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  1. Hello Callum I did the video... Hope this helps. https://www.dropbox.com/s/vp5dizzqjh91fpk/Bug with Affinity Publisher.mp4?dl=0 Regards
  2. Hello Callum, This trick does the job but I not as smooth that I want. Please try your trick with a space after paragraph with a 30 pt value... What's append to your picture placement ? It get a 30 pt before and after it... I do not want my picture move from my reference point by setting a space before or after for my paragraph style or my text alignement. To avoid this I should create and set a text style specific for my images which are in fact considered as text because setting them as inline... Why all the result is correct with floating mode image as I do with text reference which let me place the image as I want from my reference point until there is a page break ? I will record a video to show you what's going wrong.
  3. No more answer to this topic... Could you at least confirm there is a bug and it will be considered for future release ?
  4. No that's not the good result. In fact my text insertion point is just before the two colons as you can see. If I select Inline then the picture comes between the space after frame and the two colons. I do not want this. Here is what I want to get (to get it I force a page break before the paragraph and I do not want to use this workaround because if I add or remove lines before the paragraph, the page break occurs at the wrong place or it's not necessary to have it).
  5. Callum Yes the file I send to you is from "Beta" version but the result is also bad with "normal" version. All versions "normal" and "Beta" gives me the same bad result. Regards Here is the corresponding capture with normal version :
  6. Hello Thank you for your answer. I have tried your answer without success. As I can see on your screen shot you are wrong with Vertical offset for my needs. I want to get the top of image 8 mm under the text line. If there is not enough space at the bottom of the page with current content, the text should be put in next page with the image just under (as two linked paragraphs of text will be if there isn't enough space to put them together at the bottom of the page). In fact in my previous post with screen capture, the image should not be at the bottom of previous page but between the text associated with and the next paragraph. So I want to keep image in bounds with vertical position. The horizontal position is not a problem because the center of image is set from the page edge so it could not be outside the bounds horizontally. Hope this helps you to understand what I want.
  7. Hello thank you for your answer. Here is a simple file with one picture. Hope this helps. Regards. bug_with_placement.afpub
  8. Hello I am writing documents with text and graphics. My graphics are linked in ressource and are floating with text reference. All is running well until the text is at the end of the page. I am trying to explain what's going wrong. When I import the picture as you can see here my picture is outside the bounds (of course option isn't checked !). But when I activate the option here the result I get. As you can see I do not want the picture here Is there anything I am doing wrong ? Regards
  9. Thank you for your answer. I do not move the ruler with mouse but entered the value in guides dialog box. So It could not be a rounding problem by myself for this but what could be wrong could be that I move the reference point (the 0,0 position isn't set at the top left corner of document as you can see in my sample file). I also checked the preferences and for point the decimal is set to 1 so it should be correct for 10.5 isn't it ? Regards.
  10. Hello, I saved the file after posting this thread. Today I reopen it and I try to get the bug back with no success... I should zoom in with very high level to see a difference between guide position and ruler display. But if it could helps here is the file... Afficheur calculatrice.afdesign
  11. I encounter a bug with ruler /guide precision... As you can see the precision isn't there... I have three guides one is centered from the two others. As you can see the drawing result is not accurate... Hope this helps.
  12. Oh my god... Sorry for my question, I have missed this : https://vimeo.com/337296999/64c0ff04ac before posting it. Of course after viewing this tutorial I am able to keep my images centered. Thanks Serif for giving me the way Hope this helps Regards
  13. I have pictures inserted into text with jump option to let text above and under picture. I want the picture to be centered on the page. When I set the anchor for a picture it stores vertical and horizontal position. Then il the text is modified the image moves to follow the new anchor position. That's great if a line of text is added or removed but if only a few words are added ou removed, the horizontal position of the picture isn't accurate any more... I should recenter it manually... that's really boring for me because I have a lot of such images. Is there anything I missed to let me fix the horizontal position of the image but not the vertical one ? Hope you could me the way...
  14. Bonjour, Moi sous windows j'ai l'interface en français... V je pourrais vérifier sous mac si besoin. Dites moi s'il est besoin
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