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  1. PyrosBrother

    Localisation en français

    Bonjour, Moi sous windows j'ai l'interface en français... V je pourrais vérifier sous mac si besoin. Dites moi s'il est besoin
  2. PyrosBrother

    Update Embedded Document

    Please add this feature soon... I hope that my previous created files could be update with this new feature without having to place again all embedded files...
  3. The ruler origin modification is really great. There's just a little bug with this feature. Place a object where you want on canvas. In transform panel look at the X and Y position of a node. Modify the ruler origin point as you want (to set a new one or reset to the default one). The X and Y position of selected objet isn't modified you have to deselect it and select it again to get the new position displayed. Of course it's not really important
  4. PyrosBrother

    Ressource Manager

    Thank you for the tip. It's enough to get the same result I want to so let the resource window as it is !
  5. Hello, Here is my setting which work well as you want for numbering figure. The blue square (and I thinkl it's a bug) is for \# corresponding to current level. If you have several figures on a same page you should put the last one on top of layers panel and the first one on bottom. Hope this helps.
  6. PyrosBrother

    Ressource Manager

    Hello Another improvement for ressource manager will be to separate Embeded docs and Linked ones. Maybe we could have a radio button with both, embeded and linked. This allow the user to see quickly which document is linked or embeded and modify it if needed. sorry for my bad mockup...
  7. Thank you for your suggestion but I could not do use layers because sometime the "conditional text" is a whole paragraph inside other ones as fde101 said. I do not think this feature could be present in the first release and my post has for goal to put somewhere in Affinity developer's mind a such feature. I do not want to do a unique document for both products because I have not only 2 but 3 and this occurs to publish each picture 3 times. Then this will product a to heavy document...
  8. Hello, I will appreciate in future release (v2, 3 or more) to be able to put some conditional text as I do with FrameMaker. I do not use InDesign but It seem to me that it's also possible with ID... Let me explain if needed : For technical documentations let's imagine we have two similar products. Model A1 and a better one with more functions Model A2. Of course both have some functionality and the A2 one a few more than A1. It would be great to have only one Publisher document with conditional text only displayed (and of course printed) for A2 condition and not for the A1. This is better than having two documents and copy / paste what it's present on both. Do you plan to integrate such functionality in Publisher in a future release ?
  9. hello Thank you for your answer. My images are already rasterized because they are screen captures... Thank you for your advice nonetheless. Hope the 1.7 designer version will come soon.
  10. Hello, I have paste several images on a publisher document. Then I need to edit them with Affinity designer. I know that in future the editing will be simple but for now I could not copy image from Publisher, start Designer and call File / New from clipboard... I need to copy from Publisher, paste in MS Paint (for example), copy from MS Paint, start designer and call File / New from clipboard. It would be great to avoid the MS Paint Paste / Copy operation between Publisher and Designer. Did I missed something ?
  11. PyrosBrother


    Thank you for your answer and your workaround. Of course my post is mainly to inform Serif of bugs in this decoration feature and not for getting this horrible result I get with your workaround... But I put it in action and get another bad bug I encounter playing with this module as you can see in this screen capture. Hope this helps too.
  12. PyrosBrother


    So you agree the result is bad. What I except is a yellow line and a fade out green fill with this decoration. As you if I deactivate the transparency on this file I got the result excepted.
  13. PyrosBrother


    Aa Thank you for you answer. You're right for not seeing the yellow line because of transparency but it's not the problem at all. The problem occurs when I play with options in decoration. In this particular file I played with transparency. Here is a screenshot I got when reverse the transparency. As you can see, that's ok now for seeing yellow line (but it's grayed !) and the fill color is grayed also as in my previous transparency settings. Could you confirm your result with a screen capture too please if it's good for you ? Hope this helps.
  14. PyrosBrother


    Hello I find a lot of bugs with this feature (at least in Windows version). Here is a sample file with 2 decorations. The second one is totally wrong (monochrome fill, no yellow line,...) Hope this helps. bug_in_decoration_module.afpub
  15. PyrosBrother

    Ruler/Grid Zero

    Same here... Only the grid shows the new starting point. I agree with you than when I drag a new guide, the distance shown is from top left corner of document. I think (and I hope) it's a beta issue.