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  1. it will be live stream all night, i will add it at the end of the night or early morning. and thank you for your attention 👍
  2. Hi Hangman, As I am a videographer I use various monitors, the main monitor (I am using) has HDR but the problem is not due to the screen. I cloned Affinity programs from system backups and ran them on my laptop. and boom. it has the same problem.
  3. yep i already look and everything is as it should be. I don't think it's related to Windows' color settings. I think there's something wrong with Affinity itself. I just uninstalled it for the 5th time and noticed that the program did not fully uninstall, leaving some presets behind. it's getting weirder. btw, And yes I know it has nothing to do with the monitor.
  4. The exports are normal, except for the canvas, everything in the program is close to yellow.
  5. Hi Alfred, I have been using Affinity programs for about 6-7 years. I have used Serif Drawplus and Pageplus for over 10 years. There is no problem in the current workspace, all assets, color swatches, colors... each one look like something close to yellow. There is no such problem in programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Rebelle, ClipCanvas. I take care to calibrate the color accuracy of my monitor on a monthly basis. Last night I did my work normally and turned off my computer. When I turned on my computer in the morning, the whole affinity family had the problem I mentioned.
  6. The program displays all colors in a yellow-white color. sRGB, CMYK, Lab... all my color settings and calibration are correct. Both Photo and designer programs have the same error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program 4 times but still no solution. I need help.
  7. I'am selling this assets. So i can't upload. And I am not thinking looking inside file doesnt help to me. I have been using Serif's programs since 2007 and using the Affinity almost 4 years. And this 4 years i see a Iot of bugs. Picture import bugs, export persona bugs, font rendering bugs, artboard print bugs and others. I love Serif but Affinity now a days one of the biggest shit in the design industry. Besides a lot of bugs, does not include modern creative tools (mesh, perspective, builder, extruder, tracer, warper, strecher, vector eraser-filler-dumper, shader...) If Serif continue to this none improtive updates our studio will looking for alternative programs like Xara.
  8. Weird thinks happens while using corner tool. Does anyone explain to me? winzord_record.mp4
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