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  1. Hello, re greyed out pages. I have made a new document, 2 sided flip long letter, 2 columns per page. Everything new and careful. The columns were filled with filler text. The result again is that the odd numbered pages, at least 3 and 5, are printed grey. I'm attaching the file here, I hope this is helpful. Thank you for your help, people. 2 sided letter 2 columns.afpub
  2. Hello Stokerg, I tried printing the file as a PDF, the result does not show the grey. How do I attach my file as you asked? Also, I can't attach the original troublesome file, it's a list of all my passwords :-/. I will be trying a new file with other content today, let's see how that goes. Some other experiments too. I'll get right back. Thank you for your response. James
  3. Hi DM1 I am using Affinity Publisher, sorry. James
  4. Hello, I am making a document made from 8x10 paper, double sided flipped long side, 6 pages. It's filled with text from a bunch of text I have saved as a .txt file. When I try to print it, every other page comes out light gray, the text contents are barely visible. Page 1 is ok but 3 and 5 are always gray. The rest are good. It was originally printing well. The last thing I changed before it "went bad" was to add light gray lines to the master near the margins to indicate where to put holes for hand threading. I have tried deleting these lines, it made no difference. The settings indicated some of the text boxes themselves had a light gray background, I changed this but again no apparent difference. I have checked the master for accidental background color, it was good. Help? James
  5. By the way, the bleed setting was confusing me a bit also. Like I've said, newbie here :-) I turned that one off. James
  6. Lee, Thank you very much for the help. You sicced me right onto the problem, master dimensions. I kind of assumed they would automagically be the same as my page layout, its the other way around of course. THANKS! James
  7. Good afternoon from here in NW New York, I am putting centering guidelines on a master for an 8.5x11" page divided into four 4.25x5.5" quarters. They seem to be fine on the master but when I apply them to the pages, they appear in different places than on the master, and sometimes they're missing altogether. What might I be doing wrong here? I'm careful to apply the right master :-) James
  8. JamesCanning

    making frames

    Good morning (here in NE USA), FirstDefence, here is a minimal screenshot. It helps prove that dutchshader was correct, this was in Publisher, not in Designer. Sorry, late at night and I was experimenting with opening Designer from within Publisher and got lost. This is a very helpful forum, thanks to you guys! I still have a question. Will frame design tools be available in Publisher soon, or is there an outside app I need to get hold of to enable these tools? Thank you very much for your replies. James
  9. Hi! I notice that Affinity Designer has a couple of tools on the left, whose popups mention being rectangular and elliptical frame tools. They are both grayed out and X-ed out. Does this mean they're upcoming, or that I need to load another attachment or app to select these? Thanks, James
  10. JamesCanning

    formatting printing

    Oops again. I didn't have the initial setup done correctly. I found the "N-up" and I'm trying it out now. Thanks again, Joachim_L! James
  11. JamesCanning

    formatting printing

    Thank you for replying, Joachim_L. But - I don't see any "Model" under print dialogue. Might that be a limitation of my printer, which is a pretty basic Canon MX870? James
  12. Hi all, I'm practicing Affinity Publisher by learning how to print documents. What I'm hoping to do is lay out two A2 pages on one A1 page and then print the result on a single sheet of A1 paper. I don't know if this is even possible or if it shows lack of experience in desktop publishing, which I have lots of :-/ Thank you, James
  13. JamesCanning

    text flow

    Callum, thank you. Yes I can do this now. Now I'm not sure why I had a problem before :-)! I have another question but its different so I'll start a new topic. Thank you for checking on me. James
  14. JamesCanning

    text flow

    Hi, Newbie here, I just bought Affinity Publisher :-| I'll be trying not to ask too much. When I want to flow text from one frame to another I'm supposed to look for a text flow icon. Also, I think I should see a red arrow lower right to show there is more text than I see. I can't find any text flow icon. I don't see a red arrow either, because when I put text in a frame, the frame expands vertically to accept it all. Not what I want! How do I insert text in a way that does not change the frame? I hope this is even the right question! :-) James HOLD on I just got it for one example so far. I need to be more patient. Sorry, folks..
  15. In Affinity Design, isn't there a way to cut a line at a nodal point? I'm experimenting with different ways to make index scales like you would use to make a ruler? I'm looking into making a round scale to fit around the circumference of a circle. Thanks for any help or suggestions. I'm experimenting a lot with Design! James

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