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  1. Also i've got to say that 1.8 in generell has been very unstable. It kept crashing, hard to say exactly when. Moving something, pasting a picture, really anything. It also never seemed to autosave on these occasions, like you said earlier. I couldn't go back to 1.7.3 because the document "was using features from 1.8" or something the like. I just saved a lot, but it was pretty annoying. I really hope affinity realeases a hotfix very soon as those crashes and not beeing able to acces a file is unacceptable.
  2. Oh my god thank you so much. I just thought i lost an really important file to this. Thanks for discovering that you can at least access it by opening something else first. My story for hopefully better bug fixing: I was about to scale a picture frame, then publisher crashed. When i tried to reopen the file (in all the ways you did), it just crashed, not even giving me any warning. I tried: restart the computer Copy, paste and rename the file reinstalling 1.8 opening it on my laptop, same file from the could, crashed deleted the last 3 images i was manipulating when it crashed from the folder they were linked to onedrive has a version history, i tried going back so far as 12h ago, downloaded it, crashed when i opened it the way you said, i copied everything to a new file, saved it, closed the programm, opened the file, crashed What finally did it for me was opening it as above and imbedding the last image instead of linking it. It wasn't even the last image i put in, nor the one i was trying to manipulate when it crashed. I hope that helps you in the short term and affinity hopefully pretty soon when fixing this bug.
  3. Hi Version 1.8 has been really unstable for me. I installed it a few days ago and it keeps crashing. Its hard to say extactly when, sometimes when i move something, sometimes when i paste a picture. Sometimes its just not accepting any inputs for a while, but doesnt crash. It also didn't seem to autosave, or at least it never gave me the option to restore the document, when i reopened the program. Thats not the big deal, i just save before i do really anything, but the whole thing is still pretty annoying to deal with, constantly reopening the software and all the documents that where open. I tried to go back to 1.73, but when i opened the document it said changes with a newer version were made and it can't open the thing. Does anyone else experience the same thing? Is this a general problem with 1.8 or is it just me? I wasn't sure if i should post this here or in bug report. Felix
  4. oh okay, thanks. It was just me being dumb and not using fillertext for that quick exploration. That was what i was trying to do, to get the text to flow around the circle. Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi I'm trying to do the Thing in the first Picture, only when i do it, it doesn't work and just shifts the test til after the "indentation". To do it, i made a rectangle, overlapped a circle and boolean cut it away. then i clicked the text icon and selected the shape. The cursor changed to the pentagon what should in my opinion have been the cue that it accepts the shape as the border of the text field. But when i put text in it, it didn't work. What am i doing wrong? Does it only work with objects defined by paths or does it not work on round indentations or have i done something wrong in the process? I'd appreciate any help with this. Thank you Felix
  6. I think, if you don't change the name of an art board, it should automatically count up if you copy it. I'm working a lot with small art boards, that i copy over and over to create versions. So if i just drag it over with strg pressed, I want it to count up, so I know my progression through the process. And if you don't want it, you can just change the first Artboards name and it won't count up. I think that would be a really easy and nice addition.
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