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  1. DM1 and MikeW Thanks very much for your help with this. I'm guessing that the thing for me to do at this point is purchase the desktop version (or see if I can get the trial version) and open the .afdesign file there, and do the export to PDF, being careful to ensure the text does not get converted to outlines. I would agree that it does seem like a bug in the ios version, but of course I can't be sure. I guess we'll see what kind of response develops on DM1's post to the BUG forum. I'm really surprised that no one at Affinity would weigh in on this or even acknowledge the topic after 10 days, but ... Anyway, I will try the desktop version for now. Thanks again.
  2. Still not sure about how NOT to convert to curves. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. How do I check if text is converted to curves or not? (will google it now...)
  4. There is no requirement to convert to curves and I would prefer not to convert to curves and I never intended to convert to curves. How do I NOT convert to curves?
  5. Hmmm. Tried opening the PDF file in iBooks, also in Acrobat. Still prints muddy as compared to printing directly from Designer. <sad trumpet sound>
  6. Thanks. What is the iPad’s “default PDF reader”? iBooks? I have been using PDF Expert (Readdle). Maybe therein lies the problem. Will try some tests this evening when I get home. Thanks again.
  7. I’m applying for a job, sending the documents which will presumably be printed there on an office printer. The job is (tangentially) related to design and typography; the committee will notice muddy text. Normally, I would have converted to PDF and sent it off without a second thought, but during the editing process, I happened to print the PDF file instead of the .affesign file, and noticed the drastic degradation. I’m not sure what you’re ?implying? about converting to curves. Is that referring to the Postscript-ing process (export to PDF)? To clarify, I am perfectly happy to NOT convert to curves/outlines, if that is possible. I’m just trying to get a clear, serviceable document to the committee without having to ask them to use Affinity software. Thanks
  8. I need to submit this document by the 14th, so some response from Affinity/Serif would be very much appreciated. If I have to ultimately use a different software, I will need some time to execute that. Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I do have Embed Fonts set to All Fonts, so I’m not sure what else I can do there... here is the exported PDF file... test for forum.pdf
  10. Thanks very much for your efforts! I have the Kinesis font installed, and my print is definitely Kinesis (yours is substituting something). I thought the whole point of PDF was that it made it such that anybody could print the doc without having the font installed. i will keep futzing, but thanks again for your time and energy!
  11. Is there a protocol for getting a reply from someone at Affinity/Serif? (not to dump on anyone else trying to help )
  12. Not sure what’s going on. When I drag and drop from the Designer file window (not sure of the nomenclature, but the place where I can see all my files), it shows up as an .afphoto format file. When I choose “save” from that same window, it saves a file to my iPad, which is an .afdesign file (I will attempt to attach it here). Is this a bug? test for forum.afdesign
  13. Thanks. In attempting to attach the test file, I notice that it is being referred to as a .afphoto file. That may be part of the problem. I am most certainly working in Affinity Designer, but am I doing something stupid that causes the file to be a Photo file? Affinity Photo Document.afphoto
  14. Thanks for this suggestion. I don’t see a “more” button (I am on iPad), but in the Export dialogue page, there is an option to rasterise nothing, which does not seem to have any effect.
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