeometry.com/ios-icon-mask-corner-curve-study/ Thanks