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Found 669 results

  1. I don't remember this before in previous versions so trying to understand if this is a bug or how to turn off, but there's a light red stroke or outline on my text.
  2. This is literally the best title I could come up with. I would like to shape my text like this: So starting small at the start, enlarging it to the middle and going back to small at the end. Is this possible without destroying the text layer into a curves group? Or what might be the most efficient way to do this in affinity designer?
  3. Hi all, I'm struggling to get to grips with the alignment options in Affinity Designer for text elements. The space vertically option spaces them out based on the pixel bounds, not the baselines. This results in text that is unevenly spaced if some have descending/ascending characters. I have attached a (very rough) image that shows the behaviour from Illustrator (yep, sorry about that) and the same setup in Designer. The left text is pre-alignment, the right is post. As you can see, Illustrator spaces out the baselines (as you would want for text), and Designer works off the pixel bounds giving an unnatural spacing. I've tried playing around with the text baseline settings, and all of the options on the alignment menu but it has me stumped. I'm very new to Designer so I'm probably missing something obvious, hopefully someone can point out what it is! Thanks, Barry
  4. Hi I started working with Affinity a while ago and have to admit I am not a professional designer. But in my Spare time I like being creative. Though I'm trying to fit Text into a shape. But I do not want to have it aligned or set on the outline. I would like to fill the whole shape with a word. In Corel I did this with the Envelope tool but I just can not figure out how to do this in Affinity. I could have sworn I have seen this once in a tutorial and it was just a basic function but maybe I'M mistaken. The picture below shows the basic idea I really would appreciate the help
  5. I'm a new user for Affinity Photo. I've bought it today and started using it. My problem is that I can't find the text tool on the left bar along side with the brush and other tools. I found all the text editing dialogue but I can't type to begin with.
  6. I am just starting using AD and love what little I can do with it to create content for clients. Looking forward to improving my skills as I get more familiar with the software, but I'm struggling to define something that is happening today when I'm importing PDFs and - since I can't exactly define what is happening - I'm not entirely sure how to search for the solutions. I've tried every permutation of selecting and de-selecting the checkboxes when opening the docs I need to work in, but I'm still not able to open a file with editable text fields the way I've been able to every other time I've opened PDFs. Can someone point me in the right direction to a solution (that hopefully isn't retyping out the entire document since I can't seem to find any versions of the original source material that aren't PDFs). Could the issue be something that's unique to the program these PDFs were originally created/saved in? Just installed Affinity on my Macbook this week so I know I'm working in the most UTD iteration. Thanks so much!!!
  7. I've used DTP and graphics software for years, and I simply cannot figure out how your Frame Text works. It's not apparently like Photoshop, Word or Publisher. I can't find anything on it in the tutorials and Help and Support seem always to double-back to here. The little I can find does not seem to work as it says. Artistic Text works fine. But although I can type text into a frame, I cannot figure out how to modify it after that. I can't even select a word or a phrase to italicize it, say, or to correct a spelling error. Can you direct me to some help on this?
  8. it would be usefule to have a text along path feature also in affinity photo. see https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/15865-how-to-write-text-along-a-curve/?p=72069
  9. Facing layout problem while typing or pasting foreign language like Arabic, Hebrew, Bengali, Hindi etc. check the attachment example...
  10. Can this be done? I'm pasting a long text into a text box but want make a 3 column layout thus i need it to be split into three separate text boxes. Right now i'm doing this the old fashioned way - manually by copying and pasting what doesn't fit in a text box to the other boxes... chers!
  11. In the forums, it appears as though the answers to my Q are to use a Frame Text tool, but the topics are a year old and I wonder if I've missed something. The canvas opens in portrait mode and I want to work with it in landscape. I can rotate it but text enters in the original orientation, so 90 degrees deviated from how it will be used/read. Many small segments of text throughout the canvas are needed. Can you suggest the most expedient solution? Thank you.
  12. When you draw a rectangle, convert it to a text frame and write a word that is wider than the rectangle, you'll get this: which is exactly what you would expect. However, when you do the same thing with a shape that is not a rectangle, your result will be something like this:
  13. I need the software merely to make text adjustments, not to create artwork. I followed the tutorial on Vimeo on how to change text in a pdf document, but unfortunatelly I was unable to get the text panel to display as shown in the video tutorial, and I was unable to figure out how to make the text changes. The video mentioned that there are other ways if this does not work, but where are the other ways? How can I make text changes of pdf files? Which tutorial covers this? Or was there a bug in the newly downloaded test version of Affinity Designer because it did not give me access to the panel displayed in the tutorial video.
  14. It'd be great to have an option to have Affinity switch to the move tool after each item you place. The current method is especially irksome when placing text. I have to hit escape several times in a row, and then V.... EVERY TIME immediately after putting text in. It's tedious. Sketch, for instance, switches back to the move tool after you put text in (indeed, after each thing you place). I submit that this is the most natural method. Most of the time I place an object, then drag / adjust it exactly where I want it to go. Then place another object, adjust, etc. I understand if not everyone would prefer this, but it'd be nice to at least have the option for either behavior. Thanks
  15. Hello, just installed Affinity Photo I just canĀ“t open any of these panels: character, paragraph and glyph browser. I tried trhough the "Text" and "View/Studio..." menus. Neither of two ways are working... Thanks in advance.
  16. Hello, I've been experimenting trying to get text inside of text using the frame text tool on some art text I converted to curves. Is this the correct way? I can't seem to get it how I need it... Attached is an example of what i'm trying to achieve. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance M
  17. When importing a psd-file with textlayers with "Nunito type font", not rasterized, the text is messed up. When importing the file with "text rasterized" everthing is as intended. I have the feeling that the Nunito font itself could be the reason, the text layer with an arial black font seems ok (this text layer is not displayed by default) I submit the psd file as an attachment. PS i'm using the latest version, just released a couple of days ago in a Windows 10 enviroment. Thanks for looking at this and keep up the excelent work logo_m&c_produktie.psd
  18. I know you can use the lower right handle to scale and that allows the text to scale with it. However I have a bunch of diagrams that all need to scale by precent so they stay uniformed. When I use the transform panel and *=200% the text does not scale.
  19. Hi Is it possible to flow text from one text frame to another in Affinity Designer? Or connect text frames to each others. I make small publishing and this feature would be very helpfull. Nikolai
  20. Is there a way to edit options on text on a path. If I wanted to center the text on the given path, can I do that? If I wanted to flip the side of the start from left to right, can I? Are there any other options that may be useful for me to consider? Thanks!
  21. Can you please integrate bigger and smaller buttons in text options? Your predetermined text sizes always are either way too small or way too big. Please consider. Having to enter in the field then return to see it apply, THEN do it again is a waste of time. Thanks.
  22. Hi, Is there a way to make the text on path show in reverse? If I use the mirror/horizontal flip it just positions the text on the path differently. For example if you dray a circle and place the word 'Word' on the path. I wont it, and everything else in my design to print out back-to-front so it can be used as an iron-on transfer. Any help would be appreciated. Andy
  23. Angelize

    Happy Halloween

    Hello all, I did this halloween graphic to practice working with affinity. I am getting the hang of using a masking layer and creating effects with brushes
  24. When converting a many layered doc to pdf for print, we need to convert all text to curves. Select All + Convert to Curves works, unless some layers are locked. Is there a way to determine if there are any "Text" layers in a document? Thanks.
  25. Came across this oddity... 1. Create a text frame, and insert filler text. 2. Lock the text frame. 3. Draw some other stuff. 4. Apply transparency to the locked text frame. 5. Make some alterations to the other stuff (so that there is something to undo). 4. Now undo repeatedly. All other actions undo, but not the application of transparency to the locked Text Frame, which is skipped, despite being listed in the History Panel. It tried the same sequence of steps with a Rectangle in place of the Text Frame and the applied transparency did undo correctly - which is bizarre!

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