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  1. Thank you very much, MikeW! I have to put together some stuff that's gotten kinda scattered, before we could try this. I'm surprised any body can do this 🙂 I gave up on it after a lot of effort. Too many things I didn't know, I was trying to learn it entirely on my own. One caveat is that I am profoundly deaf so that help videos are not much good. Would it be practical/possible for me to learn from an example of yours you might post or send me? My best example I worked hard on, is a 5x7 page size laid out on 8 1/2x11 paper booklet, listing all my passwords to everything. There's a lot of old stuff so it's fairly big.I don't feel free to send this out you understand! James
  2. Mike, Hi! I'm not so sure I even want to revisit this. I hoped to find a general sort of answer that would let me layout pages (5x7, even 4x5) on A4 paper and print correctly on the standard desktop printer everyone has lying around. Such as my Canon MX870. I thought there would just be some general rules or plans I could work with. I don't think that's possible now, I mean you could apparently make up a routine for printing a specific document in book form, but would the layout be usable with other text sizes, images and so on? I think this would get too complicated for my simple little mind. :-) If I'm wrong about that I'd love to hear more about it. Don't want much, do I ;-) James
  3. Gave up! Peter and Susan, I just now saw your replies to my old post. Thank you both very much. I am not following this topic any more because "other things have happened", that is I have lost interest after repeated failures, and am doing other things now. I wanted to make small books from text I find or make up. These would be on standard office size paper, A4, maybe folded into halves or quarters. I have learned bookbinding as a way to make small books from start to finish. I was stopped by the problem of getting the pages to print out in the right order, which does not look to be possible with whats available online. That's where I am now. Again, thank you! James
  4. THANK both of you! Walt you're still rolling along answering everything. Good for you. More Walts are needed :-) James
  5. Hi people. I haven't been here for a while, I hope all of you are still chugging along well. My problem is: I'm trying to replace a string of six asterisks with a paragraph return. I get the error: "<Invalid preceeding regular expression prior to repetition operator>". Why might that be? Thank you! James
  6. Thanks, inspiredmac Actually I'm trying to learn how to do imposition myself. Not everything, just be able to apply it to small pamphlets/booklets that I make for myself. It's something new to learn, and more complicated than I thought 😕 . James
  7. PaulEC and Callum, thank you for your replies. I will take you to heart and see what more I can do without grinding my brain with learning imposition. I am trying to learn too many new things at the same time. Callum, my booklets would be just like the instruction manuals that come with most small pieces of hardware. How-to, listings, definitions, all kinds of text bits. James
  8. Hello, I want to make small reference booklets, for instance lists of passwords and like that. I want these booklets to be 1/4 of a letter size document, that is, 4.25" x 5.5". Sometimes twice that, half of a letter size. I had the impression I have to have imposition software, such as my 'Montax Imposition', but I'm finding it very difficult to learn (newbie). I'm wondering if the imposition software is even necessary. Any opinions? Thank you very much for reading this. James
  9. Dan and Petar, thank you both very much. Sometimes even the way something is worded, can be helpful and informative, and I can use anything! I learned from these articles. I don't have Acrobat but I do have the two imposition softwares I mentioned, Montax and Bookmaker. These should have me ready to go and I need to find out many small details, such as your references discuss. I'm working on it on my own because of a personal interest that started with bookbinding. I didn't expect it to expand so much and so fast :-). Again, thank you. James
  10. Hi there, people. I would sure like some advice here. Even though this is rather off topic in an Affinity group. I haven't been able to learn how to do impositions on my own, it seems to be too advanced a topic for me. I have access to both Devalipi Bookmaker and to Montax Imposer. I can't get started with either one because I'm too ignorant :-\ I'm stalled totally. What I want to do is impose pages on letter size paper, so as to make both 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 and 5 1/2 x 8 1/2. booklets. The imposed pages will be cut as necessary from the letter sized printouts. This is all I will be doing. I'm unsure if I'm even wording this correctly. I find very little info online on how to do this, and it comes too thick and fast for me to follow along. I need to add that I'm deaf so that multimedia is usually useless. Where it's captioned, it's difficult to watch the video and see and absorb the captioning at the same time. Is this question answered in specialized printing classes? I'll take this somewhere else if you say I should! Thanks for reading it anyway. James.desperate
  11. I'm getting away from the topic a little, sorry. This started with a problem handling text, now I'm asking if people have heard of or used Montax Imposer? I have been mostly successful getting a good pdf from Affinity Publisher, now I need to do the imposition and Montax Imposer is what i have to work with. It can't be advertised by name here I guess. Is it hard to use :-/? Typical noob question. Thank you all who have responded so far. James
  12. Hi people, Where does the document paper size come from, when one is setting up a new document? I have an image to help make sense out of my question. I'm trying to set up a pair of 5x7 or A5 images, on a sheet of letter ANSI A paper. This is a very long document that I want to print on both left and right text boxes on both sides of the paper. It's pretty much like a newspaper layout except for the sizes. Would it be better to use the "book" setting? I have attached a screencap of what I see after setting up the document in "new". I don't understand where the dimensions under "custom" came from. They are larger than expected, sometimes much larger. Any suggestions and clarification welcome! James
  13. Howdy Walt, Right now I'm working on it myself. Maybe I have a discrepancy between text and printing setups. Not sure what that means myself :-/ and I'd like to try and clarify my understanding. Hold on a bit and I'll come back soon if and as necessary. James
  14. Hi, Why should my imported text have its own text box size, different from the margins set in Affinity? The corners of the text boxes are marked with gray "x"s and the text is not selectable. The text layer is not marked "locked". Thank you, James
  15. Hey guys, Thank you for the suggestions. I don't know if I want to do this enough to buy imposition software. I think I'll play around with the options in Publisher for a while longer. The other suggestions mentioned here are something i will keep around and try pretty soon. This is a bit of a hobby for me. MS Word can come pretty close to what I would like to do, as my friend showed me, I think I can do as well with Publisher, maybe. Anyway, thank you for your help! James
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