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  1. Hello, Is it possible to only change the used serial key for Designer and Publisher without need to uninstalling and installing using the new key? I was using a key provided by my organisation but right now I am switching to my own bought one and would like to avoid the need to reinstall in order to save all the settings and so on. Regards, Greg
  2. Vote up for any scripting possibility. Even starting from very basic possibilities and step-by-step implementing more and more. If that would be added in 2.0 and new license needs to be purchased - no problemo, I'm all in. Scripting will be so useful!
  3. Howdy, I have encountered some unexpected behavior when exporting a project into PDF. Went for 1.6, rasterize unsupported features. Not a great issue, as I can currently expand strokes and merge objects, but in case these were smaller objects that I could not spot being badly exported, I could be a problem. Two objects have strokes that also have some elements with raster effects in background. They are either curves or a shape. 1) In case of calendar icon, the transparency of group is lost when exported to PDF and the elements overlapping display higher opacity. When exported t
  4. Well done. So many of the features affect my work flow positively - stock in Designer, IDML import, documents merge in Publisher, stroke expanding tweaks and a few others. It's amazing to see all the stuff added. Keep the good job going! Also congratulations! Edit: The performance! Did you guys work on it? Because everything became significantly smoother and more resposive during usage - interface, elements manipulation, fonts choosing. On 1.7.x it was quite slow and frustrating (but quite same as in Illustrator), now it's so much quicker! Just as a note, that's at i7 8th gen, 16GB
  5. Well, do you really think it's a feature, and not a bug? I've also been struggling with this for some time and finally found this thread and thank goodness, you have saved me so much neurons and time with the integer tip. For me it looks similar, as below. And I think it should be considered a bug since - how does a user find out about this? Only by visiting forums... and that's not how software UX should work, I think.
  6. Excellent. It worked! Thanks. I do not really have any idea on how did that background become white - I did nont even launch Publisher in the meantime. But good to know the cause! Regards!
  7. Hello Working in Designer 1.7.3. Suddenly any text I create in a particular file started having a white background underneath. It does not affect the previously created text areas. The area remains white whether the text field is selected or edited. I have no idea whether I have changed something in settings that may have had some influence on this behaviour. It is not the regular background (see screenshot, I included example text and Character panel with no background color selected). Restarting Designer does not help. Do you have some ideas on how to fix that?
  8. I would recommend FontBase. You can add your own font folder for easier browsing and it supports Google Fonts as well. The usage is a bit complicated for local font file installation, as you can only open font folder from within the applicationa and only after that install the font files. But overall - it's quite nice program!
  9. Hello! I am using assets quite extensively across both Designer and Publisher. Is there a way to use one set of Assets that would be updated in any of the applications with as little actions as possible? Ideally like fonts are, i.e without any intervention - when I add anbject to assets in Publisher, it shows up in Designer as well. That sounds too perfect for me and most probably has it's serious disadvantages, but I wondered if there's some workaround. Maybe, as mentioned in this thread, I should use the Windows junctions functionality and have the assets updated after application
  10. My savior! Thank you a lot. And yes, I think I have created the file on a quite fresh Windows 10 machine and only after that looked through some new features and turned on the clipboard history. Turned it off and voila! Works perfectly. Thank you, sir! My best regards! About the free space - yes I have at least 100GB of space most of the time, but I will look into that if I had some other problems.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I have sent both files. The one that couldn't be opened can be opened now for some reason. I couln't open it for two or more sessions yet now, I could have opened this file, so the issue seems to have solved itself. The other file, which crashes program on copy is attached as well and titled.
  12. Hello there! I would like to report two errors regarding files. One of my recently created projects cannot be opened after application has crashed - it only returns an error message that can be seen in the attachment. Another file work fine until I would like to copy any content from it to another project. Each time I press "Ctrl+C", Designer is busy for a moment and then crashes. This crash also caused the first problem I mentioned. Problem is that I used to copy the object stored in it a lot of times. The problem appeared out of nowhere really, but I needed to re-create the file.
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