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  1. Sorry, now idea how to sort the image-attachments Looks a bit confusing. Hope you get along....
  2. Ok, I proofed it again, with a new installed publisher and a blank standard-template A4 for print. (Deinstalled publisher, rebooted and installed it new) OS is Win 10 Pro Build 18362 See screenshots filelink_publisher_pdf, filelink_publisher_jpg and filelink_publisher_txt to verify, what I did in publisher. Tried 3 different files, to show first an (for me) unexpected behaviour: for pdf it's generated an action to read another article. So far, so good. for txt-files or jpg-images a weblink is generated, what surprises me, because I expected that the file opens in editor(txt) or any picture viewer (jpg) If you watch my screenshots now, you see the bigger problem: none of the generated links is working: filelink_publisher_pdf_generiert shows this wrong path I described in my first post. Such link can't work. filelink_publisher_txt shows the link, how it would be passed to my standard-browser (because it's a weblink generated). Because of a not correct path, the browser can't open a link like x:%5Cfilelink_publisher.txt Same behaviour for the jpg file. The generated pdf is opened adobe acrobat pro dc in actual version.
  3. assets.propcol is available with a size of 341b. Unfortunally it's not readable by any editor, cause it's machine-code. I have a backup of this file from one week ago, and using this file at least the assets panel works and my old assets are back. But I worked a lot the last days, especially wit new assets, and they are all gone. I ask myself, if a windows recovery point could help, but I doubt, that it would recover files in the user directory. And why I have the same issue on my laptop, which was not used the last days and switched off during data-loss on my workstation, is not understandable at all. It looks like, that one document created with publisher could cause the issue. By the way, Joachim_L: Just some issues I have with actual publisher release: quiet often on opening a file, publisher crashes right away. Trying it again and agaĆ­n helps mostly Files synchronized via my NAS to my laptop sometimes don't open anymore, publisher says, they are damaged. Happened after updating to 1.8.1. Same file size, same content, if I compare them. Opening them again, they suddenly work again. TOC is extremley faulty: the order gets broken, when you move an element with a defined style for TOC to another place. File links doesn't work correct And unexpected crashes when you work every day 2 or three times. Trying again, what you did before the crash, it's not reproducable. This Release is all, but not stable, and for production environment an imposition!!!
  4. No, no backup available. The panel is completely blank. I'm not sure, but I think to remeber, that after blank installations there were some predefined categories like text an images. But can't reproduce it anymore....
  5. Today suddenly all assets in different files doesn't show up anymore. Had huge problems with the newest version of publisher and followed the advice here in the forum to downgrade to a previous version (after complete deinstall of 1.8.6) and now all assets are gone. What's even more strange: even on my laptop, where I didn't change anything, no assets are showing up anymore, even in files, which I didn't open for days. Where the hell are assets stored? Is there any way to recover them? On both computers, under appdata/roaming/affinity/publisher/1.0/settings is a file assets.xml, with ListMode 'False' and Category '0'. To be honest, actually I'm quiet dissapointed about actual release of affinity publisher: bugs over bugs, crashes and now the assets gone. Hours of work. I'm working as professional and this should definitely NOT happen!!!!! Can't even downgrade, because my file won't open, because they are created in quiet actual versions.
  6. When I add a file-hyperlink without checking "including file on export", the links are not working, because the exported path isn't correct. Presuming, my exported File is stored under drive d in the directory export and the linked file is is called test.pdf and stored under drive e in directory myfiles, the generated link looks like this: d:\export\E\myfiles\test.pdf Correct would be: e:\myfiles\test.pdf Can someone confirm this bug or know any workaround? By the way: if it would work, it's not helpful to have absolute pathes in file-hyperlinks, because by giving the exported file to someone else, the link would be broken. Using the checkbox "including file on export" creates valid links, but all files will be stored in the same directory. If you have a document with lots of including files, this is not helpful, because the main-file is somwhere hiddem between all the included files. There should be the possibilty to define an additional directory for included files, e.g. my file is stored in a certain place and automatically a directory will be createt on the same level called "attached files" or whatever
  7. Well, as soon there is a connection to the internet or the local network, all new or modified files get synchronized. The images are linked and on my local workstation.
  8. Very strange, just wanted to upload the file and tested it before, but now it's opening again and not crashing anymore. Strange, because it crashed this morning several times, even after a clean reinstall of publisher and after a rebbot of windows. Reason could be, that windows was instaling updates this morning, or one of the used ressources inside the document was synchronized with our server...... Who knows Thank you for your reply, I would come back to you if the problem occures again. Regards, chapolote
  9. Hi, last Wendsday I created a document, size about 51 pages, and worked with it without any problems. Now I should modify the document, but after opening it Publisher crashes without any comment after some seconds. Another document in quiet the same style and with very similar design and content, which is about one week older, opens without any problems.The older document was the template for the new document, which crashes now. How can I found out, what's the reason for the crash, or who could help me, to find out? If someone of affinity-support will answer, I can provide the file, causing problems, by mail, but due to the fact, that it is an work-file, I cant publish it here in an opened forum. Sorry. Kind regards
  10. By the way: has Affinity Designer a measurement-tool like illustrator? I can't find it as well, maybe due to too much work as well???? I'm sure, there must be one.....
  11. Amazing, I'm sure I tried this, but I didn't see it. Maybe I'm working too much Thank you and as well for the nice compliment.
  12. Hi, I will try to describe my issue as good as I can in english, I hope, someone will understand If I specify a pantone colour for a path/shape, and reopen the document later again or just reactivate the path/shape, where can I find informations about, which specific pantone-colour this path/shape has? If I open colour-palette, I find informations about RGB, CMYK and so on, but nowhere anything about the given pantone-colour. Any help appreciated.
  13. Ok, I understand. It seems to work similar like that, I'll test it in my future work. By the way: is This feature planned for the future?
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